Bumper covers as an element of tuning

Tuning vehicles - a fairly common phenomenon, especially with regard to domestic brands. "Pumped" VAZ can be found quite often. Such machines stand out among the gray mass, causing passers-by and drivers a real admiration. In addition, competent tuning can not only improve the appearance, but also give your iron friend an aerodynamic shape, thanks to which you can slightly reduce fuel consumption. Bumper covers are a very popular element of tuning. It is able not only to radically change the appearance of the car, giving it a sporty look, but also to protect the car from minor mechanical damage.

Popular bumper covers for VAZ 2110, 2109

The front bumper is, you could say, the face of the car. And the protective lining on the bumper, along with other elements of the decor can literally transform the usual Lada. Among fans of tuning of domestic cars, the SVR overlay is very popular. Thanks to it, every car enthusiast can significantly change the design of his iron friend almost beyond recognition. Bumper covers for VAZ 2109 and 2110 SVR mark give the cars the required aerodynamic shape. The front lining becomes bulky, but not massive. At the bottom are additional details, which give VAZ a spectacular sportiness.

From a distance it seems that this bumper was made to order without any overlap. But this is not so. They are just present and installed on a conventional serial bumper, as if repeating its shape. Facing the brand SVR has a sports air intake, located in the central part. It also provides access to cold air to the hot radiator. Their range is sometimes amazing, and finding the right element for tuning will not be very difficult. In addition, you do not need to spend money on buying new cladding parts.

What are the lining?

Details of facing on VAZ 2110 and 2109 are most often made of fiberglass. This material is perfectly attached to the bumper due to the glue-sealant. And if you carefully prepare it before tuning, you can achieve a fairly strong connection, which will not fall off in a year and a half.

Products from chrome

On some cars, chrome linings are installed. Such products have a number of advantages, including increased resistance to moisture. Chrome is not exposed to rust and can last several decades.

Continuation of tuning

Of course, many car owners do not limit themselves only to overlays. At VAZ tuning almost everything - from the wheels and rear-view mirrors, ending with the installation of the engine from sports cars. Thanks to competent tuning, you can get a brand new car that at times exceeds the capabilities of its serial counterparts. But this process requires a lot of time and money - to completely improve your VAZ, sometimes you have to shell out more than one thousand dollars.

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