How to make a swan from a towel with your own hands

The technique of oshibory came to us from Japan, it is the art to create beautiful figures from towels. Naturally, you will have a question about how to make a swan from a towel? In fact, it's quite simple and fast! To do this, you need a few towels (bath and hand towel), a little patience and, of course, desire. And you literally in a couple of minutes will be a masterpiece. If you decide to decorate your room, make a pleasant surprise for friends or please your child, then you will be interested in the master class where you will learn how to make a swan from a towel. Not only that the process of creation will bring you a lot of fun, it will still amuse your family and friends.

Try to "make" a swan

Towels should be clean, perhaps slightly starched, to keep the shape well. To prevent the fabric from becoming excessively soft, it is not advisable to use an air conditioner when washing. For convenience, you can use a hard surface, such as a table. It is advisable to do the swan on the place where it should be, otherwise the "bird" can simply fall apart when carrying.

Later, when you have already learned, you can make a swan even on a soft bed.

Now we will take a closer look at how to make a swan from a towel. By the way, it is not necessary to twist a figure from white classic towels. From bright and colored fabrics these birds look more original.

When creating a swan or two, make sure that your towels are of equal thickness and size. In addition, it is desirable that the towel was monophonic. For decoration, you can use all kinds of accessories - fresh flowers, hearts, candy.

Swan of a towel

Let's start creating our masterpiece. For this, let us consider in detail how to make a swan from a towel step by step. There is one nuance: the towel needs to be rolled tight enough to keep the figure well and look neat.

We place in the horizontal position the towel you have chosen. Then the upper corners are folded inward, so that they touch their sides exactly in the center. Then roll the fabric with an even roll - from the bend line to the center, - holding it with your fingers. Roll is necessary so that both convolutions lie parallel to each other. You should get a long figure, similar to the arrow.

To form the figure of a swan, you need to fold the resulting arrow in half, observing the proportions of the length. Then it is necessary to lift the top part of a towel, to make from it a neck, smoothly passing in a head. It is interesting that the created design can be left in the received variant or improved, adding one more - for the volume. For what you need to take another small towel (it is possible for hands) and roll it along the long edge into a roll. Then fold in half and put on top of the back swan. Thanks to this, the neck will hold more steadily.

Species of swans

There are other options for how to make a swan out of a towel. For example, with a tail reminiscent of something beautiful and lush tail of a peacock. To do this, use the above description. After that, you should give the scanty tail the most "magnificent plumage". Take three more bright towels of different colors, combine them in the form of a fan and place them in the base of the neck, thus you can cover the torso of the created bird. In addition, you can make a swan with open wings. To do this, it is necessary to put a towel on the back of the bird, assembled in an accordion. Clamp the middle of the towel by hand, and from both sides of the wings straighten the fabric, giving it the shape of a beautiful fan.

Good mood is provided

After reading the article, you learned how to make a swan from a towel with your own hands, and made sure of the simplicity of the creation. Now you can do one, two or even a whole family of swans. It all depends on your desire. And these "birds" will please you and, undoubtedly, will raise your mood.

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