Give your child a new and cheerful headdress, a knitting pattern for panda hats

Today, as ever, the caps are fun, stylish and even cocky. Such a knitted panda-cap is a certain trend. This cute animal can decorate not only the head of your child, but also fit a young charming mother.

Panda bear is a symbol of animal protection on our planet. Everyone who needs a knitting pattern of panda hats has a few tips:

  • So that your baby does not freeze, it's better if you have a thick yarn;
  • Knitting a double cap is another way to make sure that your child's ears are warm.

For knitting you will need:

  • Yarn of two colors (black - 50 g, white - 100 g);
  • Knitting needles for circular knitting;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • A pair of peepholes (you can use black buttons).

There are many ways how to tie a panda hat. But any method combines a color scale (black and white or black and gray), and a cheerful muzzle of a cute little beast.

1. Calculate the correct number of loops, which is necessary for knitting. For this, tie a sample in which count the number of all loops and rows in one centimeter. Then measure the volume of the head and count how many loops are needed for knitting the cap.

2. Divide this number by 2, so that you get an accurate pattern of knitting the panda's hats, or rather the figure with the muzzle of the panda.

The crochet pattern of panda caps is easily built in the text editor of Word using the table construction. Construct a table corresponding to the number of loops obtained after dividing by 2, in order to make the pattern symmetrical, it is better that the number of loops is even.

For example, this knitting pattern for panda caps consists of 27 loops.

We build a table of 24 columns and 28 lines (the approximate height of the cap). It turns out a grid of loops, approximately in full size, on this grid you can draw any drawing. By pouring cells with color, draw a muzzle. Remember that life-size drawing may differ, because The width and length of the cell correspond only approximately.

3. We collect the necessary number of loops, and just knit any cap from white or gray yarn. It can be a cap, bound in a circle with knitting needles. You can knit on two spokes, then at the end of the work you will need to sew a hat. Rubber on the cap is better to bind separately, so that it does not stretch. For this, when tying the loops, use the auxiliary thread, knit the main part, then, after you make the back seam, dissolve the auxiliary thread and type on the smaller stocking knits the number of loops necessary for knitting and tying the elastic band.

Knitting double cap differs in that first you knit the main cap, and only then you type on the edge usually 2-3 loops less and knit the same side in the other side, you can from another yarn, for example, children's acrylic, it stretches well.

There is another option to make your hat warm, so that no wind blows your baby's ears. To do this, just sew a lining of fleece, which is cut out on the cap and gently sewn from the wrong side.

If you are knitting the cap with a crochet, you can tie the paws and the mouth of the panda separately, and then sew on the ready-made cap.

The drawing can be linked according to the scheme, or embroidered with black thread.

After 4-6 rows, start decreasing the cap. For example, divide conventionally the number of loops by 7, do a decrease in each row and in each part, by tying two loops together. When only 6-8 loops remain on your spokes, tighten them with a thread and secure.

4. Sew eye-pushers, tie pompoms-ears.

Your hat is ready. Such a cap certainly will not go unnoticed and your baby will be very happy with such an original gift. It is bright and cheerful, very warm and stylish, that's why I like all young women of fashion and fashion.

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