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Black bamboo hollow, China: description, history and legend

If you are interested in the mysterious places of our planet, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of these. This is a Hollow of black bamboo. The history of this place includes a large number of traces of people and entire expeditions. Therefore it is not surprising that in the people Loshchin was nicknamed the Valley of Death, but about everything in order.


Haizhu (A ditch of black bamboo) is located in the south-western part of China, in Sichuan. If you move away from the city of Chengdu for two hundred kilometers, you can stumble upon the Stone Gate (Shi-less). They are standing just on the eastern slope of Mount Mian and serve as an entrance to the Hollow of black bamboo.


The area of Dell occupies up to 180 square kilometers. On all territory bamboo thickets grow, which in height reach up to forty meters. Between them is often forgiven the fog, which is formed because of the low location of Dell. Also in the forest there are swamps, waterfalls and a huge lake, the size of which reaches 200 meters.

It would seem that this place has everything to become a nature reserve: unusual bamboo thickets, convenient location, stunning natural beauty around. But instead the valley earned a gloomy reputation.

How it all began

The first mention of the loss of people in the Hollow of black bamboo appears in 1949. At a time when the Kuomintang army was being squeezed by the Communists, a detachment of 30 people fought from the main forces. They were in the valley, they have not been seen since.

After some time, three scouts from the Chinese army passed through the Hollow. I managed to get out of the valley only one. He told me that at some point he fell behind his comrades. Because all the expensive tried to catch up with them, but instead found a way out of Dell.

In 1950, about a hundred people disappeared without a trace. The search team was never able to find any traces. In the same year a plane flew across the valley, which fell on its territory. According to the found black boxes, he was completely sound.

Then in 1962 in the Black Bamboo Hollow the conductor escorted the exploration group. All the members of the team disappeared. They could not find them, neither things, nor equipment. According to the conductor, when the group approached the entrance of the valley, it was slightly behind. It was at this time that a thick fog appeared. Because of him there was nothing to be seen by the meter. The conductor was frightened and froze in place. In a moment, the fog cleared, but there were no more geologists.

Four years later, in March 1966 a group of military cartographers was sent to the bamboo forest. All six people also disappeared. But after some time one of the members of the group was found by a local hunter. The man was barely breathing, it was difficult to bring him to life.

Ten years later, a group of foresters went into the bamboo forest. The two disappeared without a trace. Part of the group, survivor, said that as soon as they entered the valley, they were enveloped by a dense fog, from which were heard some strange and simultaneously terrible sounds. According to them, everything went away in a few seconds. And if you believe the watch of the forest rangers, the fog lasted twenty minutes.

Hollow of black bamboo: mysticism

Science and could not give an explanation why people disappeared without a trace. After all, even after a while there were no remains or traces. Because of this order of things, people began to hear rumors filled with mysticism.

According to one version, a rare species of white bamboo bear lives in the forest, which feeds on human meat, a kind of panda-eater.

The second version says that a dense fog, arising instantly and also quickly disappearing - the disguise of alien creatures. They came to earth to kidnap people.

Also, residents talked about strong geomagnetic emissions, the anomalous properties of rotting plants that emit psychotropic vapors. There was also a version about portals from parallel worlds and evil spirits.

Scientific expedition

Because of the huge number of different mystical theories and their adherents, the Academy of Sciences of the People's Republic of China in the late nineties of the twentieth century organized an expedition to the Hollow of black bamboo. The head of the group was Jan Yunya.

The expedition lasted a whole month. During this time, there was no evidence of the presence of supernatural forces and mystical beings. But the members of the group discovered an extremely complex structure of geological rocks and recorded the release of vapors that are lethal and poisonous. They appeared as a result of the rotting of some species of trees. In addition, it was noted that the climate in the valley is quite heavy, and the weather conditions change drastically. All these natural conditions could be the cause of death. And the bodies simply disappeared in the pitches of the ground, which suddenly formed under their feet.

Also, Ian Yunya argued that the entire set of factors and predetermines the mysticism of the terrain. But even the words of scientists could not shed light on the suddenly appearing fog, the disorientation of experienced people and many other moments.

The Valley of Death these days

Today, a spot of black bamboo (China) is very popular with tourists from all over the world. They are no longer deterred by mystical stories, on the contrary, they beckon. Although among the locals there are a large number of those who even under the threat of death will not agree to cross the entrance to the Hollow.

For fans of mysticism, there are several stone paths in bamboo thickets. You can go through them along with guides who will tell you about all the missing in the Chinese Bermuda Triangle and share their theory of mysterious events.

Together with photos from the Hollow of black bamboo you can take away themed souvenirs that are sold on the spot. And in the vicinity of the valley you can eat well in small cafes after a fascinating journey.

It is worth noting that the loss of people has not been recorded since 1976. Either all mystical creatures were frightened by the expedition of scientists, or simply the natural conditions have changed. But with certainty one can say one thing: tourists have nothing to fear in the valley.

If you are not afraid of terrible stories, then A ditch of black bamboo is waiting for you.

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