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Pattaya: Instructions for Use

"Pattaya is disgusting, dirty, foul-smelling, depraved, with an eerie sea and unbearably spicy food, what is there to do?" - say people who either have never been to Pattaya, or arrived there are completely unprepared for the realities of the mass-resort South- East Asia. But this resort is completely different - you just need to know "how to cook it," and then the rest in Pattaya will become comfortable for you , leaving pleasant memories and a desire to return. In any case, it is impossible to imagine a 21st century holiday in Thailand without this vibrant and dynamic resort with the exotic name Pattaya.

The most important thing is to choose the right location of the hotel in which you are going to stop. It is the location, not the hotel itself, as the holiday in Pattaya is a very dynamic thing , "very active", in the words of the travel agents, and in translation it means that in your most beautiful super-expensive hotel you will really only spend the night, The color of the curtains and the number of candelabra. Very carefully, you must choose the area in which your temporary shelter will be located.

All Pattaya can be divided into three conventional parts - the center (Pattaya City), north and south.

If you imagine your vacation as a two-week continuous tusni, discos, bars, shopping, and at the same time the sea for you is not paramount - book a hotel in the center of Pattaya. There are a lot of budget three stars, there are a few decent fours and even a pair of fives, in case you still need candelabra. What you need to be ready for: it will be noisy. Saying "it will be noisy," we mean that you do not have to sleep peacefully at night, even with tightly closed windows. It will be crowded. And swim in the sea that you see across the road (or two or three) from your hotel, you probably will not want (although there are such extremals) - in the central part of the resort in the sea a lot of household garbage. However, in the center there is a pier, from which ferries leave for Koh Lan every half hour , to sail for forty minutes - but if you went to Pattaya with the desire to see white sand, turquoise water and a beautiful palm tree, your wish will be satisfied. The center attracts with its infrastructure - the famous Walking Street - night street bars, large shopping centers - Mike Shopping Mall and the Central Festival, a huge number of cafes and restaurants - all within walking distance.

If the daily travels in search of the sea do not entice you and the maximum that you are ready to overcome in order to immerse your tired body in the warm waves of the Gulf of Thailand is two hundred meters, you need to choose either north or south of Pattaya .

In the north are concentrated the best hotels of the resort, so the north has a reputation for a more privileged part of Pattaya. Here, for example, is the famous Centara Grand Mirage - the newest five-star hotel in Pattaya , with an excellent territory, swimming pools, a water park and chic rooms. There are options and simpler, but in general the level of northern hotels is slightly higher than all the others. Most of them are on the first line. The sea here is relatively clean - it is definitely cleaner than in the center, but definitely dirtier than in the Maldives, you can even not go so far - definitely dirtier than in the same Phuket. The sea in Pattaya is very ordinary, greenish in color , and due to the fact that all the beaches are sandy, there can be a sandy suspension in the water, accordingly, the sea will not be transparent. But while it is very warm - the water temperature is almost equal to the temperature of the air, you can sit in the sea for hours. In addition, some northern hotels offer their guests free beach equipment, which is a rarity for Pattaya with its municipal beaches, which means that the beach-relaxed holiday in the north of Pattaya will be successful.

South of Pattaya - the beach of Jomtien , along the coast road passes, respectively, the hotels stand at least across the road from the sea. It can not be said that there is a very active movement here, this is not a federal highway, but not an abandoned alley. Due to this road the south of Pattaya is convenient from the point of view of the traffic interchange - it is easy to get to the center from here, along the road drive tuk-tuki - local minibuses, the fare - about ten baht per person, the journey time to the center is fifteen minutes. Most of the hotels in Jomtien are three stars , from economy options to quality boutique hotels, plus two four-star hotels - Jomtien Palm Beach, right at the beginning of the resort area, and Furama, near the end of Jomtien. Still south, on the beach of Na Jomtien, there are excellent four-star hotels with green areas, a bungalow type of accommodation, but this territory is already outside of Pattaya, getting to the center from here long enough. The sea in Jomtien is considered the cleanest in Pattaya , therefore the south is chosen, as a rule, by people who want to combine exotic beach holidays with active pastime.

In the next article, I will elaborate on what recommended Pattaya hotels are best considered as a place of residence for different categories of tourists. See you soon on the air!

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