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Benji Madden - the thief of the heart Cameron Diaz

Friendship is quite capable of growing into true love. Probably, that friendly relations are the most correct foundation for marriage. This is exemplified by Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden. The article will tell how the relationship between the rocker and the famous blonde developed.

Hero of the novel

Benji Madden began his musical career in 1996, when together with his twin brother Joel decided to create his own rock band. The Madden project was called Good Charlotte. The popularity of the young music team quickly gained momentum. Albums Good Charlotte confidently received gold and platinum certification. They were called the opening of pop punk. Fans adorn the room with posters with charismatic twins, and they at this time changed the brilliant girls.

The owner of the hooligan look and seductive tattoos Benji Madden had time to meet with singers and models. He even tamed the secular lioness Paris Hilton. Their bright novel attracted the attention of the public. The feelings of the couple were not at all like a farce. Paris then swore with her boyfriend in public and furiously gave him a slap in the face, then declared that he considers him his prince. Benji also did not hide that he was truly in love. Alas, after ten months of relationships, the tale ended. The wedding, to which everything was going, was not destined to take place. There were rumors that later Madden began to meet with the shocking Miley Cyrus, but the official confirmation of their novel did not receive.

Blond laughter

Actress Cameron Diaz has never been a gloomy conservative. Her star lit after the role of beauty Tina Carlyle in the movie "Mask." On the screen, the character of Jim Carrey fell in love with her. In real life, the actress also enjoyed rabid success with men, but all her relationships ended in a dramatic parting. Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake - in love networks of the blonde with an infectious smile came across exclusively handsome. However, these vivid novels lasted 3-4 years, and after Diaz stayed at the broken trough. But she never lost optimism, constantly rejecting the positive.

Longtime buddies

Benji Madden and Cameron met a long time ago. They knew each other since the middle of the 2000s, when Diaz met with the sweet-hearted Justin Timberlake. The blonde and the rocker were pleased to be in each other's company. Having met on another star party, they cute cooed and joked without end. Benji Madden did not hide his admiration for the blond and long-haired Cameron. He always had a weakness for blondes, and the actress was no exception. The musician did not spare compliments to a friend and with a smile admitted to reporters that he would be in seventh place with happiness if Diaz became his girlfriend.

However, "one of the Charlie's Angels" then did not consider the other as a potential chevalier. Perhaps she did not see proper solidity and masculinity in the otvyaznym idol of youth, which was a guy, and believed that almost 7 years (as long as the age of Benji Madden is younger) - a serious difference. In July 2010, Diaz began to meet with broad-shouldered athlete Alex Rodriguez, the current boyfriend of Jay Law, but their mutual charm lasted only 3 months.

From friends - under the crown

Apparently, Diaz was tired of being alone and getting rid of prejudices. Years later she realized that behind the hoodlum's appearance of Benjy was a caring heart, not capable of betrayal. In May 2014, the paparazzi caught the newly-minted couple on a joint visit to the book presentation. Soon they were seen again together, but already at the exit from the sports club. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden preferred not to be separated for a minute, but they were not going to make a PR out of their feelings. They did not comment on their relationship. Everything cleared up thanks to a friend of the couple who preferred to remain incognito. He shared with journalists that lovers enjoy the long-awaited happiness, and Bendji Madden is determined to create a family.

A musician, once possessed the reputation of a zealous and amorous party-goer, moved to his beloved in June. In early July, the rocker went to get acquainted with the parents of the chosen one, and in the autumn it became known that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are engaged. On the finger of the actress there was a gorgeous ring with a sparkling diamond. At first, their relationship was taken for a whim, because the difference in age can be a serious obstacle to the path to true happiness. Younger than Cameron was Benji Madden. How many years do they share? Diaz is over 6.5 years old, but neither does it bother him.

Cozy wedding

In January 2015, a celebration took place on the occasion of the wedding of lovers. Diaz did not suffer from a wedding fever. The luxurious hall she preferred the backyard of the mansion. At a truly home party were invited a hundred people, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron's close friend Drew Barrymore.

38-year-old Madden fell in love, as a youngster. He even made a tattoo on his chest with the name of a 44-year-old wife. There are rumors that the stars seriously intend to become parents. Perhaps in the next year Diaz will give her husband a long-awaited first-born.

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