ZTSM for calves: composition, instructions, testimonials. Substitute of whole milk

The main purpose of breeding cattle on farms in most cases is to get a large amount of milk. However, such an economy can be cost-effective only if there is a qualitative reproduction of the livestock. It's good to develop a young farmer who is born on a farm only if a suitable diet is developed for him. как ЗЦМ, для телят. It is very often used on farms such a balanced feed, as ZTsM, for calves. Its application promotes rapid weight gain in young animals, reducing morbidity and attack. It is worth such a feed, in comparison with milk, is relatively inexpensive.

What is WMS

The milk period in calves continues more often than 1-2 months. All this time they are actively gaining weight and need a lot of proteins. However, to feed the calves with such milk for such a long time is, of course, inexpedient. After all, this is the main product of almost any farm for breeding cattle. Without him, the farmer can not get. ЗЦМ для телят. In order to avoid financial losses, the owners of such farms often use the ZTsM for calves.

This food is a dry mixture of a special composition. Being diluted, according to the nutritional qualities of the ZTsM is almost inferior to ordinary milk.

What is the composition of the ZMC for calves

Most often, the following ingredients are used in the manufacture of whole milk substitutes:

  • Dry reverse;
  • Whey powder;
  • Vegetable and animal fats;
  • Grain yolk;
  • Various kinds of vitamin-mineral supplements (premixes).

When preparing such mixtures, enterprises carefully monitor compliance with the proportions of the components. In the case of a disturbance in the balance of the MZM for calves, the price for which is not particularly high, will not correspond to the consistency of milk. And consequently, its use as a feed for young animals will not bring the desired effect. Of course, the production of this feed and the SES standards must be observed. Otherwise, the calves that receive it can get infected with some dangerous diseases.

How to make

In the first days of life calves receive colostrum on their farms. Use of artificial products during this period is highly discouraged. The fact is that in the first 3-5 days in young animals the immune defense is actively formed. On the fifth day calves begin to give milk. ZTSM it can be replaced even at this time. Feeding of the ZTSM to calves is allowed in the 5-11-day-old age. But most often such feed is introduced into the ration of young animals, nevertheless only on the 20th day. This allows the farmer to save money and at the same time replenish the herd with absolutely healthy animals.

Prepare a whole milk substitute on the calf farms by diluting the dry mixture with 7-9 parts of warm water. It is believed that the best effect is given by those ready-made ZCM, which contain 25% of proteins and fats. Adult calves, in addition to such mixtures, it is allowed to solder herbal juices. During this period, the amount of fed ZCM is reduced by 25%. On average, for the period of fattening per calf, about 28-40 kg of such mixtures are spent on the farm.

How many animals should receive MTC

The norm of the ZMC for calves per day is strictly determined by the instruction for use. How much should this feed young per day depending on the age, you can see in the table below.

Daily norms of the ZMC for calves


Number of MWC (liters)

Proportions with water

15-18 day

2.3 l

1: 8

4th week



1: 9







It is not recommended to deviate from the recommended dosages. This can adversely affect the intake of animal weight and their health.

ZTSM for calves: instructions for cooking on the farm

этого вида корма работ ники фермы в обязательном порядке должны следовать таким рекомендациям: When using this type of feed, farm workers must follow these recommendations:

  • Dilute the mixture immediately before it is placed in the trough;
  • Use the clean dishes to feed the diluted WCC;
  • Dosages of the product should be carefully observed for calves of a particular age group;
  • To dilute the mixture should be used water temperature of about 45-55 C;
  • Stir the composition until the disappearance of lumps.

Benefits of using

Thus, we have found out how to plant ZTsM for calves correctly. The advantages of such feeds in the first place can be attributed:

  • Balance of micro- and macroelements, as well as energy composition;
  • Ease of use;
  • Economic feasibility of use;
  • Stabilization of weight gains.

The additional profit of the farmer when applying ZTsM can be obtained primarily because such compounds are cheaper than milk by about 1.5-2 times.

Disadvantages of use

Of course, there are in this variety of feed for calves not only the pluses. To the shortcomings of the use of the ZMC for calves, the instruction for preparation of which is simple, many farmers attribute:

  • Not too long shelf life;
  • The possibility of transferring leukemia or tuberculosis to young animals through ingredients of animal origin;
  • The need for additional preparation on farms.

Such mixtures are produced in enterprises using whole blood and eggs. This slightly increases the fattening of the young. In the production of ZTsM, the technology of extruding raw materials (peas, flax seeds, barley) is mainly used. This method, unfortunately, is not perfect. The protein is partially decomposed during the preparation of the mixture. And this, in turn, leads to a reduction in the digestibility of the calf's body.

The ZTSM is not stored for too long, primarily because it contains a fairly large amount of fat. Keep such mixtures until the feeding is allowed no more than 1-3 months. муку из семян томатов. Sometimes in the composition of the MZM, in addition flour is introduced from the seeds of tomatoes. This allows you to extend the shelf life of the mixture to 12 months.

What to look for when choosing

Before buying the ZTsM from the manufacturer, the farmer should always study the label of the feed. The only substitute for whole milk is quality, which contains:

  • Fiber - no more than 1%;
  • Ash - maximum 10%;
  • Raw fat at least 16-20% for repair youngsters and 20-33% - for fattening;
  • Calcium - not less than 0.9%;
  • Dairy products - at least 70%;
  • Phosphorus - a minimum of 0.7%.

If the MZM contains too much fiber, the nutrients will not be absorbed by the calves in full. The fact is that this component is capable of swelling in the intestines, as a result of which its overflow occurs.

If the composition of the ZTSM includes flaxseed, its purchase, perhaps, should even be abandoned. Extract from this product can exert an astringent effect on the digestive tract of young animals. Do not buy and mixtures containing soybean flour. This product is usually included in the only low-cost ZMC. With soy flour in the stern, calves may have serious problems with digestion. Because of this, the development of the young

In addition to the label, when choosing a CMP, the farmer should pay attention to the color of the mixture. The whiter it will be, the more lactose and dairy products are in the feed.

Liquid substitutes

ЗЦМ для телят п оставляются в сухом виде. Most often, the market for the ZTsM for calves n is left in dry form. But sometimes manufacturers also produce a liquid product of this variety. Such compositions are made with the use of skim milk or a mixture thereof with buttermilk or serum. Mix this water with the water is not necessary. Before use, it is simply heated or cooled to a comfortable calf temperature (about 35 ° C).

Best producers

The rating of domestic companies engaged in the production of MWCs looks like this:

  • ProLak-16;
  • OJSC "Vamin-Tatarstan";
  • ZAO Mustangingredients;
  • OOO "Prodinvest";
  • Open Society "Волотовский молокозавод".

Also on the domestic market are realized ZTSM imported production:

  • Sloten B.V .;
  • Vreugdenhil B.V;
  • Nutrifeed Vegnel;
  • Joosten Products B. V;
  • Schils BV

Of the foreign companies engaged in the supply of ZCM, the Dutch are leading in the Russian market.

ZTsM for calves: product price

This feed is sold in the market, usually in bags of 25 kg. It is possible to cost from 50 to 110-130 rubles per kilogram depending on the composition and manufacturer. Feeding calves on a cheap mixture, of course, will allow the farmer to cut animal welfare costs. However, the composition of such mixtures are usually not too high-quality. And therefore to achieve good results of productivity from cattle, nourished on them, in the future it will hardly come out. Many farmers believe that it is better to overpay a little, but not to subsequently have problems with the development of the young and its health.

Feedback on the use of WCPs

All the producers presented above supply the domestic market, according to farmers, a fairly high-quality product. To the advantages of the ZCM "ProLak-16", for example, owners of cattle farms consider low cost and high-quality composition. Dairy products in the ZTSM of this producer are 62%, and vegetable - 16%. The only thing - to breed a mixture of "ProLak-16" according to the instructions on the label experienced farmers do not advise. Otherwise, animals can record. To prepare a solution from this ZTSM for calves, reviews about which there are basically good, better by standard technology.

Sloten BV относят прежде всего высокий уровень молочной основы. The advantages of the Dutch feed Sloten BV include, first of all, a high level of milk base. Quite a lot in the ZTSM from this manufacturer contains and fats (10-18%). Also the advantage of this feed is that in its composition, in addition to the main components, antibodies like cow's milk strengthen the immunity of animals.

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