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Beer "Prazhechka" - century traditions from the Czech Republic

Czech beer is a drink known all over the world. In any part of the world in shops you can find many brands of beer from the Czech Republic. Among the foam variety from the Czech Republic, we can distinguish the beer Prazhechka, which is loved by Russians and is produced today in the territory of our country in the best traditions of Czech brewing.

Russian beer in Czech

According to polls, the Russian consumer respects Czech beer. As a result, the company "Russian Tradition" did not begin to acquire a license for production, and began to produce its own beer in Czech. In order to create a foam drink in accordance with the centuries-old traditions and recipes of brewers from the Czech Republic, world-class experts were invited. Beer "Prazhechka" turned out to be maximally budgetary, while not losing the originality of the "Czech" taste and high quality.


Currently, Prazhechka beer is produced only in a "light" version. According to statistics, Russian fans of the foam drink prefer dark beer to light, so the producers did not simply produce the dark version. Yes, and the classic Czech version - light beer.

Only natural and high-quality ingredients are used to get the classic Czech beer Prazhechka. The manufacturer uses clean water, three kinds of malt and hops. The drink is not added any flavoring, emulsifiers, preservatives and alcohol. The bottom line: despite its high density (more than 9.5%), it has a very small percentage of the fortress (4%).

For the spill different containers are used, as the saying goes, "for any customer". It can be glass and tin cans, five-liter kegs and large kegs for beer dispensers. The naturalness of beer can be traced in the shelf life of the drink. As you know, natural beer is not stored for a long time. Banks and bottles must be sold within six months, and kegs - within three months.

Taste, color, aroma

As already mentioned above, Prazhechka beer is a classic light beer. It is distinguished by a bright golden hue, a firm strong foam, a pleasant intoxicating aroma, supplemented by a small bitterness.

Culture of drinking

Czechs have long been known not only for the ability to produce good quality beer, but also for the special rituals of his drinking. As experts say, "Prazhechka" beer is simply not made for drinking with large, fast and hasty sips. Czechs prefer not to rush, enjoy every sip. By tradition, "Prazhechku" should be drunk in three sips. Then you will feel all the taste and aroma of the drink: at the beginning of the glass, in the middle and at the end, where there is a pleasant bitterness and a delicious natural sediment.

Remember, you can not drink good beer right from the bottle. It should be poured into a beer glass and savored. If you already want to get drunk, take better vodka. And if you prefer a pleasant company, intimate conversation and quality tasty beer, then hurry is not recommended.

Stamps of Czech beer

If you ever get lucky enough to go to the Czech Republic, you should definitely try the local beer. So, you decided to try the Czech beer. Stamps are diverse. How to understand? Here are, for example, the five most popular brands of Czech beer.

  • Ježek. This is a sort of light beer brewed according to the old recipe. Several varieties are produced, differing in composition and strength. There are drinks with a strength of 4.2%, there are more "killer" specimens (up to 11%).
  • Kelt. Quite rare. It is sold only in glass containers, there is no bottling. It differs by strong, almost coffee, resistant foam, which does not settle for a long time.
  • Velvet. "Storm in a glass" is the second name of this beer. It is obtained due to the unusual foam that is obtained when pouring into a glass.
  • Dudák. Delicious light beer produced at a small Czech brewery. It is very popular among the local population, it competes with large factories and wins.

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