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Preparation of omul: recipes, photos

Omul is the commercial fish of the family of salmonids and the genus of whitefish. Its length often reaches 64 cm, and weight - 3 kg.

Omul is a through fish. According to experts, it lives in the coastal parts of the Arctic Ocean. On spawning, the omul rises to the rivers of Alaska, Russia and Canada.

In the sea, this fish eats large benthic crustaceans, small zooplankton and young.

Baikal omul, the recipes of which are presented below, is a subspecies of the Arctic. According to genetic studies, it is close to the herring and common whitefish.

general information

How is it better to cultivate such a fish as omul? Recipes for the preparation of this product may include baking, quenching, frying, smoking, stuffing, etc.

More detailed ways to create various dishes from the mentioned fish will be described below.

Omul: cooking recipes in the oven

This dish is prepared only from fresh fish without prior salting. To implement the recipe in the oven, you need the following set of products:

  • Omul fresh large - 1 pc .;
  • Lime - 1 small fruit;
  • Garlic cloves - 2 pieces;
  • Salt cooked - to your liking;
  • Groats buckwheat - about 100 g;
  • Cranberry frozen - about 50 g;
  • Vegetable oil - use at discretion.

Cooking process

How should I prepare the omul? Recipes for dishes using this fish should be known to all the hostesses. After all, they always turn out very satisfying and tasty.

Before you start cooking dinner, the omul should be thoroughly washed, placed on a cutting board and completely gutted. Next, the fish needs to be sprinkled with lime juice. Also in her belly it is necessary to place chopped cloves of garlic and buckwheat, boiled to half-cooked.

Having carried out the described actions, the stuffed product is placed on the cooking foil. After that, the omul is again sprinkled with lime juice, and sprinkled with berries and garlic.

Wrapped in foil, the parcel is placed on a baking tray, which is sent to the oven. In this form, the fish is baked for 40 minutes.

Before you open the foil, you need to wait another five minutes. Only after that the omul can be served to the table with boiled potatoes as a side dish.

Stew fish on the stove

The preparation of the omul, the recipes of which we are considering, can be carried out even in marching conditions. The simplicity of creating this dish, as well as its amazing taste will leave only positive impressions about the rest.

With what products should you prepare the omul? Stewed recipes require the use of:

  • Omul fresh, medium - 2 pcs .;
  • Potato of young middle - about 1 kg;
  • Large fresh tomatoes - 3 pcs .;
  • Pepper, sea salt, vegetable oil and lemon juice - at your discretion.

Cooking method

How to stew such a fish? Omul, whose recipes we are considering, is first carefully processed. The fish are thoroughly washed, the bones are removed, and then cut into several parts. After that, they start processing vegetables. Potato tubers and fresh vegetables are rinsed. Next, they are removed from the skin and cut into fairly large circles.

Lubricating the bottom of a thick-walled pot with vegetable oil, a layer of root crops and a tomato are spread on it evenly. Then fish is placed over the vegetables.

Having seasoned and peppered the products, the layers are repeated. Top of the ingredients are filled with drinking water in an amount of incomplete glass.

Sprinkle the ingredients with lemon juice, cover them with a lid and put on a slow fire. In this form, the fish is put out for at least 50-60 minutes.

If you want to get a more flavorful and beautiful dish, then before the suppression of the pieces of omul is recommended to fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil.

Quick cooking omul

Recipes using this fish are very popular with those who like to enjoy nutritious and healthy dishes, which are ideal for both a regular meal and a festive table.

If the fish you decided to use as a snack, then we propose to fry it in batter. For this we may need the following ingredients:

  • Fillet of omul, peeled - about 700 g;
  • Salt and various spices - use at your discretion;
  • A large-sized chicken egg - 1 piece;
  • Milk fat - about 50 ml;
  • Wheat flour - about 20 g;
  • Vegetable oil - use for frying.

The frying process

How should I make a snack in batter from a fish like omul? Recipes for cooking (frying this product with great care) include the use of different types of dough. However, the most popular of these is egg.

Chicken egg thoroughly beaten with a fork, and then slowly poured into it with fatty milk. After sipping the products, they gradually pour the wheat flour and hinder them.

Having received a viscous and homogeneous dough, it is laid aside. In the meantime, fish are being processed. If it was purchased in its entirety, then it is washed, gutted and cut. In this case, remove all the bones and skin, leaving only a fresh and clean fillet. It is washed again, and then cut into not very large pieces.

After drying the fish fillets with paper towels, they are alternately dipped in egg yolk, and then immediately put into a sauté pan with boiling oil.

Evenly fry the snack from all sides, carefully remove it and stand on napkins for several minutes. During this time, the fish in the batter should be as fat as possible. It is served to the table with herbs and fresh vegetables, as well as some kind of sauce.

Solim fish at home

Is it susceptible to pickling omul? Recipes of cooking with photos suggest that this way of processing fish allows you to keep it for a long time. Moreover, salted omul is better transported for long distances.

To cook fish in this way, you need to take the following products:

  • Fresh small omul - 1 pc .;
  • Salt - at the discretion.

The process of salting

Gutting and washing the fish well, it is necessary to cut off the head and fins from it. After this, you need to take a pan or a barrel, and then pour in it table salt (at your discretion). Next in the dishes you need to lay out the omul and cover with the remains of spices.

That the fish is well salted, oppression is set on top of it. In this form, it is left in a dry and dark place for two days.

Before consumption from the omul shake off excess salt, and then served to the table.

Cooking hot-smoked omul

Baikal hot smoked fish will surely please you with an unforgettable taste. It's not for nothing that such a product is a delicacy. However, storing the omul after such treatment for too long does not follow.

To prepare a tasty and aromatic dish, we will need a smokehouse, as well as wood shavings.

Completely gutted and cleaned the fish, as well as salting and spicy, it is placed in the smokehouse belly up or in a suspended form. After the thermal treatment, the omul acquires a beautiful golden hue and an unsurpassed aroma. As a rule, such a fish is ready after a lapse of 45-50 minutes. You can use it both hot and cold.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, cooking omul at home does not require the use of special products. This fish should only be seasoned and seasoned with spices, and then subjected to stewing, frying or baking.

Very often this product is used for making various soups and second courses. It fits perfectly with potatoes, rice and buckwheat.

If you are afraid of helminths, which are often borne by omul, then before using it should be subjected to deep freezing, careful heat treatment or salting / smoking. Only in this case parasites will not pose a danger to you.

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