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Beaver meat: useful properties. You can eat beaver meat?

It is tasty to eat - this is one of the main human joys. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that ascetics, deprived themselves of gastronomic delights, gradually give up life. Of course, no one calls to hit all the hard and indulge in excesses, but some stereotypes in the field of food make it difficult to make discoveries. For example, is it possible to eat beaver meat? Or a bear? And will not the poisonous meat become a snake?

Yes, everyone knows that many animals are listed in the Red Book, but the hunters do not get any less. That's pulling people to outlandish dishes, promising a new range of emotions.

Amazing meat: what is it?

What does the average person know about beavers? Certainly the dams, sharp teeth and furry skin of small animals, such lovely in their diligence, will come to mind. Beavers themselves are quite well-fed in a good season, and their meat is appreciated among experienced hunters. Characteristic is the dark red color of the meat, which is given by the excess of blood cells of blood holding oxygen. Therefore, beavers can stay under water for a long time.

Some fears of tasters regarding taste can be justified, since fresh carcass has a specific flavor that can not be removed.

It appears when cutting a beaver jet. Therefore, to cut the meat must be able, otherwise the impression can be spoiled. So, is it possible to eat beaver meat? Yes, even the church, which included beavers to fish, considered their meat lean and allowed the use of ragout on Fridays and during fasting. In Europe, recipes from beaver dishes are passed from generation to generation .

Why is there a beaver?

Today even those people who are far from calculating calories and the balance of BJU know that without proteins, fats and carbohydrates, people can not exist.

Even the notorious fats that scare one name are necessary for the full development of the body, because without them hair will not grow, the nails will begin to split, the skin will wrinkle and wrinkles will appear early. Without carbohydrates there will be no energy and no interest in life, that is, a person will become sluggish, tired and uninformed.

Well, and protein is a building material on the basis of which muscles are formed, a person becomes stronger and more enduring. If you understand what is useful for beaver meat, then first of all it is necessary to isolate the content of 20% protein in its composition. The young beaver of the beaver tastes much fresh and rich. The taste of meat resembles goose, only less fatty. Processing of meat allows to achieve softening of a specific smell or its complete disappearance by means of smoking.

Benefits for the body

Beavers are surprisingly selective rodents who feed exclusively on plant foods, and therefore they do not have excessive fat accumulation.

Useful properties of beaver meat is obtained due to the abundant content of minerals and vitamins. In the US, in many families, a delicacy is a dish made of beaver tail.

In Russia hunting for beavers is prohibited, and there are not a lot of these funny animals in our country.

The meat of a young beaver can be somewhat harsh, so immediately before the cooking process, it should be soaked in water with a certain amount of vinegar.

Cutting the musk gland can reduce beneficial properties. Beaver meat will acquire a specific taste and smell. By the way, if the musk gland is not cut, the meat will be sweet and relatively hard. Many fans of beaver meat note its excellent quality and some similarity with a rabbit, turkey or even pork. At first sight beavers seem small, but there is a lot of meat in them. Moreover, it is darker than beef, and the bones are very thin and hollow inside.

Unusual delicacy

Many people do not understand how to cook beaver meat and whether it is worth doing, because it seems inedible. In practice, this is not so. Fresh carcass should be pre-soaked in water with vinegar, then cut the meat, clearing it of the film. Then it must be cut into portions and chopped with garlic.

To add flavor, the meat is marinated in lemon juice and spices. In order not to lose useful properties, beaver meat should be cooked at medium temperatures and with a minimum amount of oil. Meat absorbs the aroma of vegetables well, therefore, before preparing beaver meat, it is recommended to prepare a carrot, onion and other fragrant vegetables cut into the cast-iron cauldron, where pieces of meat will be stewed.

Before serving, for a more aromatic dish, you can prepare a sauce of grated apple, garlic, thyme and sour cream. The best side dish is boiled potatoes.

What do they say in beliefs?

The dominance of beavers in Belarus became an occasion for the idea of processing beaver meat, but the people were strongly against and did not want to hunt these animals. Explained this mood low popularity of fur and high prices for hunting permits. But most of all they stop the hunters of belief and sayings, according to which the killing of the beaver brings misfortune and failure in business.

Hunters do not get tired of praising useful properties; Beaver meat in summer is especially nutritious, as beavers feed on aquatic plants and their meat is enriched with biologically active substances. The health effect of consuming such meat is very high. But, despite all these data, the percentage of beaver production remains below the norm, and the animals inhabited the rivers and provoked the flooding of the territories. In addition, the animals themselves can stand up for themselves, which proved in the spring one beaver who attacked a pensioner and bitten him.

Which parts of the beaver are edible?

Many animals eat only partially, which is the strongest indignant Greenpeace. Still, the animal loses its life for one or two dishes, which may still not like fastidious gourmet.

The beaver can go to food completely, since even the tails of animals have a high energy value, which are fried, cooked, pre-refreshed. Bobryatina is considered dietary meat, as it has a low percentage of fat, but still it permeates the whole carcass and melts during cooking, giving a gentle taste to meat.

For an amateur

Many hunters themselves like beaver meat, the useful properties of which seduce them no less than the juicy taste. Sweetish taste makes meat even lighter. In addition, it is characterized by excellent saturation and complete digestibility. And the liver of the beaver and at all will be a gift to the hunter, as it is prepared quickly and without superfluous ingredients.

In nature, it's easiest to make a shish kebab from a beaver. For this dish is suitable whole carcass, except for ribs. Meat is marinated for several hours with onions, vinegar, spices and cumin. In parallel, you can prepare beaver tails, which will be an excellent snack. They peeled off them, soaked in water with vinegar, and then boiled in broth with rice.

Is it available to ordinary people?

Rare people categorically resist the temptation to taste an unknown dish, but is it real today to go to the store and buy a gram of three hundred beavers?

Few people know how much the beaver meat costs, and it is impossible to recognize it outwardly. On order, in some shops you can purchase even bear meat or roe deer, but at the same time the exacting gourmet should check the meat for smell and even aftertaste.

No specific odor, at least foreign inclusions and maximum freshness of meat - these are the main points that require the attention of the buyer. The price of delicatessen meat can not be low. A few years ago, the meat of roe deer and rabbit was estimated at 600-800 rubles per kilogram. Meat of beaver is not inferior to rabbit and rabbit meat in diet and taste, but it is distinguished by high ecological compatibility and oxygen content, therefore it costs 100-200 rubles more. Such popular in America beaver tails contain B group vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

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