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"Battle for Sevastopol." Actors of one of the most successful modern Russian films about the war

"Battle for Sevastopol" - this is one of the most successful modern Russian films about the war, a powerful, multifaceted, high-quality historical film project, mentally superior to "Stalingrad", and organization - "Battalion".

To the heroic deeds of the brave we glory

It is very gratifying to note that the modern Russian director Sergei Mokritsky, taking a picture of the Great Patriotic War, found a correct approach to the subject and created a worthy film that could not be lost among the Soviet cinema masterpieces of the Soviet era. According to the leading film critics, it captivates him that the director, paying tribute to the patriotic message of the project and immortal exploits to the defenders of the Fatherland, remembered the humanistic assessment of the tragedy that had taken place. The tape "Battle for Sevastopol" (actors of the first plan: Yu. Peresild, E. Tsyganov, O. Vasilkov) has the IMDb rating: 7.20.


The idea of the director of the film "The Battle for Sevastopol" actors embodied immaculately, despite the fact that the plot is based on a part of the real life story of Lyudmila Pavlicenco - the glorious woman of the sniper.

The talent of a sharp shooter was manifested in Luda at the age of twenty, in peacetime. The treacherous attack of the fascist armada caught the girl in college age, without five minutes his wife in sunny Odessa, and her unique abilities were useful here. Pavlichenko, having got to the front, instantly became a threat of fascist invaders, for a year having liquidated more than three hundred soldiers and officers of the enemy. Lyudmila was wounded four times, lost in the war a beloved man, friends. In 1942, it was commissioned and joined the Soviet delegation, sent to the United States to agitate American citizens and the government to open a second front. Foreign journalists dubbed Pavlichenko "Lady Death".


After the release of the praise, the entire film crew of the film "Battle for Sevastopol" was awarded: actors, screenwriters, stage director, cameraman, artists and editing specialists. Indeed, the film was a success - and not only because the story was based on the story of a real heroine who took part in the defense of Sevastopol. Equally important is the fact that the role of the legendary character was performed by one of the best actresses of our time - Julia Peresild. How accurately she recreated the image of the real Lyudmila, it is unknown, according to experts, the girl on the archive records seems more cheerful and smiling than the performer in the film showed, but the work on the role was done tremendously. The movie heroine turned out to be closed and rusty, even gloomy, but definitely not empty. After participating in the film "Battle for Sevastopol" Julia Peresild was recognized as the owner of an enviable actor's talent and was named a worthy continuer of the traditions of the Soviet psychological cinema. According to critics, her skill is saturated with sincerity and cordial openness, and a sense of responsibility to the viewer is ideally combined with diligence. The filmography of the actress includes more than forty films, among which are Yesenin, The Enchanted Section, The Captive, Five Brides, Paradzhanov, The Executioner, Lyudmila Gurchenko and many others.

Textured actors

Of course, we can not fail to mention other performers engaged in the film "The Battle for Sevastopol." Actors, all without exception - Russian and Ukrainian, playing soldiers and civilians, reincarnated in the Americans and our compatriots, showed real professionalism and full return. Each character is emotional enough, everyone can see life. In addition to the brilliant Julia Peresild three actors are singled out: Oleg Vasilkov, Nikita Tarasov and Yevgeny Tsyganov, who played three important men in the life of the main character.

Nikita Tarasov had to reincarnate as Boris Chopak, a military doctor. The performer is known to a wide spectator audience in the image of Louis the confectioner-gay from the series "Kitchen", the film "The First Attempt", to the television films "Heavy Sand", "One Night of Love" and "The Life and Adventures of the Josh Mishka".

Oleg Vasilkov played the role of captain, sniper Makarov. The actor has a huge professional experience, his filmography exceeds 45 movies, although in the movie he got by accident, from the army, where as an extras he took part in the filming of the film "One Hundred Days Before the Order." In most of the pictures, the performer performed minor and episodic roles of heroes with a criminal bias. Popularity came to Vasilkov after the pictures "Convoy" and "Tambourine, a drum".

In the movie "Battle for Sevastopol" Yevgeny Tsyganov played the team-mate of the main character, sniper, captain Leonid Kitsenko. Debut in the cinematography of the artist is considered the tape "Collector" (2001), since then, combining acting with the director, Tsyganov took part in 50 films. He is known for a wide audience on the films "Brest Fortress", "Mermaid", "Inadequate People", "Walk".

Screen First Lady

Statistic Joan Blackham film project producers invited to the role of Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt. The performer, who tried on the screen image of the first lady, presented to the audience a bright, inviting character, emotional in her own way. The actress immersed herself in the provided scenario material, watching her heroine is just a pleasure, and feeling every emotion is a pleasure.

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