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"All the treasures of the world." Actors touching Russian melodrama

Do you want to see the national melodrama with an exciting story? Include the series "All the Treasures of the World"! Actors so fascinate you with their game, that you simply can not tear yourself away from the screens. However, let's begin, still, with the plot. The main character of the series, Anya Bessonova, after graduating from high school, goes to her home, in her hometown of Primorsk. The girl is a great expert on cultural studies, and it would be better for her to stay in Moscow ... But her mother is ill. Nevertheless, luck to Anna smiles here too. She gets a great job. In addition, he meets his first love ...

"All the treasures of the world" - actors, known to many

So, more about the artists. Who played in the series "All the Treasures of the World"? Actors are pretty famous. They are: Bilanov Andrey (chief of the colony Zolotaryov Alexey Viktorovich), Radugin Maxim (Berezhnov Vlad), Kozakova Maria (Bessonova Anna), Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk Pavel (Morozov Leonid), Yakovleva Alena (Voronova Angelina Vitalevna), Plyashkevich Veronika (Murka), Shkirando Valeria (Anzhelika), Juravel Sergey (Krutov Gleb), Fungus Olesya (Ivanchenko Galya), Dubrovskaya Elena (Zoe), Beredin Dmitry (Vitek). There are also the following characters in the film "All the Treasures of the World". Actors: Marshalova Larissa, Klimenko Svetlana, Bobrova Anastasia, Hitrik Anna, Starovoitov Anton, Igor Podlivalchev, Nikiforova Svetlana, Malakhveichuk Ksenia, Pukita Sergey, Bovkalova Tatyana, Stetsenko Elena.

main character

It is worth looking at one interesting fact. You looked "All the treasures of the world." Actors are familiar to you. But do you know everything about them? Pay attention to Maria Kozakova. Not everyone knows that the actress is the granddaughter of the famous Soviet actors Mikhail Kozakov and Yuri Yakovlev. In the creative professions such heredity, as a rule, is not appreciated. If a teacher or doctor in the third generation is honorable, then actors, like talented people, are not perceived. It is often possible to hear in their address expressions such as "nature on children rests." However, this is not so. Some abilities, indeed, are transmitted genetically. This - a kind of understanding of the actor's nature, aesthetics and scenic humor. By the way, in this film, the mother of Kozakova, Yakovleva Aliona, is also removed.

The development of the plot

But what happens next with the protagonists? How are developments in the series "All the Treasures of the World"? Actors and roles make the viewer experience a lot of emotions. So, Anna, returning to Primorsk and finding a job in an antique salon, meets handsome Vlad. The man responds to the girl reciprocated. The couple is happy. Soon they will have a baby.

However, Vlad Berezhnova is loved not only by Anna. The daughter of the "mistress of the city" intends to remove her rival from the road in all possible and impossible ways. Mother is ready to help her in this. And for her it's not just words.

In addition, the heroine is suspected of killing Staroverova - a famous collector. He is the owner of the rarest objects of worshipers of the Kali deity worship. These things are being hunted by serious people. With them, the Old Believers have a refusal. But he trusts Anne. After the old man showed her the rare exhibits, he finds himself dead in his own apartment. Anna falls under suspicion. Of course, the life of the main character turns into a real nightmare. She is condemned for a long time, her betrothed betrothed her. The girl is losing the baby. Mother dies. It would seem that there is no need to live anymore. But Anna wants to restore her honest name and take revenge on the offenders ...


Actors of the series "All the Treasures of the World" played their roles simply excellent. Therefore, you will not be wrong in choosing this movie for viewing. Be sure that it will give you a lot of pleasant emotions.

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