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What is the name of the giraffe from Madagascar? We learn together!

Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you can not remember a trifle that simply does not give you peace. All things and worries immediately go to the side, because the thoughts are busy sorting out, for example, the names of actors or characters from cartoons. If you are reading this article, then you forgot about the name of the giraffe from Madagascar. About this you will learn a little later from our article. In the meantime, I would like to refresh this wonderful, optimistic, radiant full-length animated cartoon for the whole family. "Madagascar" won the love of Russian viewers back in late 2005.

We will understand

The producers of this film - DreamWorks - are famous for the constant filming of good, kind, and most importantly, quality works. To date, has been filmed is not one series of this stunning cartoon, and still interest in it is not quenched. If someone has not yet looked at it, then it's time to correct this defect.

It's not for nothing that the film about the adventures of the dream-animals, escaped from the zoo of New York, does not come out of the top thirty most box-office cartoons. Well, it was a little lyrical digression from the main topic, well, and yet, what is the name of the giraffe from Madagascar? This you will find out after a while.

Roles of animals

As with all feature films, every cartoon has roles for the first and second plan. Despite the fact that the directors of "Madagascar", talented Eric Darnell and no less enthusiastic Tom McGrath, tried not to deprive each character of the broadcast time in the cartoon, sometimes whole subjects in "Madagascar" were assigned to a separate character.

The directors of the cartoon began with the fact that they put human temperaments and character traits in every beast. A proud lion, an extrovert zebra dreamer, a cheerful hippo girl and a melancholic giraffe. Perhaps the main key figures of the second plan can be called unusually active penguins and a little crazy, restless king of lemurs who occupy a special niche in animation. Without these original characters, the cartoon would not be the same as it is now loved all over the world.

There is no doubt that now you immediately mentally named the names of the main characters. But if you still can not remember the names of the animals, then we will help you.

What is the name of the giraffe from Madagascar?

The film "Madagascar" produced by DreamWorks immediately begins with an introduction to each character. In the zoo of New York, each of his residents was busy with his measured and slightly boring life. For a better perception, we'll split the characters in pairs. Leo - Alex, the star of the zoo, the favorite of visitors, who is satisfied with life in captivity. He does not want to change anything. His best friend is the zebra Martin, inspired by the free wild life, to which he was inspired by the "gang" of fussy penguins.

Ready to risk the charm of the hippo - Gloria and .... It's time to find out the name of the giraffe from Madagascar! He is humble, therefore he is afraid to open his big and kind heart to everyone. He is embarrassed by his slightly incoherent body, is forced to regularly undergo an MRI because of a long neck - this is the giraffe from Madagascar. His name is Melman. All his actions in the animated film are connected with the warning of the heroes from unreasonable actions, it's hard for him to take risks. But, guided by a strong friendship with other characters, he is always in the middle of the events. To finally remember this cute character, look at the photo of the giraffe from "Madagascar", which is presented in our article.

Roles were voiced

After dubbing funny animals began to speak with the voices of the most famous artists of our country:

  • Leo Alex - actor Konstantin Khabensky ;
  • Zebra Marty is an actor Oscar Kucera;
  • Behemoth Gloria - telediv, secular lioness Masha Malinovskaya ;
  • Giraffe Melman - actor, director and producer Alexander Tsekalo.

Interesting hero

Melman from "Madagascar" is one of the most beloved animated characters of the last few years. To which I would like to draw a little more attention, it is that Melman is very different from active and daring characters (Alex, Marty, penguins and even Gloria). He stands out from their company with measured behavior and logical mindset. Let's hope that DreamWorks directors will continue shooting this kind and funny cartoon about real friendship.

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