Automatic lawn watering system with own hands

A beautiful and well-groomed lawn or a flowerbed near the house is not uncommon today even in a metropolis. But their maintenance in a well-maintained state requires some effort, especially for irrigation.

For many owners of private homes, watering a lawn, garden or garden in the first time can bring joy, but later becomes a burden, a job that does not want to engage. At such moments, the idea arises that the automatic lawn watering system is a rescue from hard work.

Manual lawn watering method

Irrigation of vegetation on the plot is done in two ways - manual and automatic. By hand watering are:

  • In the presence of a small flower bed or lawn, you can use the simplest kind of watering - from a watering can.
  • A garden hose with a sprinkler water well enough to irrigate the root system of grass, so the lawn can be watered infrequently. The disadvantage of this type of irrigation is that the hose has to be moved manually every half hour to the next part of the lawn. If the site is large, then it takes a long time to water.
  • The perforated hose accelerates this process, because water from the holes squirts the most part of the area under pressure. The hose must also be transported by hand.
  • It is not advisable to use sprinklers, as watering will have to be done frequently. With this kind of irrigation, the top layer of the soil is moistened, and the roots remain dry. The only plus is an imitation of rain, in which the soil does not blur, as it happens with jet watering.

So it looks like the system of automatic lawn watering with their own hands. In all these methods, the presence of a person and his physical efforts are required.

Automatic watering

The most convenient is the automatic watering of the lawn, especially if it is large. For this you can use:

  • Circular sprinkler, consisting of a platform with a sprinkler. Spread dispersion in such watering can cover a small lawn simultaneously. If irrigation of a scale plot is required, several circular sprinklers are used at once. To make this type of irrigation fully automatic, you can purchase a timer and set the irrigation time.
  • Automatic irrigation of the lawn in the form of a rotating sprinkler is the ability to adjust not only the power of the jet, but also its distance. This is convenient when on a lawn there are, for example, benches or a table with chairs.
  • For large flower beds and lawns suitable impulse sprinkler, able to irrigate immediately to 70 m 2 of land. It can be used both on slopes and on uneven ground. Has a butt joint.
  • For large areas of a regular square shape, an automatic lawn watering system with oscillating sprinklers is used. In this case, the irrigation passes uniformly, and the droplet diameter and watering area are entered manually.
  • For a fully automatic irrigation system, all of its parts are laid underground, and sprinklers remain on the surface. They can be rigidly fixed or submerged in the soil until the next watering time. The heated sprinklers are more convenient, since there is no risk that they will be broken when cutting grass. It is important to remember that the automatic lawn watering system is installed before planting.
  • Automatic irrigation with computer control is the most convenient and reliable option, consisting of an underground part of the system, sprinklers, a pump, large water tanks and a computer. In the settings of the program even there is a function of automatic shutdown of irrigation, if it rains. The computer system of automatic lawn watering, whose price (from 160 000 rubles to 350 000 rubles) is the highest of all the listed options, nevertheless the most reliable one. Such an installation is put once, but serves its owner for a decade.

All types of automatic irrigation presuppose a preliminary plan, so that irrigation does cover the entire lawn and is effective.

Drawing up the scheme of irrigation

Before drawing up the scheme of irrigation, it is necessary to consider what requirements the plants themselves put forward. For some, drip irrigation may be appropriate, but for others it may be rain. Also in the scheme should be taken into account:

  • Scale of the plot, divided conditionally into irrigation zones;
  • Number of sprinklers and their categories;
  • The location of sprinklers, taking into account the area they can irrigate;
  • How many points of divorce for pipes;
  • Number and length of pipes;
  • The location of the pump and its power, if there is a threat of a weak pressure of water;

Even on a small scale, this scheme will help to see how the automatic lawn-watering system will look as a whole. Simple automation of irrigation can be adjusted by own hands, for more complex, when laying pipes under the ground, knowledge of a specialist is needed.

The necessary equipment for creating self-watering own hands

When the scheme is compiled and all taken into account, the next stage is the purchase of irrigation equipment. The number of necessary components depends solely on the size and shape of the site and its "inhabitants":

  • For a section of up to 20 hectare, plastic pipes with a diameter of 15 and 32 mm are required. If the lawn is larger, the pipe size should be 25 and 40 mm.
  • The shape and type of the sprinkler depend on the effect that is required for irrigation.
  • Connectors and valves are selected according to the size of the pipes and sprinklers.
  • Tanks for water and pump the required power.
  • Regulators of water supply and pressure.
  • Controllers and soil moisture sensors.
  • A filter for water so that the system does not have to be cleaned often, especially if fertilizers are fed through it with water.

The tools needed to install the autowave are a shovel and a welding machine.

Installing the auto-watering system

Installation of the automatic lawn watering system starts with excavation. If the lawn is not yet equipped, then simply dig trenches for laying pipes. If the lawn is planted, then you need to work more carefully, since a long contact of grass with the earth leads to its drying. After all the works have to "repair" the greenery. To avoid this, it is recommended to lay the film along the entire trench and put the ground on it.

When the ditches are prepared, it is time to lay the pipes. In the places of their divorce, pre-marked on the scheme, insert connectors, which are mounted sprinklers. When the entire trunk is assembled, it is connected to the water supply system. Water under a great pressure goes through a pipe of a larger diameter and is distributed to smaller bends.

Possible problems

In order for the system to function without interruption, it is important that the main pipe of the trunk be of an appropriate size, and the sprinklers are so distributed over the site that the full coverage is obtained.

To do this, it is necessary to calculate in advance, under what pressure water is supplied and at what distance drops fall. If everything is done correctly, then unnecessary sprinklers will not be installed, and the plants will be fully watered.

Auto-watering from the company Gardena

To obtain a guaranteed qualitative result, the automatic lawn irrigation system "Gardena" is suitable. Sprinklers of this company give perfect irrigation even on sites with a complex relief. They are made of high quality materials and are very durable.

Irrigators of the company "Garden" will be able to install even a man who does not understand anything in watering lawns. A wide range of the company allows you to choose any type of irrigation: from drip to circular with retractable sprinklers.

Hunter irrigation products

Automatic watering systems for the lawn Hunter - this is a true technical complex, for the management of which it is enough to make the necessary parameters, and everything else he will do on his own. The whole mechanism and its nodes are placed under the ground, only control sensors remain on the surface. This company produces irrigation systems for large lawns, parks and golf courses.

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