"Anti-Aion" ("Beeline"): description, connection, disconnection

Today we will present a service called "Anti-Aion" to our attention. Beeline offers to connect it to all its subscribers. Of course, with certain conditions. And we have to find out about them. In general, this question interests many. After all, the ability to determine and hide your mobile does not hurt anyone. Let's try to get to know as soon as possible what "Antiaon" ("Beeline") is.


With an introduction to the proposed package of options and start. It's not a secret that hiding your number on a mobile device is not a fairy tale, but a real possibility. And she is interested in many.

Numbers of "Beeline" can be hidden without unnecessary problems with our today's service. "Anti-Aion" is effective even in cases when your interlocutor has a set of options "Caller ID". It turns out that you can always remain completely anonymous. "Antiaion" (Beeline) is what you need to keep your number secret.


Well, like any option, this offer has some special features. For example, there can not be such a non-standard possibility absolutely free and act endlessly, right? Yes indeed.

Service "Anti-Aion" from the company "Beeline" connects independently. Also it is disconnected too. Otherwise, it will work until you opt out of the option.

Plus, Antiaon (Beeline) is a paid offer. And here the cost varies depending on the location of the subscriber. But the price tag is not too different. And there are two types of payment - monthly and "preliminary". In the first case, you will be charged about 88 rubles (postpay) for a month, and in the second - for 3.77 rubles per day (prepayment). Connection and disconnection is free of charge. But in advance you need to worry about the availability of a sufficient amount on the balance sheet for writing off the subscription fee. For a day or a month at a time.

In principle, that's all. After all, no more features, "Anti-Aion" (Beeline) has not. Unless, as already mentioned, you can hide your number, even when the interlocutor is connected to the "Identifier". What do you need to do to get such an interesting service? And how to disable it if necessary?

Call the operator

For example, the use of the "Beeline" hotline will be a good option. That is, using the most common call you can both connect and disable our current package of options. Not the most popular option, but it has a place of existence.

You need to get through to Beeline. The operator is called in this case by the combination 0611. This is a toll-free number that serves to connect subscribers with the company. You dial it and wait for an answer. And then you say that you would like to enable or disable the option "Anti-Aion". You will receive an application, and after a while you will receive a message with the result of processing the operation on the mobile number. Nothing difficult, right?

Only here "Anti-Aion" can be disconnected and connected by other methods. After all, self-service among subscribers of all cellular operators is often in great demand. And our case is not an exception. What other methods can I use?


For example, a good alternative to calls is the USSD-request. This function was designed to ensure that each subscriber can turn off and connect any packages and offers at any time. So, take this into consideration. Requests and commands, dialed from a mobile phone "Beeline", are completely free. And you can use them at any time.

To enable "Anti-Aion" on your mobile phone, "Beeline" offers two different combinations. The first is a kind of number. It looks like this: 067409071. Once you have it, just press the "Call" button and wait. The second solution to the connection issue is the USSD command. In this case, you will need to dial * 110 * 071 #. And of course, again "ring" the combination. A couple of minutes of waiting - "Antiaon" is connected.

What can you do if you decide to give it up? Here, the USSD combination will come to the rescue again. This time it looks like * 110 * 070 #. That's literally in a few clicks on the buttons you can easily and simply both connect and disable the "Anti-Aion" ("Beeline").

Internet for help

The last and, perhaps, the most interesting and modern approach to solving this problem is the use of the official site of the Beeline. With its help, each subscriber is able to view information about his number, as well as connect and disable certain options.

To implement the idea in life, you must go through the authorization in the "Personal account" and select the "Services" tab. There, find the item "Anti-Aion". In the right part of the line, the function that is available at the moment will be displayed. This is either "Disconnect" or "Connect". If you click here, you will receive a SMS with a confirmation code on your mobile. Enter it in the corresponding window on the screen, then click "Ok".


But there is one more solution to the task. You can use the special service from "Beeline" to connect and disconnect "Anti-Aion". To do this, dial * 111 # on the mobile phone and "ring" the combination.

What happens? You will be taken to a special menu. Carefully review it and find "Services" (other). There, find "Anti-Aion" and read the information about the offer. What's next? Select the desired button for connecting and disconnecting accordingly, send the request and wait. Nothing more is required.

By the way, the use of * 111 # is also absolutely free. Easily and simply, you can connect and discard any option that only Beeline can give. Now you can independently choose the way to solve the problem and implement it.

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