How to find out the rest of the traffic on the MTS Smart Mini?

One of the popular modern tariff plans of the company MTS - Smart Mini - enables customers to use Internet services on optimal terms. It is ideal for surfing the Internet, visiting social networks, viewing news portals. In addition, it includes minutes and SMS messages, which can be sent for free. About the advantages of this tariff and how to learn the rest of the traffic on the MTS Smart Mini, this article will be discussed.

Description TP "Smart Mini"

Being the "junior" TP in the "Smart" line, the tariff considered by us assumes a small amount of traffic, minutes and SMS-messages included. Most likely, it does not fit subscribers who are used to active communication or intensive use of the Internet. So, what opportunities are provided to users within the framework of TP "Smart Mini" per month?

• Internet traffic - 2 000 MB;

• calls to all numbers (including home region and inter-city, to city and home phones) - 250 minutes;

• calls to MTS subscriber numbers - unlimited;

• sending text messages - 250 pcs.

How to find out the rest of the traffic on MTS Smart, as well as the number of minutes remaining and text messages, we'll talk further. And now we will acquaint you with the conditions of using TP and certain features.

Features of the tariff plan

• Unlimited calls to MTS numbers become only after exhausting the volume of 250 minutes. Until then, they are also free, but are included in the specified amount.

• 250 minutes does not include calls to short numbers. They are charged separately.

• When roaming, other tariffs (included minutes, messages and megabytes are not used). In order to use the TP at home, you should activate the option "Everywhere at home" (a subscription fee of 100 rubles per month). Since for this service automatic prolongation is in force, on arrival it is necessary to deactivate it. Connection and disconnection is performed with one command * 111 * 1021 #.

Terms of use of TP "Smart Mini"

The tariff plan provides for a monthly fee of three hundred rubles (depending on the region, it can be changed - specify the actual cost on the official resource of the operator or by phone of the customer service). Monthly bringing it to the account, the subscriber receives Internet traffic and the above-stated number of minutes and messages. In case if within the limits of a month to use all granted limits, then:

• SMS will cost 1.50 rubles. (For all numbers by country);

• calls to the numbers of your region, MTS of Russia - 2 rubles. (14 rubles per minute will have to pay when calling other mobile operators in the country);

• a half-gigabyte package for 75 rubles is automatically activated. (If necessary, this function can be disabled, after that it will be possible to activate other Internet packages available for this tariff plan).

Internet on the TP "Smart Mini"

After 2 GB of bandwidth is consumed, the package will automatically connect to the package "500 MB", which will provide an additional limit at the maximum speed. For it will be written off 75 rubles. At the same time, if you use it, then another such package will be connected, for the same cost. In a month, it is possible to connect 15 such options. At first glance this may seem convenient - you do not need to think about the limit, the Internet will always be at maximum speed. However, this can lead to high costs (75 rubles * 15 pieces = 1 125 rubles.).

For users who do not want this arbitrariness on the number and want to refuse automatic connection, there is a special USSD request - * 111 * 936 #. Simply enter it on your phone to disable the automatic activation of traffic packets. If you need to purchase additional traffic, you can use the "Turbo-buttons", which provide 500 MB and 2 GB packets per month. Activation is possible through the personal cabinet. The rest for such packages is also checked by requests and via the Internet.

How to find out the rest of traffic on the MTS Smart Mini: ways to

For subscribers who use tariff plans with included minutes, messages and the Internet, it is important to always be able to see how many services were used up. You can find the remnants of MTS Smart traffic in several ways:

• via the USSD request;

• through a personal cabinet on the operator's website;

• through a customer service officer.

Let us consider in detail each of the options offered by MTS. You can find out the rest of the Internet Smart traffic through the phone by simply entering the request * 111 * 217 #. In response to this command, a message will be sent with information about how much megabytes have been spent and how much traffic remains.

Customer's personal cabinet

Also you can find out the rest of the traffic (Internet) on the MTS website. The personal cabinet provides an opportunity to view more information by minutes and SMS messages that were spent within the monthly period. After authorization on the portal, go to the "Account status" menu. At the very bottom of the form, the item "Remaining packages" will be available for viewing. Here there are data on minutes, messages and Internet traffic. You can also connect additional options for the Internet via the web interface. Learn the remains of MTS Smart traffic through the application for mobile devices.

other methods

You can also get the necessary data through a specialist of the customer service, the operator has the remaining number of megabytes, minutes and messages to be aware of. The rest of the MTS Smart Mini traffic should be monitored regularly, especially when the automatic activation of 500 MB packages for 75 rubles is not disabled.

To check the number of minutes remaining and SMS messages provided within the tariff plan, you can use any of the above options: Internet, phone, customer service. The same goes for Internet traffic. Regularly monitoring the balances of TP, you can avoid unnecessary costs for mobile services and save money, especially since the tariff conditions allow it. If you can not fit into the specified limits, then you should pay attention to other options from the Smart line. For example, the tariff "Smart Unlimited", which provides unlimited Internet, while there are no restrictions on using it. By the way, if you are interested, how to learn the rest of the traffic on MTS Smart, then you can also visit your personal account and view the necessary information.

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