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An important holiday is the day of private security

What is extra-departmental protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? This is a structural unit engaged in the protection of objects of different focus, as well as the organization of order on the streets of the city. The employees of the structural unit are fully equipped, besides they have the right to carry weapons with them. Employees' vehicles are equipped with radios, flashers, and also on-board numbers with the inscription "Non-departmental protection".

Day of private security - the very beginning

In the 1960s, the Council of Ministers in the country decided to establish a special service dedicated to the protection of large national objects. October 29, 1952 was issued a relevant resolution, and it was this day was recognized as the date of the emergence of private security Ministry. Today, more than half a century later, this structural unit has become a modern, technically advanced service that reacts quickly to incoming alarm calls. The main objective of non-departmental protection is to ensure the protection of public and private facilities, as well as the security of society and citizens themselves. And October 29 was recognized as a professional holiday of the employees of this structural unit.

Structural unit in our days

The day of extra-departmental protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not officially recognized. Nevertheless, annually celebrations are held, where the Ministry of Internal Affairs celebrates distinguished employees of the structural unit, presents letters of commendation, letters of thanks and state awards. Today, more than one and a half million ordinary apartments are in charge of extra-departmental security, as well as over five hundred thousand different facilities located in different regions of Russia. The department received its name from the definition "independent of departmental affiliation." In the system presented by the police, non-departmental protection is considered one of the most numerous police services, which not only protects objects, but also successfully combats crime.

Let the congratulations sound

Like any celebration, the day of private security is celebrated with a special celebration. The importance and complexity of the work of this structural unit is well known to those people who are its employees, as well as their relatives - wives, children, parents. Carrying out the tasks set for themselves, employees of non-departmental protection are often in dangerous situations. That's why, when they go to the site, they always carry a combat weapon. During the years of operation of the structural unit, many crimes were discovered, thousands of violators were detained, hundreds of objects were saved from stealing. Along with successes, there are losses - the ranks of employees are thinning out not only because of retirement to a well-deserved retirement holiday, but also because of accidents during the execution of the assignment. Therefore, the first thing that security guards want on their professional holiday is health and long, happy years.

What can I wish the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Congratulations on the day of extra-departmental security are always filled with the most important and basic wishes. First of all, this is health. While employees are healthy, he can successfully cope with the task. Yes, and injuries during official operations are, unfortunately, quite frequent. The second important wish is peace and understanding in the family. Wives of employees of private security officers share with their husbands their hard work. Every time, when the spouse is sent to work, they are impatiently waiting for home, mentally wanting that nothing bad happens. Of course, there are wishes for luck and luck - sometimes these two factors play a more important role than the employee's professional training. And the most important words, which certainly sound every time on the day of private security - the wishes of a peaceful sky over your head.

Date spelled out in red thread

Every professional holiday is important in its own way. Any profession hides in itself not only good sides, but also a lot of dangers and mistakes. But the most important are holidays of people associated with the protection and protection of society - such as the day of private security. The date of celebration - October 29 - is memorable for every member of the unit. It's not just a regulated day of celebrations - it's an opportunity to see old friends, to remember those who are no longer in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to remember the guys who did not return from their assignments.

This is an opportunity to shake hands, wish all the best, be happy for successes and achievements, wish for more, but always good. On the day of private security, the words of wishes for career growth or promotion are rarely heard. For employees of the unit, the health and well-being of their colleagues is much more important.

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