Ageless people - is it true or fiction?

What can frighten more than the coming old age? Wrinkles, weakness, the gradual loss of clarity of thinking, constant illness ... Unfortunately, this share does not pass a single person: medication for old age is still not invented. However, there are ageless people, whom time seems to be avoiding. And the reason for this is not the endless plastic surgery, but genetic anomalies, the nature of which scientists still can not explain. It is about such people you will learn from this article. Who are they, the ageless people of the planet?

Why do people grow old?

Some people live to the advanced age, while others notice the first gray hair, just celebrating the twentieth anniversary. Why is this happening? The answer to this question is trying to give gerontology - the science of aging of organisms.

Researchers believe that aging is due to exhaustion of the resources of human genes. It is known that cells in the body are constantly updated by division. In this case, the chromosomes are first doubled, after which the copies are sent to new cells. Over time, as a result of such permanent divisions, errors accumulate, which lead to the decrepitude of the organism. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to slow this process down. Tablets, special dietary supplements, a healthy lifestyle and the rejection of bad habits can only delay the onset of old age, but do not prevent it. However, sometimes unexplained things happen: medicine describes ageless people, as if frozen in time.

Brook Greenberg

Brooke Greenberg is a girl from America who has existed all 20 years of her life in the body of an infant. Growth Brook reached only 76 centimeters, weighed 7.6 kilograms. Brook's intellectual development matched the development of a nine-month-old child. The birth was severe enough: Brook was born before the term, at birth her body weight barely reached 1.8 kilograms. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save the child.

Brook is the fourth child of her parents - before her in the family there were three absolutely healthy girls. However, Brooke excellent health was never different: she had several strokes, once she fell into a deep coma for two weeks. During this condition, doctors discovered a tumor in the girl's brain, which, however, mysteriously disappeared when Brooke regained consciousness.

Syndrome X

Of course, Brook's parents tried to understand the reason for her daughter's strange illness. Numerous studies have been carried out, which, unfortunately, did not yield any result: Brook's condition was included in medicine under the name "Syndrome X".

Some researchers believed that in the girl's genes there is a key to immortality, and she can live much more than an ordinary person. Parents even noticed her signs of development and growth. However, hopes were not to come true: on October 24, 2013, Brooke died in the same hospital where she was born. However, not all ageless people die, a disease whose name has not been invented, takes life only in rare cases.

Yakov Tsiperovich: a man who does not grow old

In the small German town of Halle, one of the most unusual people in the world, Yakov Tsiperovich, lives. This man is not subject to aging. Since then, in 1979, Jacob experienced a state of clinical death, his body seemed to start working in a new way. Surprisingly, the clinical death lasted more than an hour: it is known that brain cells begin to die just 5 minutes after cardiac arrest. However, Jacob came to himself. Immediately after the incident, he could not sleep: as if some unknown force threw him out of bed. Not slept this amazing man for 16 years: to regain the ability to take a horizontal position, Jacob was able only through yoga and meditation. But this is not the most surprising. At 58, Tiperovich looks like he's only 25 years old.

Doctors did not find an explanation for this phenomenon. Some associate the absence of age-related changes with the fact that after a coma, the body temperature of Jacob does not rise above 34 degrees. However, until now, there is no evidence that a lower body temperature is associated with the ability not to grow old. After all, other ageless people, whose illness could not be explained, did not possess such a property of the organism.

Soso Lomidze: an Ageless Thief in the Law

At the age of 15, Soso Lomilze was recognized as one of the most dexterous pickpockets in Georgia. However, this amazing achievements of this man were not limited. Once the people around him noticed that Soso had stopped growing old. At the age of 25, his early gray hair disappeared , a few wrinkles were smoothed out. Soso even became smaller and lost weight. Lomidze's mental abilities were not harmed: he became a skilled criminal who hid in the child's body. And thanks to his unusual appearance Lomidze managed to achieve a lot: he even became a "thief in law", which is a very honorable title in the underworld.

"Crime of the century": how the "boy" stole the watch from Shevardnadze

One day, Lomidze used his unusual appearance to "punish" Eduard Shevardnadze for the hard life that he gave Georgian thieves in law. This loud story happened on April 9, 1979. Shevardnadze, who was Georgia's foreign minister, decided to visit the Palace of Pioneers. Of course, Lomidze had no difficulty getting lost among children and teenagers. When Shevardnadze went out on the red carpet, Soso rushed to meet him, shouting words of gratitude for everything the politician is doing for the republic. The moved Shevardnadze raised the "boy" in his arms and kissed his cheek. Despite the fact that the contact lasted only a couple of moments, Soso managed to assign the Swiss wristwatch an honorary guest. By the way, these were not just watches: Shevardnadze was presented to them by the Union of German Industrialists for their contribution to the withdrawal of a group of Soviet troops from the GDR.

The scandal turned out to be loud: Shevardnadze was disgraced throughout the republic. For this case, Soso Lomidze received the title of "thief-in-law". By the way, they nicknamed Lomidze "The Old Man": this is a simple thieves' sense of humor.

Unfortunately, for Lomidze self-rejuvenation was not in vain. At some point, he realized that he had lost the ability to be a man. Lomidze even sought help from the healer Juna, who could not help anything: ageless people can not be cured due to its effects. We can say that we have to pay for everything, including for eternal youth.

Anne Bolton: A woman who dreams of looking older

Now Ann Bolton is about 50 years old. At the same time, it is impossible to give her more than 25. Ann married at age 24 for her peer. When the couple turned 30 years old, the family began to have conflicts: Anne attracted the attention of young guys who had not yet graduated from college. Unfortunately, at the moment the marriage broke up: Anne's husband found that there was too much gossip behind him. After all, many believed that he married a young girl and looks ridiculous.

Ann did not despair and got married a second time. At first the husband was pleased with what his wife looks like. But gradually he became irritated, tired to answer questions about who he had Anne: daughter or younger sister. Now a woman dreams of doing a plastic surgery that would help her look like her own age. Anne Bolton considers eternal youth to be a real curse: ageless people, whose photos you see in the article, are not always happy that they are not subject to time ...

Such is eternal youth ...

Aging is an inevitable process. Maybe one day a medicine for old age will be invented , and people in 80 years will have smooth skin and pristine gray hair. However, until such a moment has come, one can only accept and appreciate every moment of his youth that will never happen again. In addition, this article proves that not all ageless people in the world are happy because of their inexplicable properties ...

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