After you boot Windows, the black screen: what should I do?

How insidious are the developers of viruses! It is worthwhile for Microsoft to release another patch to the system, and antivirus companies to add to the signature database, as there is a new misfortune. What is happening is a typical eternal "dispute" of armor and shell, but they earn everything as a result. The only disadvantaged party is the user. Already he does not get used to the consequences of virus attacks - stolen logins and passwords, erased data without the possibility of recovery, lost system performance and so on. Fortunately, there are certain rules that prevent the fact of infection in principle. Well, if the trouble still happens, it remains only to restore the system's working capacity by the usual methods.

One of the latest "squeaks" of the viral fashion of recent years is the black screen displayed after loading Windows . In the current version (Windows Seven), the problem is that after a successful initial download phase and then the user authorization process, a black screen appears instead of the desktop and the menu with shortcuts. The cause of the problem is incorrect entries in the registry keys that are responsible for loading the shell. The problem has several solutions, and they differ significantly. For example, if you get a black screen after loading Windows 7 (or in the previous and still popular system - Windows XP), you can do the following.

The first is to put the program Black Screen Fix. An indispensable condition for the effectiveness of this program is the removal of malicious software even before you launch Black Screen Fix. This is the goal recommended Drweb Cure IT, which has a huge anti-virus database. You can start it from the flash drive from the task manager by clicking "Control, Alt, Delit" sequentially.

The second, perhaps, the surest way - to restore the system through the built-in service. It should be noted that Windows 7 significantly simplifies the procedure for restoring the system. Just press F8 almost after the hard disk detection procedure - do not go wrong! In this menu, select the startup recovery mode. Boot into it by pressing the "Enter" button and choose the first or second item. When you select "Startup Recovery", you save time considerably, while choosing the second item "System Restore", you get a guaranteed result. After performing this procedure in the Seven, the problem "after loading Windows - the black screen" will be a thing of the past. Now be more careful in your actions - use an account limited in rights, and put a good antivirus.

"Well, if the system is not 7, but XP?" - the conservative reader asks stubbornly who does not want to demolish the beloved system, which completely suits him, and to establish the "seven". Unfortunately, this also happens after Windows XP boots. Black screen and that's it! Then you have to use the Registry Editor. Well, before that, clean the system thoroughly with the help of the already mentioned Drweb Cure IT. Well, we press the coveted combination "Control, Alt, Delith" and get the "Task Manager" window. Then through the menu of the file we select a new task, by typing regedit and the main system administration tool is already started.

You need to go to HKLM and select the SOFTWARE bush. From here, choose Microsoft and WindowsNT. Now we are looking for the Winlogon subkey in the Current Version folder, without it the system would not boot up to the authorization window. Check the value of the Shell parameter. It should be strictly explorer, without various additions. After all, the essence of the problem is in maliciously loaded malicious software, it is from here that the roots of the problem "after loading Windows - the black screen" grow. It will be useful to check the value Userinit, also critical for the download. That's right - userinit.exe.

It should be noted that this is not all the possible options, which involves an insidious "infection". The Task Manager can also be disabled. Then the method with zeroing of the parameters to the correct values is unlikely to work. Have to go a little different way. Run on F8 safe mode with command line support and, having booted, give the command regedit. CureIT and the registry editor consistently follow the above recommendations, and then reboot. The problem "after loading Windows black screen" is solved! If you are an experienced PC user, it is recommended to use "Zaitsev Anti-Virus" along with these programs, which allows both to remove malicious software and to automatically return the correct values to the registry settings.

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