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Acidophilin - what is it?

Acidophilin - what is this sour-milk product? It is much less known than, for example, popular yogurt and yogurt. But, having examined its properties, we will see that acidophilin, the reviews about which are invariably positive, is no less useful and nutritious. Also learn how to cook it at home.

Acidophilin - what is it?

This thick sour milk drink is made from milk, usually from cow's milk. He is fermented with a special kind of bacteria. They are called acidophilus. A squeezing additive should also, in addition to them, contain lactate streptococcus and kefir fungus. At the very beginning of the nineteenth century, a special lactobacillus was given to Podgorodetsky by a doctor, and later it was used to make a drink acidophilus. What is this microorganism? It is somewhat similar to the Bulgarian stick, which is used in the preparation of yoghurts. Its unique properties and positive effect on human health made it possible to popularize a new drink. Relevant benefits brought to them, and now.

How do they produce acidophilus?

What is this technology, allowing in modern urban life to prepare by hand a useful sour milk product? All you need is to buy the right starter in the pharmacy or from the manufacturer. And then observe a certain temperature regime. In industrial conditions, cow pasteurized milk is used. The starter is added to it after it has been heated to 32-37 degrees Celsius. In order to be successful, the temperature should be unchanged, and the container with milk can not be moved and shaken. After 12 hours, a thick, thick acidophilus will turn out (at home, some more conditions must be observed, we will mention them below). Having tried it, many people come to the conclusion that it is more viscous than kefir, has a specific (but very pleasant) and slightly acute taste. In order to get used, you can first drink it with the addition of sugar, honey or fruit juice (mashed potatoes).

Acidophilin and your body

The digestibility of this drink is magnificent. It is able to increase the resistance of the organism to a number of pathogenic bacteria that cause both dangerous diseases (pneumonia, meningitis) and simply annoying cosmetic defects (acne, furunculosis). Regular use of acidophilus can suppress putrefactive processes in the lumen of the digestive tract and normalize the microflora and motility. Therefore, the value of this drink for people who have problems with the intestines is very high. It is better to use it slightly warmed to room temperature. Please note that in the manufacture of acidophilus at home, you need to closely monitor the moment of folding the milk, after which the product is immediately transferred to the refrigerator. If you are not cooking for the first time, then add to the milk is not the primary leaven, and the secondary. Its consumption is about one tablespoon per half liter of milk.

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