About the Latest Trends in Furniture Design

Impressions of designer furniture are almost the same as the demonstration of fashionable clothes from famous Couturiers. Connoisseurs of unusual and chic interiors look forward to every such event. Today the most popular salons of furniture design are Paris, Milan and Cologne. Moreover, the industry of fashionable furniture is built according to similar laws from the world of fashion industry.

The development of furniture collections takes into account the change of seasons, spring-summer and autumn-winter. As a result, the promotion of finished products goes in two stages. The collection is either updated twice a year, or it is initially created in two versions. They do not differ much from each other: designers do not dare to radically change forms. Usually only color changes are made.

Summer trends are determined in the winter, because all the famous salons are held just at the beginning of the year. Demonstrated fresh models. Manufacturers aspire to sell as much as possible original products, and judges of designer furniture - to buy furniture of excellent quality and in an unusual embodiment.

Of course, the legislators of furniture fashion are compelled to follow certain rules in their work. Their main task is to draw attention to their ideas. Therefore, ideas should, if not to scream, then so to surprise. Non-standard objects, unusually bright coloring - the most favorite techniques of furniture designers. Imagine, the designer furniture is shown, but it is made of unusual materials: rubber or plastic, for example.

Of course, the original idea, which the audience approved with a ringing coin, is immediately taken up by the colleagues of its creator. Yes, and furniture factories quickly send the running copy in circulation.

This year in the summer fashion was lightweight movable furniture, intended for country houses and fashionable resorts. It was quite mobile and compact, in general, as if created for a relaxed vacation away from the hustle and bustle.

Another current trend is the combination of artificial and natural materials. Bright screaming colors of lively greens and more tranquil colors of home interiors.

In general, the current furniture season is characterized by an incredible riot of colors and shades, as if on Pandora from Cameron's "Avatar". In addition to this, in the furniture interiors there are floral and floral ornaments. All this once again emphasizes the merry summer motives and, perhaps, helps to keep the sweet warm atmosphere for a much longer period than the usual calendar triad from June to August.

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