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Eugene. The meaning of the name and all its secrets

Women's name Eugene - derived from the Greek male Eugene, meaning "noble", "highborne." It is popular in many countries of the world, but almost everywhere it sounds differently: Eugenie - in France, Eugenia - in England, Oygenia - in Germany, Eugenia - in Spain, Eugenia - in Portugal, etc. In 2012, about 10-15% of girls with the name Eugene are registered.

Eugene. Meaning of Name: Childhood

As a child, Zhenya is a great inventor, she lives in her invented world, in which her laws and rules reign. Often, she is more serious than her peers: for example, while they are still reading fairy tales, Zhenya is already interested in more serious literature. Girls with this name are distinguished by calmness, dimensionality of mood, dreaminess, submission to someone else's opinion. They are attracted to needlework and everything associated with it. The game alone will not upset the little Zhenya.

At school, Eugene is curious: she likes to ask questions to teachers or just communicate with them. Classmates appreciate her support and sense of justice. Giving parents an excuse for experiencing is not her fad.

Eugene. Meaning of the name: adult life

Zhenya has a somewhat difficult character. Scandals, which most often occur through their fault and initiative, can interfere with building normal relationships with men. In addition, not every spouse will withstand the desire of Eugenia to command the family.

Also, the distinguishing feature of the bearers of this name is punctuality, sometimes even irritating to others.

In the family of Eugene - a good housewife and beloved mother. Sometimes she is somewhat strict with her family members, but she compensates for this with her deep feelings.

The bearers of this name at any age remain "alive" and passionate.

Eugene. The meaning of the name: sex life

Even in adolescence, Eugenia awakens sexuality, singling it out among the other girls. She is pretty amorous, which prevents her from living peacefully, because often the feelings experienced for a man bring her to moral exhaustion. She rarely initiates a break in relations.

In sexual life, not every man can satisfy Eugene, and Zhenya begins to analyze such situations, looking for options to eliminate these problems. Preferences of girls with this name - long preludes, role-playing games.

Eugene. Meaning of name: health

Most often Eugenia - quite healthy people, but there may be problems with the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as with respiratory organs. The main rule in the life of Zhenya: to save strength, rest more and eat right.

Eugene. Meaning of the name: career

Another distinguishing feature of Eugene is diligence. Ideal for her profession: secretary, teacher, barman, biologist, social worker, artist, housewife.

Compatibility names: Varlaam, Averyan, Robert, Alfred, Egor, Boris, Harry, Dmitry, Makar, Gleb, Nikolai, Gordiy, Trofim.

The meaning of Eugene's name may not coincide with reality one hundred percent, because each person is individual.

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