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The newest weapons of Ukraine. What weapons are in service with Ukraine?

Modern high technologies gave impetus to the development of human society in all spheres of life. Unfortunately, inventions are not always created and used for good. Many of them are capable of harming people, and some are made specifically for this. It's about weapons - a terrible, destructive force that can kill thousands of people by pressing just one button. In the context of the political situation in Ukraine, weapons began to play a particularly important role. What kind of armament does this country have?

Terms from the Ukrainian law on weapons

Weapons of Ukraine - a term for different types of devices designed to destroy or eliminate a living or non-living purpose, a static or dynamic object. This concept calls only those items that have no other purposes, except those listed above.

Small arms of Ukraine - a type of weapon designed to defeat a specific target at a certain distance, which works by instant chemical reaction after its activation by means of gunpowder or other substance. Calibration of such weapons should not exceed 2.5 centimeters, otherwise it will no longer belong to this variety. One of the types of small arms are smoothbore fighting units. They can be attributed to this category because of certain characteristics of the trunk.

Another kind of these mechanisms for defeating the target is a cold weapon. Ukraine is a country in which this type of weapons is used quite often, especially during the events on the Maidan. In general, it is designed to defeat the target with direct contact with it, but the main characteristic is that a person must drive it with his own muscles.

Types of weapons in Ukraine

The weapons of Ukraine can be divided into several main types, which, in turn, consist of subtypes with certain characteristics. So, among the main types of weapons are allocated: military, civil (it includes sports, award, signal, hunting weapons, as well as units of equipment for self-defense), service, cold and imitation weapons. Each of these types of weapons has its own specific characteristics and norms of exploitation, which are prescribed in the legislation of Ukraine. Their application without special permission or not in the service of duty is prosecuted by law and is illegal.

Prohibitions on the handling of weapons in Ukraine

The weapons of Ukraine are controlled by the authorities, and therefore unauthorized turnover is punishable by law. So, in the territory of this state, the turnover of weapons that is not listed in the list of officially permitted, as well as unofficial transactions related to the sale and purchase of the weapon itself and its ammunition, is banned. Legislatively, it is forbidden to use self-made and personally modified weapons units that have not passed state verification, do not meet the standards and can be dangerous not only for use but also for storage and transportation. Also unlawful is the use of weapons that in their appearance imitate any safe items and thus can be misleading when activated.

To use, store, move weapons across Ukraine must be a special permit. Without it, it is forbidden to launch combat units that have certain characteristics in their design. For example, you can not use explosive or incendiary bullets , balls in which the center of gravity is displaced, and other ammunition.

A permit for weapons in Ukraine is issued by government agencies or in connection with established official duties that permit and imply carrying a certain type of weapons and ammunition to it.

Production of weapons

Control of the state is also subject to any military weapons. Ukraine has developed several laws that prohibit the production, repair and sale of ammunition and equipment without special permission, which is issued to individuals by special authorities.

When such a document is received, the producer becomes the owner of the developing combat units and can receive revenues from their sale, creation or repair. Accordingly, the license permits the carrying out of test activities for new types of weapons with the aim of improving and verifying the main parts of its design.

In turn, military weapons can and should be manufactured only by order of the state armed forces, the Ministry of Defense or other bodies that act in the interests of the whole country.

Acquisition of weapons in Ukraine

Buy units of weapons can be many groups of citizens, the list of which is established by the current legislation of Ukraine. So, under the special permission the weapon can buy physical persons which on a kind of activity or in connection with the received license have the right to acquisition and carrying of units of arms of various kinds. Also, organizations and companies whose employees have weapons on duty (for example, various security companies) have this right. Cultural institutions engaged in the restoration and further exhibition of captured and other types of weapons are allowed to purchase and repair combat units.

For temporary use, weapons are provided to officials whose security is of great importance to the state, as well as to the people protecting them.

Acquisition, repair, operation and sale can be carried out by individuals and companies that are legally entitled to all of the above.

Restrictions are also imposed on specific types of weapons, for example, on smooth-bore weapons. Ukraine at the legislative level prohibits taking any action with regard to this type of technology with explosive bullets or cartridges with a displaced center of gravity, if an individual or organization is not related to the army of the state.

Release of the latest weapons in Ukraine

The newest weapon of Ukraine is the theme, which was raised at the press conference by the adviser of the Minister of Defense of this country, A. Danilyuk. He said that thanks to the intelligence data, it was possible to obtain schemes of Russian equipment used by the opposition forces in the Donbas. Danyluk also said that these weapons can be improved. If the weapons can be created and modified, it can be supplied not only to the current Ukrainian army, but also exported to other states. This branch of trade is not yet very developed in Ukraine. The sale of the latest weapons abroad will allow the state to reach a new level in the field of trade in military equipment.

The Minister's adviser noted that at the moment many countries are interested in buying new military developments. The latest weapons of Ukraine, as well as ammunition to it, are planned to be produced in the near future and in the future to put production on stream.

Armored vehicles in service with Ukraine

The weapons of Ukraine can be divided into several categories. One of them is armored vehicles, which are now particularly actively used by soldiers of the active army. The most popular and often operated tank is T-55-64. On its basis, it is planned to make a new modified tank, which was announced in 2007 by the leaders of the Kharkov armored factory. T-55-64 is equipped with armored sheets with a thickness of 20-80 mm, as well as a 100-mm cannon. This combat unit can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h and go without refueling to 600 km.

The predecessor of the T-55-64 is the T-80, which began to be produced back in Soviet times. This tank was the main type of weapon since 1976. The car was three times modified. The modern tank (T-80UD) has a diesel engine and a power reserve of 560 km.

In addition to tanks, the Ukrainian army is equipped with various artillery installations. So, the newest of them is the complex "Bastion-03", an improved version of "Hurricane". Thanks to this military technology, you can destroy a living target, enemy combat units, various structures and fortifications. Since Ukraine's nuclear weapons do not yet exist, this complex, along with tanks, is the main type of military equipment.


The main Ukrainian machine, created on the basis of AK-74 - "Vepr". Plastic pads on the machine allow you to avoid prolonged contact with the metal parts of the weapon, so the recoil decreases, it is more convenient to fire. The "Veper" store is designed for 30 shells. Multiple modifications of the machine were made, the last one in January 2015.

Fort-17 is also a traumatic weapon. In Ukraine they produce this kind of pistols since 2004. This type of weapon is often used during the conduct of modern hostilities in the Donbass region. The standard stock of cartridges for this pistol is 12 or 13 pieces, depending on the specific weapon modification.

Types of missile weapons of Ukraine

Since Ukraine's nuclear weapons do not exist up to the present time, the army of this state uses a large number of various missile systems, including Sapsan. The development of this type of weapons began in 1999, and then was suspended. Since early 2015, it is planned to resume work on the creation of Sapsan using the latest high technologies.

In the Soviet Union, the R-27 missile was created, which helped to fight in the air and intercept aircraft. The defeat of the target could be carried out day and night with a huge range of distance (up to 25 km).

Cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in the field of weapons

Many American politicians support the idea that it is necessary to cooperate with Ukraine in the field of armament, since the United States has enormous military potential and holds the view that the Russian Federation has entered into an open confrontation with Ukraine, supplying the rebel armies of the People's Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic with various equipment. At many summits and press conferences, Western politicians and public figures have repeatedly noted that Ukraine must "fight for its own identity and independence", but it does not have enough military power to oppose such a power as Russia.

Deliveries of weapons to Ukraine

A statement was recently made by the commander of NATO forces in Europe, F. Breedlaw, that Western countries must supply weapons to Ukraine in order to help it fight against pro-Russian extremists. The politician noted that a variety of means are used against this state, from information to the military. Small arms of Ukraine, armored, missile, by its characteristics inferior to the Russian, so many US and European officials insist on the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

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