A healthy complexion: how to achieve this?

Beautiful velvety skin, a healthy complexion, shining eyes - all this is in the wish list of any woman. But one desire is not always enough. After all, a person clearly demonstrates to people around us all our bad habits, including lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of care, etc. And if youth for the time hides all the flaws, then with age women are increasingly unhappy with the appearance.

A healthy complexion requires effort and diligence. And here are some simple tips that will help improve the color and condition of the skin, give the person a healthy appearance.

  • First, develop a habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Only this water must be clean and still. Tea, coffee, juices and other drinks can not replace the body of water. If it's hard for you, then in the morning, pour a liquid into a two-liter decanter - now you will know that the day must drink all the contents.
  • Switch to proper nutrition. Refuse from harmful fried foods, fast food, spicy dishes, canned food and smoked products. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. Let your diet contains only cooked or steamed dishes. Such a diet for the face will give you not only beautiful skin, but also good health.
  • Refuse bad habits. Smoking makes the skin gray and flabby, and regular use of alcohol also leaves a trace - swelling, puffiness and flaking.
  • A healthy complexion will ensure a healthy sleep. After all, insomnia or constant lack of sleep first of all leave unpleasant bags or bruises under the eyes on the face.
  • Your skin needs calcium. Of course, you can buy ready-made drugs in the pharmacy. But you can connect the useful with the pleasant. Include in your diet fish, milk, home-made cottage cheese, which contain a huge amount of this mineral. A lot of calcium is in nuts and dried fruits.
  • Limit the amount of spices and salt in the body. Refuse the salty foods, spicy foods, canned food. The fact is that salt increases the amount of fluid accumulating in the body, resulting in edema, not only on the face, but also throughout the body.
  • Do not forget the fresh air. Walk for at least half an hour a day. And for the weekend, organize a hike in the forest or mountains, where the air is especially clean. But do not go too far, especially in the summer, when the skin is constantly susceptible to harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In the sunny months, before going outside, cover the skin with a soft sunscreen.
  • Regular exercise will also give you a healthy complexion. After all, during the training significantly improves blood circulation, which means that your skin will get more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Try to take vitamins to improve your facial skin. What substances do they need? To begin with, vitamin A, which gives elasticity, and ascorbic acid, which has a rejuvenating effect, and is also considered an excellent prevention of the appearance of vascular asterisks. But vitamin E perfectly protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. If you have problematic skin, the vitamin complex must necessarily include vitamin D, which quickly removes toxins and toxins. B vitamins are great for a gentle, dry, irritable skin.
  • Do not forget about proper and regular care. Remember that to care for the skin of the face is neither too soon nor too late. The main thing is to determine correctly with courtship means. First, find out what type of skin you have, and then pick up lotions, creams, tonics and masks that can cope with the problem.

Pay attention to the age - what can be used in 40, is strictly forbidden to young girls. Do not forget to wash off makeup before going to bed.

And, most importantly, remember that you can look divine, just for this you need to put a little more effort.

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