A brochure is what?

Surely you have repeatedly come across various flyers of advertising content. Sometimes you throw it away without even opening it. Sometimes they could browse through boredom or for fun. Of particular interest are small books with a bright cover. This brochure is. It seems that it should be full of information, interesting and relevant. However, sometimes the contents of the brochure can seriously disappoint. This is a task for the marketer - to make the potential client "peck" on the proposal in the brochure.

On the facts

We need to start the conversation from the beginning. So, the brochure is a small book in the cover, but without a hard cover (most often). The first brochures began to appear in the book departments of France already in the XVII century. The publication of such publications is not regular, but the content is text. On the territory of Russia a brochure is called a non-periodical edition of 4 to 48 pages in volume. Between each other, the pages are joined by sewing, staples, screw wire or any other method. If you use staples, then the connection can be with two or three holes in the spine. Such small books are distributed, as a rule, on a free basis and are issued to attract customers' attention (and informing) to a new service or product. Bulk brochure-catalog gives complete information about the product of the firm, supporting the text with juicy photographs, detailed description, price list and reviews of previous customers. There are no restrictions on the form of execution. You can save and order a text version on newsprint or take a full color on the gloss. This, by the way, is one of the few cases when judging not by cover, but by content. If your product is really relevant, and the idea in the execution of the brochure is original, then you can limit yourself to democratic materials.

Let us analyze the concept itself

Obviously, the brochure is a kind of promotional product. In Russia, it is most often produced up to eight pages. This is the optimal volume in order to accommodate enough advertising information. You can identify the main elements of the structure of the brochure. She should have a cover. Usually it is bright, with an intriguing title, sentence or original thesis. Next is a text block. This is an obligatory element, without which the brochure may lose its functionality. Text can be a little bit only if it is over-filled with photos. For greater durability, the cover of the brochure is laminated or varnished. And today the brochure is an effective means of advertising, but on condition that marketers express their imagination in creating it. Otherwise it will be ordinary waste paper.

From the history

It has already been said that brochures appeared in France. In translation, the term means "stitched", but today the process of assembling "books" is called "stitching". In revolutionary France, through this product, there was active propaganda, cheap in manufacture and capacious in content. The government reacted very harshly and banned the distribution of products. Over time, brochures spread throughout the world. Then the revolutionary mood among the masses reigned everywhere, and propaganda in Russia was analogous to France. An example is the period of the Putsch in 1991, when the pamphlets were widely used by the opposition to spread their ideas.

Today, everything is much simpler, and brochures are used not only to promote views, but also to advertise various products. In fact, you can not imagine without them an advertising campaign. But only many confuse numerous types of promotional products. And really, how to choose the right product? All these brochures, booklets, leaflets! It seems that there is no difference between them. However, the booklet is a printed edition on one sheet, folded by a notebook. A brochure is a multi-page edition. Leaflet - this is just one page with a minimum of information.

In the booklet, the volume is rather small, and therefore the most important information about the product or event is placed here. The text must be structured and logical, so that the reader can catch a glimpse of it.

In the brochure there are more places, and, therefore, it is possible to include in it detailed characteristics of the product. Accordingly, this is not purely an advertising product, but also a way of informing.

Rules for creating

If you need an effective promotional brochure, you will have to follow certain rules when creating it. Limitations are not so many and you can combine in one promotional product promotion, information and sale. First it is necessary to give a short dossier about the company, a list of achievements. Next comes the product catalog and a description of the benefits of working with this company. It would be good to include in the brochure a block with questions-answers, several product reviews and contacts. Clear text structure and format for the text does not.

At important events

If you are presenting a product or service, it is quite logical to provide guests and jury members with brochures. So they immediately receive a large amount of information and can form an opinion on the proposed service. Be sure to include all contact information in the content, give detailed photos and provide feedback, that is, give feedback and a hotline phone.

Do it yourself!

And it is not necessary to spend a lot of money and order products in the relevant agencies. Everything can be done through Word. The brochure is executed through a regular text editor. In the menu, select the "File" tab, the "Create" command. Now, in the same menu, select "Page Setup". In the Options box, specify a landscape orientation, a list of several pages, and select the "brochure" item. Mark the required number of pages and the desired value for the fields. You can turn a brochure into a finished document by opening the file again from the menu. When formatting, diagrams and drawings may shift, so that when the discovery is opened, correct the errors. Now send the document to the printer, choosing the two-sided option.

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