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"21 and more": actors and features

Today we will talk about the movie "21 and more." Actors and roles are presented below. It's about a comedy film that was written and directed by Scott Moore and John Lucas, who created the script for The Bachelor Party in Vegas. The premiere took place in 2013.


First, we discuss the plot of the film "21 and more." Actors will be presented further. Two friends persuade the third to mark the 21st birthday on the eve of the exam, which will take place at the medical college. Nobody noticed how a party becomes a stormy adventure.

Main actors

Miller and Casey are the main characters in the film "21 and More". Actors M. Teller and S. Estin embodied these images. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Miles Alexander Teller is an actor, and also a musician. He was nominated for several awards for the painting "The Rabbit Hole." Known for the films "This awkward moment", "Divergent". Participation in a psychological drama called "Obsession" brought him many positive reviews, and was also recognized by critics as an actor's breakthrough.

He was born in Downingtown. His parents are real estate agent Merry Flowers and engineer Mike Teller. The family has two more daughters, they are older than the actor. His grandfather along the line of his father was from Russia, a Jew. In addition, the actor has French, Polish, Irish and English roots. As a child he often moved. The family lived in New Jersey and Florida. In New York University he became a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

He appeared in a number of short films before playing in a big movie. He made his debut in the film "The Rabbit Hole". He starred in a musical film called "Free." For this role, he was invited after participating in the musical of the same name. He starred in the films "Divergent" and "Breathtaking Time". Meets with Kelly Sperry - a model.

Skylar Estin Lipstein is an American actor. The most famous is the musical "Spring Awakening". He was born into a Jewish family.
He spent his childhood in New York. Has a sister, Briell, as well as two brothers, Jace and Milan. He graduated from Clarkstone High School. Enrolled in Stajdzhur Maynor. She meets Anna Camp - she was his partner in the film "The Perfect Voice". In 2016, the couple married.

Justin Chon played Jeff Chang. It's about the actor, as well as the member of the band BgA. He was born in 1981, on May 29 in the city of Garden Grove. Eric Yorkie played in the movie "Twilight". His father was also an actor and was creative in South Korea. He speaks fluent in Korean.

Other heroes

Nicole and Randy also appear in the plot of the movie "21 and more." Actors S. Wright and Jonathan Keltz embodied these images. Let's talk more about the first of them.
Sarah Fei Wright is an American actress, model. Known for the paintings "Boys like it", "Everything that you have" and the TV series "Faces". Born in 1983, on September 28, in Louisville. She studied at the Seneca School in Kentucky. She lived in Europe for some time, and also sang in the choir. At the age of 14, I went to Chicago, started working as a model. Collaborated in Los Angeles with an agency called Ford Models.

Francois Shaw played Mr. Chang, Jeff's father. Russell Hodgkinson played the role of chief. Actors of the movie "21 and more" Daniel Buko and Josie Loren remembered the audience as Julian and Aguilar. Cristiano Castellanos played Gomez. Dustin Ibarra appeared in the movie as PJ Jay Brill. Samantha Futerman played Sally Huang. The film also featured Bazil Harris and Grace Arends. Bonnie Bentley embodied the image of a bartender.

Interesting Facts

Further we will result some interesting information about a film "21 and more". The actors were represented above. The main surveys began in 2011 on the territory of the University of Washington. Additional scenes were realized in Shandong Province. The producers of the film were Andy Yen, Hugo Shong, Todd Lieberman, Ryan Cavanaugh and David Hoberman.

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