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Cheese "Omichka" - delicious products for adults and children

What is cheese "Omichka"? This product is known to many residents of the Russian Federation. Invented sweet cheese was back in 1969, at the Omsk plant. The dessert was developed by the head of the cheese shop Zoya Kutmina and the senior master Valentina Panfilova. In 1971, the cheese "Omichka" received an author's certificate. The product very quickly won fame throughout the country. To date, "Omichka" is available in several versions: classic, chocolate, cream-brule, strawberry with cream and dried apricots, etc. The product is packed into one hundred and two hundred plastic bags.

Cheese "Omichka": details

So, in order. Cheese "Omichka" - a product invented in the USSR. To date, he knows about him literally every Russian, and not only. Omsk is a city known for many reasons. And this product is one of them. The cheese "Omichka" is made from natural cow milk. Has a creamy texture.


As already mentioned, the technology of cheese production "Omichka" was invented in 1969. Author's certificate Zoya Andreevna Kutmina and Valentina Andreevna Panfilova received November 23, 1971.

1971 is famous for the fact that the plant was able to produce 60 tons of cheese. But 1983 year pleased the inhabitants of the USSR already 147 tons. Since the receipt of the author's certificate, the cheese is issued with a state quality mark.

Initially, the product was produced exclusively at the Omsk Frozen Cheese Plant . Today it is also produced in several other Russian enterprises. The leadership of the unified Ministry of Dairy Industry, which existed at that time in the USSR, ordered to sound the technology of cheese production to subordinate enterprises as soon as it was recognized by buyers. Such a successful invention spread very quickly throughout the country. Currently, Omichka is produced in the plants of Kazan, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar Territory, Saransk, Voronezh, Kursk, St. Petersburg, the Udmurt Republic and other regions of Russia and the territory of the former USSR.

Right to trademark

But not everything was so simple. The technology of cheese production was already known. However, the dispute suddenly arose. He was initiated by the Kazan milk processor "Vamin Tatarstan". The enterprise stated that it was the owner of the legal rights to the trademark. Omsk plant of processed cheese, in turn, presented its rights to cheese and invited Tatarstan to enter into a licensing agreement. The same sent a complaint to the FAS Russia demanding that the Omsk citizens be called to account for violating the law on the protection of competition. There it was decided not to give the exclusive rights to the Omsk citizens. Omsk plant of processed cheese, of course, did not agree with this. After all, the recipe and the name of the product were developed in 1969 here. The product produced in Tatarstan, according to the management of the plant, from Omsk "Omichki" production technology and recipes is different.

In 2009, the Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the decision to recognize the actions of the Omsk smelted cheese plant associated with the registration of the trademark, unfair competition. The manufacturer was fined 100 thousand rubles.

Nevertheless, the Omsk plant continued to uphold its rights. As a result, in 2010 he was issued a certificate for the trademark "Omichka", valid until 2018.

Main Features

And now about the main features of the product. Sweet melted cheese "Omichka" is cream colored. The consistency of the product is a smearing soft paste. Has a soft creamy taste - sweet, cheese, with a taste of vanilla and pasteurization. The product includes hard natural cheeses, cream, cottage cheese and sugar.

The mass fraction of fat in dry matter is 50%. As for the physicochemical parameters, the cheese consists of 30 g of fats (milk - no more than 10 g), 10.5 g of proteins, 16 g of carbohydrates (including sucrose). The energy value of the product is 372 kcal.

Today the Omsk plant produces thirteen variants of cheese - classic, chocolate, orange, peach, strawberry-cream, cream-banana, cream-coconut, with forest berries, dried apricots, raisins, nuts, nuts with chocolate, cream-brule. In 2012, the products from the point of view of GOST were decided not to consider the cheese (due to the presence of vegetable fats in the composition).

Change Recipe

By the way, about the recipe. She experienced minor changes. At the end of 2014 a rather serious decision was made by the Omsk Fat Cheese Plant. "Omichka" just then made the main constituent of natural cream. They replaced the ordinary water that was present in the product earlier. The updated "Omichka", appearing on shop windows, began to buy out even faster. According to consumers, it reminds us of the dessert of the 70s. After all, just then natural cream was the basis of the world famous cheese.

The product is produced at the Omsk plant by all rules. Moreover, every year, everything in large and large quantities. In a word, without cheese, there is no Omsk, no other cities of Russia. Supplied for the production of cream cheese cream by local producers. This, of course, guarantees high quality products.

New formats

So, "Omichka" - cheese is fused, the price of which is only 20 rubles. At the same time the composition is extremely pleasing to the consumer. In short, the value for money is just wonderful.

By the way, relatively new. To date, it is planned to produce "Omichka" in new formats - in triangles and doy-rations (in flexible vacuum packaging).

In the plans of the producers is also the release of the so-called light version of the product. This cheese will differ in reduced fat content and air consistency.

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