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The series "Family Detective": actors, roles, summary

On modern television, many projects are devoted to intricate criminal histories, including the series "Family Detective", whose actors are known throughout Russia. Who worked to create this film? Who was entrusted with the main roles in the next television detective?

Creators of the series

For the first time, viewers were able to appreciate the intricate plot of the series on January 23, 2012: it was then that the premiere of the "Family Detective" on the TV channel "Russia-1" was held. Since then, several seasons have been filmed, the project was closed only in 2013.

There were several directors: Boris Kazakov (Glukhar 3), Igor Romashchenko ("Ment in Law 9"), Mikhail Bogdasarov ("The Time Border") and Alexander Zakharenkov ("Special Case").

The plot of the project was developed by a whole army of script writers: Irina Pavlova ("In secret to the whole world"), Maria Rozhdestvenskaya (Operation "Puppeteer"), Sergei Stepanov ("Inspector Cooper 2"), Vladimir Arkusha ("The Labyrinth Rule"), Ekaterina Anufrikova ("Anechka") and many others.

Behind the camera stood Boris Lazarev ("A Woman Without a Past"), Gennady Nemykh ("Shadows of the Past") and Sergei Bondarev ("First Love").

The project was overseen by "Motor Film Studio".

"Family detective": actors, a short story

The essence of the series lies in its name. In the film "Family Detective" actors, performing the main roles, play relatives. And they are constantly starting a variety of investigations.

The main character of the film is Yevgeny Gordeyev performed by Yaroslav Boyko. He works as an operative in the provincial office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Eugene - "ment" in the second generation. His father (Anatoly Vasilyev) for forty years worked in the local police department. Therefore, when Eugene needs help or advice, Nikolai Gordeyev joins in the investigation of his son.

Is not complete in the series and without lyrics: the main character of the problem in his personal life, which he tries to disguise with zeal at work. Eugene does not even suspect that next to him works a woman who truly loves him. The romantic line develops gradually, diluting the busy everyday life of the "operas".

Ya. Boyko in the role of Yevgeny Gordeev

Yaroslav Boyko performed in the series "Family Detective" the role of the operative Commissioner Eugene Gordeev.

Eugene loves his work and is completely devoted to her. But in his personal life he suffered a great setback: his wife left for the best friend. The situation is complicated by the fact that Eugene has to work together with the opponent, because he is his boss.

After the unsuccessful parting with his wife Gordeev, his aggression was entirely directed at the criminals whom he hunted. Sometimes he even frightens his colleagues, because he acts too fast and risky. Particularly makes Gordeev worry his partner Catherine, who secretly in love with him.

Yaroslav Boyko is nowadays quite a demanded actor. He began his career in 2000. With episodic roles in the series "Kamenskaya", "Pretenders", "Turkish March" and "Truckers". His first major role was given to the actor in the Belarusian film "Vokzal" (2003). Since then, Boyko often plays central characters in a variety of television projects.

A. Vasiliev in the role of Nikolai Gordeev

Anatoly Vasilyev is known to the public for roles in the films "Matchmakers", "Scream of an owl" and "Tatyana's Day". However, the artist's career began much earlier: for the first time on the screens he appeared in Vitaly Koltsov's film "The Close Dist", where he played the main role - Sergei Bukreev. Then the actor was entrusted with the main roles in the first Soviet catastrophe "Crew", in the military drama "General Shubnikov's Corps" and in the film "Extraordinary circumstances". In the 90's, Vasiliev did not shoot very much, and since 2000 he has been playing mostly in serials.

In the television film "Family Detective" Vasiliev got the role of Nikolai Gordeev - Father Eugene. Nikolay is about 60 years old, and he is retired. But before this forty years he worked in the local police department, so he knows every suspicious type in the district in person. Despite his age, Nikolai Gordeyev constantly connects to the investigations of his son and renders him invaluable help.

R. Ryazanov in the role of Galina Gordeeva

In the film "Family Detective" actors Vasiliev and Ryazanov play the parents of Eugene Gordeev. Galina worked all her life as a history teacher, and now she lives on the outskirts of the city in her own house with her husband Nikolai. The Gordeevs always loved each other, they maintained good relations even after so many years of marriage. Sometimes Galina has to take part in the detective work of her husband and son.

Raisa Ryazanova, who performed the role of Galina, is a respected actress and has the title of People's Artist of Russia. On the screens she first appeared in 1968: then Ryazanova was instructed to play the main role in the film "Gulya Koroleva" by Ii Mironova. Then there was the main role in the drama "Day and all life", in Alexander Row's fairy tale "The Golden Horns", in the melodrama "Moscow does not believe in tears".

In the 90's, Raisa did not want to star in low-profile films, so she worked part-time as a private driver. In the 2000s, the artist returned to the screen, and was shot mostly in serials.

Other performers of roles

Daria Poverennova in the "Family Detective" played the role of Valentina - Gordeev's ex-wife. For the first time the actress received a notable role on television in 2000 in the action series "The Birthday of Burzhuy". She embodied on the screens the image of the sister of the protagonist. Then Daria began to appear regularly in multi-series films. Poverennovu can be seen in the pictures "Samara", "Game", "Efrosinya" and many others.

Team-mate Yevgeny Gordeev was played by Ilya Sokolovsky. The actor is known for such projects as "Tango threesome", "Notes of the Forwarder of the Secret Chancellery" and "Shadow of the Dragonfly."

The role of Katenka - Gordeev's colleagues, selflessly in love with him, went to Victoria Gerasimova. In addition, Gerasimova starred in the series "Pyatnitsky", "Glukhar" and "General Therapy."

On the screens in the role of police major appeared another beauty - Maria Bersneva. Maria audience is known by the widely known TV series "Margosha".

Also in the film you can see Nikolay Serdtsev (Masha in Law), Zakhara Ronzhina (Cream), Tatyana Gulyaeva (The Eighties), Sergei Shimko (Navigator), Dmitry Glazachev (Vanyukhin's Children) and Anastasia Orel ("Investigator Protasov").

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