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Youth Theater - the magic of childhood. Explanation of the Theater of Youth

There is a wonderful film based on A.N. Rybakova "The Dirk". He talks about the life of Soviet children after the revolution. The guys write the script themselves and put the play on their own. From these and those origins, the Youth Theater has happened.

Decree of the Youth Theater

In the period of the passion for reductions, another one was born - the Youth Theater. This was the name of the theater of the young spectator, initiated by Lunacharsky, created in Moscow in 1920.

As soon as it appeared, the theater became extremely popular. Decipherment of the Theater of Youth has become aroused by everyone. The People's Commissar decides to expand this undertaking. There are many theaters with the same name in all the major cities of the country.

I must say, it was a unique decision in the world theater world. Before that there were no children's theaters. There were plays for children, but children's drama, as a direction of theatrical activity, did not exist.

The role of travesty and engineering became in demand, like never before.

The theater that educates

Very quickly it turned out that children need a more colorful action, games with viewers, special effects. The very decipherment of the Theater of Young Spectators does not allow us to forget about a specific audience.

Preschool and junior school age is a shallow general knowledge and inability to concentrate attention for a long time. Adolescence is an increased criticality and emotional vulnerability.

In modern TYuZs many plays are put on the school curriculum. Sometimes the decipherment of the TYUZ word is heard for the first time from the teacher, when the entire class necessarily visits the desired performance.

If everything were limited to this, it would be very sad. But, fortunately, at the head of children's theaters are mostly ordinary people. KS Stanislavsky said that for children you need to play much better, thinner, more perfect.

"Three Musketeers"

Creativity, humor, fervor - this is how the interpretation of the Theater for Young Spectators looks during the performance of the Moscow theater "Three Musketeers". The premiere took place in 1974, the performance became a cult for the Moscow creative youth. It is put on the whole country and abroad, success is guaranteed.

Twenty-seven-year-old V. Kachan plays the eighteen-year-old D'Artagnan. According to the text, he is asked how old he is. He replies: "You will not believe. Eighteen". The audience applauded. Such small merry additions to Dumas were filled with the whole play.

His main idea is friendship, for which heroes are ready to give their lives. Honor, the forgotten concept, is resurrected on the stage and grows in susceptible children's hearts. These spiritual human values became the magnet that attracted the spectacle.

In 1978, the same creative group makes a three-part film with Mikhail Boyarsky in the same scenario. Again a deafening success. Songs of the Musketeers are sung by the whole country, children play with homemade swords and are read by Dumas. Theater for Children, the deciphering of the abbreviation, becomes not a dry name. It is the banner of the theater of youth.

"Romeo and Juliet"

In the seventies, according to the play M. Roshchin put "Valentin and Valentina". This is the eternal Shakespeare plot of lovers, when relatives are an insurmountable obstacle in life. And again across the country there is a wave of productions of this play, a film is being shot, school and folk theaters are not inferior to the famous names.

Now the Nizhny Novgorod Theater of Young People keeps in the repertoire the play "Romeo and Juliet". The viewer looks with bated breath. It seems that this is happening now. This is the only way to talk about love, especially to the young. Decipherment of the Theater of Young Spectators does not allow entering any falsehood and vulgarity on the scene. You can not. This is understood even by the youngest theater illuminator.

The performance is in Saratov, Tomsk, Donetsk TYuZh. Whether the director takes action in our time or actors play costume roles - the essence does not change.

It is not so important, as it is called the Theater of Theater of Youth. The decoding is the same for the whole world. Now there is a theater in any country. But the first is still Moscow. Take time, go to the production for teenagers. And you will see how much better it is put for children than for adults.

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