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Actor Sebastian Rocher: filmography, biography, personal life

The father of the first-born vampires, a demon, a saint, a criminal - someone whom Sebastian Rocher did not play for his life. Charming French actor easily accustomed to the most unexpected images. Behind the 50-year-old man has over 70 paintings, he does not stop actively filming in new projects. What films and series with him are worth a look, what can you tell about his past and present?

Sebastian Roche: biographical information

Sometimes in the Russian-language Internet there is an erroneous translation of the actor's surname. The wrong version is Sebastian Roche. Biography of the Frenchman reminds of a fascinating novel, where there is a place for travels, adventures, love stories. The year of his birth is 1964, his native city is Paris. The boy was born in a family of passionate yachtsmen, who infected his son with his enthusiasm for sea walks.

About 7 years young Sebastian Rocher devoted to traveling on a yacht. Together with his parents, the child managed to visit the Caribbean, South America, Africa and other interesting places. Love to travel he retained and in adulthood. Life in the sea did not stop the actor from getting a brilliant education. All friends and familiar men celebrate such qualities as intelligence, erudition. It is interesting that the star freely communicates in four languages, among which there is a Russian.

First successes

Azieu actor's skill Sebastian Roche comprehended in the National Conservatory, located in his hometown. Becoming a graduate in 1989, the guy got a job in a local theater. The actor successfully combined the play on stage with filming in the cinema. The most famous of his early films are "Revenge of a Woman" and "The French Revolution". But the time of bright roles was not yet for him.

For the sake of his career, Sebastian Rochet decides to move to the US, realizes this decision in 1992. The first of his notable picture is the adventure thriller "The Last of the Mohicans", in which he plays a character named Martin. Critics respond positively about his role, the tape is gaining great popularity.

To consolidate success to the actor help shooting in "Home Saints". He gets a complex character - Jesus, but the Frenchman easily gets used to the role that critics call non-standard for the cinema of the 90s.

What movies and series to watch

The historical epic painting "Beowulf", which was released in 2007, gave the Frenchman an opportunity to work with such talented people as Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich. A fantastic action movie takes viewers to Denmark of the 6th century, introduces kings, courtiers, warriors and even monsters. The actor got a secondary role, he played Wulfgar.

"Supernatural" is a telenovela in which Sebastian Rochet played the role of Balthazar. The hero of the French actor became so fond of fans of the mystical series that they criticized the writers who removed this charismatic character from the project.

A sign of the Frenchman and viewers who like the series "The Vampire Diaries". In it, the actor was assigned the role of the mysterious Michael, the father of the first-born bloodsuckers, who hunts his own children. His character is also a vampire, but with very specific gastronomic preferences. Michael does not drink the blood of people, preferring to eat his own kind. And this time spectators and critics warmly met the hero, who was played by Sebastian Rocher. The filmography of the star due to this acquired and the television project "First-Born", where he also plays Michael.

Other interesting roles

The most memorable appearances of the Frenchman on television are in the majority connected with serials. For example, you can note his role in the mini-series "The Great Marilyn", which was filmed in 1998. Fans will be able to admire the actor in the image of Gawaine, who is among the noble knights of the Round Table.

Was found for Roshe an interesting role in the popular television series "Beyond the Edge." His character was a mysterious humanoid warrior, who came to Earth from a distant universe. Its task is to accumulate information that can help in unleashing a conflict.

Fans of the television series can not forget Sebastian and the role of Jerry Jax, the hero of the "General Hospital." This character is a terrorist who staged his own death. The Frenchman was lucky enough to be the main character in one of the series of "Strela" project popular with the audience. In it, he played a dangerous criminal, with whom the defender of a fictional city fights.

Personal life

Of course, not only the role of a talented French actor is of interest to his fans. Actress Vera Farmiga is a woman whom Sebastian Rochet married in 1997. Personal life is not a topic that the star readily discusses with the press, so the reasons for the divorce of the couple in 2005 are unknown.

The second wife, married to whom the man is and to this day, was the actress Alicia Hannah. Children have no actor. Sebastian lives a full life, successfully combining work, numerous hobbies and recreation.

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