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Duchess of Cornwall Camille: biography, photo, interesting facts from life

Camilla - the Duchess of Cornwall is also called the Duchess of Rothesay.

It is very interesting that Camilla's great-grandmother (along the lines of her mother) One of the secular lionesses, the beautiful Alice Keppel, was for 12 years the mistress of King Edward VII himself, who is the great-great-grandfather of Charles.

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. Who is she?

The Duchess is the second wife of Prince Charles of Wales. For a long time they were lovers even before the Prince's marriage to the famous Diana. They met the prince in the 70s, however, as is known, her candidacy as a bride for Charles did not fit then, according to his parents.

The resumption of their relationship in the 80's and served as the main reason for the discord in the relationship between Charles and Princess Diana. Charles married Camille in 2005, a long time after the death of Princess Diana (1997). By that time, she had divorced her first husband.

The ceremony of their celebration was devoid of the usual scope and splendor.

Biography of the Duchess in his youth

Duchess of Cornwall Camille Rosemary (photo attached) has come a long way before again being close to beloved Charles.

Her full name is Camilla Rosemary Shand. She is the oldest of three children with her parents.

Camilla was born to an English family on July 17, 1947 in London. Mother - Rosalind Maude, father - Bruce Middleton Hope Shand. Four years later, the family moved to a village in the county of East Sussex.

The girl first studied at a local school, then at the school in the London district of South Kensington. Later she studied in Switzerland and at the British Institute in Paris.

Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) in her youth was direct and sociable. This she attracted the shy prince. They met with Charles in 1970, at a match on polo. At that time, the girl met with his friend, a young cavalry officer, Andrew Parker-Bowles.

After entering the military service of the prince (1971), they moved away for a while. Subsequently, Camilla still married that very friend of his.

The periods of Camilla's marriage

Quite an interesting period of life lived the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. Her biography was quite original and curious on a personal level. She married in 1973 for Parker-Bowles, and the next year they had a baby - son Thomas. Charles, as their best friend, became the godfather of the boy. And Camille, in turn, participated in the choice of the bride for Charles. She was also present at the solemn and magnificent wedding of the prince with Diane Spencer. The unkind attitude of the British to Camilla was already clearly felt by that time.

The death of Diana spurred the British to a new wave of dislike for Camille.

In 1995, she divorced her husband. In 2000, the Prince of Wales' mother finally approved Camille as a bride, and in 2005 their long-awaited wedding took place. From that moment she began to be called "Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall." From now on she is Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall (photo from the Prince of Wales has since often been seen in the press.) The people began to slowly get used to Charles's new choice due to the fact that Camille Was cautious and reserved, tried never to discuss her relationship with her husband and behaved modestly.

The very first independent visit as a representative of the British royal family, she carried out in the capital of France - Paris (visited the famous fashion house Dior and the Louvre).

Children, grandchildren. Scandals in the royal family

Duchess of Cornwall Camille has two children (son and daughter) from her first marriage with Parker-Bowles:

  • Tom Parker-Bowles (1974 b.),
  • Laura Lopez (born in 1978).

In total, Camille has five grandchildren:

  • Children of Tom - Freddie (2010) and Lola (2007);
  • Children of Laura - Eliza (2008), Gus and Luis are twins (2009).

Charles and Diana had two sons, for whom the Duchess became a stepmother:

  • Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge (born in 1982);
  • Prince Harry (Henry) (1984).

There is a duchess and a grandson from the stepson's side - Prince William. His name is George. With him associated small squabbles in the royal family. The Duchess of Cornwall Camille expressed doubts about the child Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William. She believes that perhaps the father of the newborn is not a prince, but not a man involved in their royal family. Camilla demanded an analysis-test for DNA.

And it's all because, according to the duchess, baby George is completely different from Prince William. In this regard, according to Camilla, the royal family must be sure of the fidelity of the Duchess of Cambridge. Such statements of her daughter-in-law Elizabeth II was strongly outraged and shocked. The stepmother of the prince decided to lower the existing popularity of the Duchess of Cambridge with this kind of gossip.

Titles of the Duchess

Camilla owns titles that match the titles of her husband, which he received immediately at birth.

After marrying the Prince of Wales Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has the following several titles:

  • Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales;
  • The Duchess of Rothesay;
  • The Duchess of Cornwall;
  • Countess Chester.

After Charles receives the royal title, the duchess will have the title of Consort Princess.


Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has, as it should be, the ladies of such a society, the corresponding rewards:

  • Queen of the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (2012);
  • Medal of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (2012), etc.

Curious facts from the life of Camilla

Deprived of the favor of Elizabeth II, the duchess of Cornwall Camille did a good job. Her biography is full of curious and curious moments of life.

There are several interesting facts from the biography of the duchess.

The family of the duchess comes from one of the most influential in Britain noble families.

Instead of April 8, 2005, the solemn marriage of Camille Rosemary Shand and the Prince of Wales took place a day later, in connection with the death of Pope John Paul II. The presence of Prince Charles at the burial service was necessary.

Like Camilla's mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, the duchess had a huge love for dogs. She took for herself a couple of pets from the shelter for dogs. At the same time, the Duchess is the patron of the Kennel Club - a charitable organization and the Moorland Mousie Trust - a charitable foundation (they work with ponies).

The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, Madonna and Canadian singer Celine Dion are distant cousins.

Camilla's television hobby is the famous show "Dancing with the Stars". She was even present once on it as a member of the jury and exhibited assessments to the participants.

Charles is younger than the duchess for 16 months: she was born in July 1947 in the clinic of King's College Hospital in London, and the Prince of Wales - in November 1948 in the very Buckingham Palace.

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