With what to wear a knitted skirt? Types and Recommendations

Someone may think that a knitted skirt is something terribly old-fashioned and irrelevant. In fact, this is not so, almost every year on the eve of the autumn-winter season on the catwalks appear knitted skirts of different lengths and styles. Stores of mass production are also filled with similar very fashionable and stylish models. And if the question "To buy or not?" Has probably disappeared, then "Why wear a knitted skirt?" Certainly still remained. Consider the types of warm skirts and all the most advantageous combinations with them.

Long skirts

A skirt of maxi length does not have to be made of flowing silk or flying chiffon, it can be made from a dense and warm knitted fabric. What do you wear long warm skirts?

  • A narrow knitted skirt can be combined with a three-dimensional knitted sweater. Note that the sweater and skirt should not be tied together by the same large pattern. It's better if the skirt is not too bulky. Exceptions are ready-made costumes.
  • A narrow turtleneck with a high throat will be a good addition to a long warm skirt. This combination pulls out the silhouette and makes the figure slimmer.
  • Sheepskin coat or coat up to the middle of the thigh. This length of outer clothing will not contradict the proportions of the figure.
  • A short leather jacket-coho and rough boots will create a fashionable grunge image and visually make the legs longer.

Midi-length skirts

In winter, you can replace the skirt-pencil from the costume fabric with a soft knitted fabric. With what to wear a knitted skirt to the knee?

  • Knitted, as well as a pencil skirt from any other fabric, perfectly matches with the body, since the usual things tucked into such a skirt can create an uneven terrain. It can be a white shirt with a tight fit for an office trip, a turtleneck for the everyday image or an extravagant version with a deep neckline, laces or lace for an evening out.
  • A pencil skirt at the high waist can be combined with a crochet-top or a shortened sweater with voluminous sleeves, do not forget about the heels.
  • If you add a shirt to the knitted bottom, an elongated sleeveless jacket and suede jackets in the tone of the skirt, the silhouette will visually stretch.

Mini skirts

The basic rules with which you can combine knitted short skirts:

  • Dense, preferably black or dark gray pantyhose.
  • With a short bottom, wear a closed top, without a deep neckline. A knitted mini-skirt is suitable for a volumetric sweater with a high collar.
  • As a top coat, a short woolen or cashmere coat is the same length as the skirt.
  • Knitted mini can be worn with boots on a flat sole, coarse boots on a thick sole, short boots with high heels.

How to choose?

With what to wear a knitted skirt, we dismantled, but how to choose it correctly? Choose the perfect clothes to suit the characteristics of your figure.

  • If you have narrow hips and an indistinct waist, short and long warm skirts are perfect for you. You can afford thick knitwear, decorated with three-dimensional braids and arans. Also fit skirts at an overstated waist, slightly widening in the hips.
  • If your figure resembles an hourglass, then your ideal option is a tight knitted pencil skirt. Do not choose the bottom, decorated with horizontal patterns and volumetric viscous, so as not to give the hips excess volume. An overstated waistline will accentuate this attractive part of your body.
  • For a figure of the "apple" type, a long knitted skirt will fit, combined with high heels, it will pull out the figure. The midi-length skirt, complemented by a long cardigan, will also make the silhouette slimmer.
  • If your height is up to 175 cm, then a short skirt will advantageously lengthen your legs and add some growth, high girls need to be more careful with the extreme mini, since this length changes the proportions of the body.
  • But long skirts for short girls are better to wear with heels, so as not to give yourself extra pounds and not make growth even less.

Where can I buy?

When it became clear with what to wear a knitted skirt, it remains to find where to buy it. To get an exclusive copy, you can associate it yourself or order a master who is engaged in knitting to order. So you will become a happy owner of an "ideal" skirt. The right length, style, size and color - this is something that can not always be found immediately in the store.

But if there is no desire and time to wait until the product is ready, then to your attention the list of stores where this season you can buy a knitted skirt:

  • "Arts and crafts fair". This is an online platform where shops with handmade goods are located. Masters not only sew and knit things to order, but also have a ready-made assortment.
  • Mass-market mass-media networks, such as H & M, Mango, Zara, each autumn-winter period release collections with cozy knitted things.
  • Online store Lecatolog offers various models of knitted skirts.

There are many more shops where you can buy knitted things, you will be able to find a suitable model. Now, knowing how and with what to wear a knitted skirt, it will be difficult to deny yourself such a new thing!

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