Knitted skirt - an indispensable part of the wardrobe

The wardrobe of each lady should include a number of basic things, without which a business woman or simply a working woman can not do. For example, one of the most necessary items of the wardrobe is rightly considered a knitted skirt. She deservedly won the leading position among the fairer sex, but all because she has a number of practical properties and easily combines with other parts of the wardrobe. The logical question that can arise in girls, so it's with what to wear a knitted skirt. In order to know that you will look stylish in your created outfit on a weekday, when you are going to work, you need to remember a number of classic combinations that you can use at any time.

Skirt + blouse

The most popular combination, which will allow to look womanly and well-groomed, is a knitted skirt with a blouse. Regardless of the color of the skirt made of knitwear, a blouse with a long or short sleeves of white color will definitely fit into it. Classic styles are always in fashion, because the perfect combination is a knitted skirt and a blouse with a long sleeves of classic cut, without decoration or embroidery. The image obtained by such a combination is strict and businesslike. It is topical to use women whose activities require work dress code compliance.

A knitted skirt is indispensable for a woman's wardrobe, whose figure is notable for its lush shapes. The peculiarity of knitted fabric is that it slightly tightens the body, but it does not cause discomfort, and women with wide forms it perfectly suits. In this case, it is better to choose a pencil skirt with a length below the knee and put it on the waist.

Jackets and turtlenecks. How to combine them with skirts?

To the outfit, where there is a skirt, looked feminine and harmonious, emphasized the dignity of the figure, you can use not only shirts and classic blouses, but also other interesting wardrobe items. The knitted skirt will ideally be combined with jackets and turtlenecks. At the same time its style can already be quite diverse: skirt-bell, straight cut, skirt with a smell. Here you just need to choose the correct length. Owners of a slender figure can choose a mini with a low waist, but girls who have "a couple of extra pounds" is better to use as a combining part of the skirt up to the knee.

Shoes play a big role

When choosing a knitted pencil skirt, and to her blouse of a neutral color, then the question arises involuntarily, and what shoes will fit into this alongside. It is worth noting that the stereotype of high-heeled shoes for a pencil skirt is a myth. In fact, the skirts of this style perfectly combined with ballet, even sports shoes. In this case, special attention is only paid to the type of shirt and its coloring. It is worth noting that girls with low growth just need to abandon the ballet, especially using a pencil skirt.

If the knitted pencil skirt is not the only thing in the wardrobe, but there are other skirts made of such material, but of another style, then you can not be afraid and experiment. Knitted skirts-the sun to the knee perfectly combined with suede boots.

Skirt - an indispensable detail of any women's wardrobe

It is worth remembering one very important rule of any trade: an expensive product is not a guarantor of quality. The fact is that knitwear itself is affordable and inexpensive stuff. That is why products made from such a fabric are distinguished by their low price policy. If the girl wants to save even more, but at the same time to become the owner of a beautiful outfit, you just need to know how to sew a knitted skirt yourself and at home.

By itself, the pattern of the skirt is simple, even if the style is not ordinary. To sew a beautiful skirt you need to use a stencil (pattern), be able to take measurements and perfectly trim the edges. Sew a skirt beautiful and comfortable for a couple of hours, most importantly, have a desire and a little free time.

To sew a skirt from jersey, it is necessary to calculate the sizes and to put by means of a chalk on a fabric the dotted lines for a pruning. Then "bait" the edges of the skirt and fix its shape for sewing. The last step is the line of the skirt on the sewing machine. In the end, you need to carefully trim the edges, sew the eyelets for the strap. This completes the sewing process.

Knitted beautiful skirt is a universal part of the dress. It is perfectly combined with the most unusual blouses, T-shirts and perfectly looks with classic knitted sweatshirts and vests. Every woman should wear such a skirt in the wardrobe.

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