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Who is gynecological massage?

Among all the types of massage is a special gynecological massage. Unfortunately, in our time, interest in it is not so great, but if you look at its history, then it is cyclical: interest falls, then again reborn. Why is it so, after all, gynecological massage is considered one of the most beneficial for the female body?

The fact that he requires special skills and skills, his technique is not as simple as it might seem at first glance and to deal with it, one must be not just a gynecologist, but have to undergo special training. While it is still undervalued and information about it is not so much.

So, who is shown gynecological massage and under what diseases? Massage does not hurt any woman, even if there are no special problems "on the female part" she is not observed. But it is especially recommended for those who have painful periods, problems with spikes, infertility, muscle tone, supporting the uterus, and so on.

When is gynecological massage contraindicated?

Yes, he also has contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to make it to women breastfeeding. And also it is necessary to refuse from it during menstruation, in the period after recent surgical intervention (for example, abortion or childbirth). Also, it should be abandoned if you suffer from acute pain of obscure origin, you are sick with tuberculosis, you have fever or diagnosed tumors of a different nature.

Is it included in the massage of the vagina?

Types of massage can be different, sometimes it is done only from the outside of the abdomen, gently pressing and producing massaging circular movements, sometimes the doctor massages the vagina from the inside. Massage of female genital organs should be performed only by a highly qualified doctor, since this area is very sensitive and easy to cause pain at the slightest deviation in the technique of carrying out the massage.

There are certain rules that will help you be prepared for gynecological massage.

First, the massage should be prepared physically and psychologically. Cast aside all shame, he here to anything. Prepare your body for a massage. The bowel should be emptied, as well as the bladder. You should not be bothered by any acute pain, your overall physical well-being should be good.

Massage can be done two or three times a week. Each session lasts approximately 5-10 minutes.

Remember that when you massage the doctor will not touch the clitoris, the urethra. If you have any scars, for example, after cesarean section, then the doctor is supposed to circumvent them.

Especially helps gynecological massage for those who suffer from painful periods. Of course, pain can be removed and taking medications that reduce spasms, but the massage here will be more effective, and most importantly, will not burden your liver, which, alas, can not be avoided when taking medications.

What is the history of gynecological massage?

The stories of this kind of massage are almost two hundred years old. He came to Russia in the late 19th century, and was created in Europe. But soon it became very popular and everywhere began to open massage courses. Further it was improved, supplemented by various techniques and finally in our time, every movement is sharp and conditioned.
Not all gynecological clinics offer gynecological massage services, but demand generates supply and more and more often in private clinics offer patients a course of massage for women. To trust or not to solve this or that clinic, but ask the education and experience of the masseur, as well as about where he passed the practice. Read reviews on the Internet on specialized independent websites.

Do not neglect the miraculous gynecological massage, you will feel the results from the very first time, the heaviness in the abdomen will disappear , the tone will improve, the intimate life will improve and you will feel the taste of life again.

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