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"Litsedey", theater: history, repertoire, artists, reviews

Theater "Litsedei" (St. Petersburg) works in a special genre, which combines clownery, pantomime, tragifars and variety shows. The theater is known for its wide audience thanks to Vyacheslav Polunin and such numbers as "Blue Blue Bleu Canari ...", "Niasya" and "Asisay!".

About the theater

The Theater "Litsedei" (St. Petersburg) began its creative career in 1969. It was then that in the pantomime studio under the direction of Eduard Rozinsky, A. Skvortsov, V. Polunin, A. Makeev and N. Terentyev met at the Lensoviet Palace of Culture.

The name "Litsedei" was coined by Vyacheslav Polunin. In the repertoire there were such performances: "Tak-Shen," "Churses", "Petrushka", "Small Olympiad", "Asisyan-revue" and others. Artists repeatedly became laureates of various festivals in Russia and abroad, participated in filming of films, appeared on television.

In 1991, the "Litsedey" (theater) was closed, but the brand remained. In 2009 it was opened again. At the theater there is a school-studio "The Lyceum-Lyceum". There is training for actors in the genres of pantomime and clownery. Students are recruited once every three years.


"Litsedey" (theater) offers viewers the following views:

  • "The Family".
  • "Northern Tale".
  • "New Hohmachi".
  • "Fly and saw."
  • "Twelfth Night".
  • "Foolish evening."
  • "Aya-yay revue."
  • "Space show."
  • "Children's pokatushka."
  • "Doctor Pirogoff."
  • "Hercules".

And others.

"Fly and saw"

One of the most popular performances, which regularly gives the "Litse-Theater", is called "Fly and Pilate." This show is a world-famous clown with a unique talent, Leonid Leikin. In the last 12 years of his creative activity, he worked in the legendary circus "Du Soleil". Most recently, he returned to his homeland and now pleases the domestic audience in the theater "Litsedey."

Show "Fly and saw" is collected from the best numbers of Leonid. Together with him other actors of the theater "Litsedei" also take part in it. The Russian viewer has never seen much of these unique numbers ever.

During the performance, Leonid Leikin talks with the audience, tells them about the life of the theater, about his creative path and the history of creating his most famous numbers. Tells about his friends and colleagues. In front of the audience, he creates his own image - he puts on make-up, puts on a wig, puts on a suit and shows the reincarnation from the narrator to the clown.

It's better for spectators to hurry to see this performance, as it will decorate the repertoire of the theater for a short while, soon Leonid will take him on tour.


"Litsedey" - theater, which is a small, but very talented team. They are artists:

  • Anvar Libabov.
  • Yuri Muzychenko.
  • Robert Gorodetsky.
  • Anna Nikitina.
  • Leonid Leikin.
  • Alexander Kolobov.
  • "World Champions" (vocal group).
  • Anna Orlova.
  • "Young Artists" (students B. Uvarov).

And others.

"World Champions"

In 2000, the Vocal Ensemble named "World Champions" appeared in the theater "Litsedei". It includes five talented girls. As part of the children's choir of radio and television, they traveled the world. In their piggy bank a huge number of prizes and diplomas. They deserve the right to be called the world champion.

Girls work in the style of a musical collage, a mix. Vocalists sing a cappella and do not need musical instrumental accompaniment. Their vocal arrangements are very beautiful and talented. In their repertoire works of Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Bach, songs of groups "ABBA", "The Beatles", etc. People's Russians, Japanese, Irish, Negro, Jewish, etc. Works. They sing blues, rock, chorals, bossanova, jazz and much more.

They do not just sing at their performances, but turn their concerts into performances, into humorous numbers.


The audience is very fond of the theater "Litsedei." The reviews about him are mostly laudatory. Fans of the theater consider him remarkable, and his show - ingenious. Many people visit the same program many times. Theaters leave words of deep gratitude to the artists for their talent and ability to make laugh. They marvel at how professional they are. The audience claims that the theater is always fun and friendly atmosphere.

Negative feedback can be found about the performance "Children's pokatushka." In general, the show is liked by adults and children alike. But the parents of young spectators write that some numbers, namely with the Barbie doll and with the big-mouthed girls, are uninteresting, incomprehensible, filled with blunt humor and even immoral.

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