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Theater of the young spectator (Krasnoyarsk): repertoire, history, photo

The State Theater of the Young Spectator (Krasnoyarsk) has existed for many years. It is popular not only among children, but also among adults. The repertoire is diverse and everyone will find here something interesting for themselves.

History of the theater

The theater of the young spectator (Krasnoyarsk), photo of the building of which is presented in this article, exists since 1964. Its opening took place on December 7. The building was taken from the House of Culture named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. The very first troupe of the Young Spectators Theater consisted of graduates of the Leningrad Theater Institute. The director, who headed the theater of the young spectator (Krasnoyarsk), was V. I. Galashin. In the first troupe, actors such as Lev Diamonds, Larisa Malevannaya, Valery Kosoy, Nikolai Korolev, Yury Zatravkin, Nikolai Olyalin and others played. At that time the theater's repertoire consisted of staging: "The Thief in Paradise", "Continuation of the Legend", "The Ocean", "My Big Sister", "My Poor Marat", "Raven" and others.

In the sixties of the 20th century, the TYUZ troupe changed, young actors replaced older artists. The direction of the theater was changed. The performances of the Theater of Young Spectators came to watch critics from the capital. A very bright period in the life of the theater was the 70s of the 20th century. At that time he was headed by A.Popov, who supervised it for 7 years. The main idea that was laid in the productions of this period is the formation of the personality in the period of life shocks and twists of fate. The performances, which A. Popov put, were recognized at the all-Union level.

In the 80s the theater of the young spectator (Krasnoyarsk) "lived" under the leadership of Alexander Kanevsky. The repertoire includes new genres. There were musical performances. The musical "Timur vs. Quakin" was recognized at the All-Union festival in the capital and was declared the best performance of the 80th year. The main idea of all the performances was the theme of youth's striving for moral maximalism.

The beginning of the 21st century was difficult for the Theater of Young Spectators. In 2001, the building was badly damaged by a fire caused by a lightning strike. Repair lasted more than five years. Thanks to sponsors' help, a temporary alternative scene was created, which allowed to preserve the repertory and troupe of the Theater for Young Spectators in those difficult years.

The theater was famous for its exceptionally bright actors.

Today the Krasnoyarsk theater of the young spectator is directed by Roman Nikolayevich Theodori. Thanks to him, TYuZ succeeds in preserving the best historical traditions.

Repertoire. Poster

The Young Spectator Theater (Krasnoyarsk) offers its public the following productions:

  • "Queen Gwendolyn."
  • "Cripple from Inishmaan Island".
  • "The Steadfast Tin Soldier".
  • "Estrogen".
  • "And the dawns are quiet here ...".
  • "Cupboard".
  • "The Great War of Ricky-Tikki-Tavi."
  • "Frosty."
  • "Road".
  • The Scarecrow.
  • "Sneakers".
  • "Life raft".
  • "Blizzard".
  • "Hold on, pigs!".
  • "Cinderella".
  • "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • «Windows in the world».
  • "In the rhythm of the heart."
  • "Demons and Dreamers".
  • Natasha's dream.
  • "A fairy tale after a fairy tale."
  • "All are brazenly lying."
  • "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights".
  • The Thirteenth Cockerel.
  • "Strange Mrs. Savage."
  • "Magic fingers."
  • "Love love??? Love!!!".
  • "Incredible invasion of bears into Sicily."
  • Natasha's dream.
  • "The Snow Queen".
  • «Adventures of the Funtik».
  • "Oh, how to sew us an old woman."
  • "How did I become ...".
  • "Aladdin and the magic lamp."

And also other interesting productions.


The Theater of the Young Spectator (Krasnoyarsk) gathered on its stage 48 talented artists. Among them:

  • Oleg Gusev.
  • Akim Bislimov.
  • Lada Ismagilova.
  • Svetlana Kutusheva.
  • Olga Aksenova.
  • Alexander Dyakonov.
  • Natalia Kuznetsova.
  • Yulia Troyugubova.
  • Evgenia Terekhina.
  • Svetlana Vladimirova.
  • Anatoly Novoselov.
  • Olga Buyanova.
  • Anatoly Kobelkov.
  • Anna Zykov.
  • Elena Pchelintseva.
  • Angelica Zolotareva.
  • Victor Buyanov.
  • Julia Naumtseva.
  • Nadezhda Vonsovich.
  • Natalia Novoselova.
  • Sergey Tislenko.
  • Elena Ponomareva.
  • Galina Elifantieva.
  • Natasha Rozanova.
  • Valentina Churina.
  • Gennady Starikov.
  • Stanislav Kochetkov.
  • Larissa Fedotenko.

And others.


The Theater of the Young Spectator (Krasnoyarsk) is the organizer of a large number of various projects. Among them is the "Human Voice". This project is designed for hard of hearing children. This is the creative laboratory of art therapy for the students of the correctional boarding school. Girls and boys in the project take part in performances, where they are explained to the audience with the help of gestures and plastics. The hearing impaired children have the opportunity to express themselves on stage.

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