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Yaroslavl State Puppet Theater. Puppet Theater (Yaroslavl): history and features

Today we will tell you what is famous for the Puppet Theater (Yaroslavl). It has the status of a state and divides one building with the Theater of the Young Spectator. There is the Yaroslavl State Puppet Theater on the Youth Square.


Already almost hundred years in this city there are two unique places for leisure of children and adults: TYUZ (Yaroslavl), puppet theater. The latter was opened in 1927, on 1 March.

The first performance was a fairy tale called "The Girl and the Bear", as well as an interlude about the cheerful Petrushka. The audience saw all this in a house on Flotskaya Street. The director Maria Nikolaevna Slobodskaya, the founder of the theater, created the production.

In 1928, on March 8, another large-scale performance of the band took place. This date is still celebrated as a birthday.

In the early 30-ies in the city of Yaroslavl created a society called "Friend of Children." It had its own clubs, a shoemaking shop, a hairdressing salon and a dining room. In 1932, he was taken into care by the Theater for Young Spectators.

Time of battles

The puppet theater (Yaroslavl) did not disintegrate in the war years, although it happened to a lot of other collectives. The troupe performed in workshops that worked for defense, in hospitals, and also escorted spectators to the front. They sent their comrades to the war.

In difficult times the theater did not stop working. Until now, the puppet remains in the theater since the war. She played the role of a fierce fascist, one of the main characters of the propaganda teams. Despite his stern appearance, the character spoke in a woman's voice. The troupe at that time was made up only of the fair sex. Men fought at the front.


The Puppet Theater (Yaroslavl) in 1949 received its own building, located on the street Committee. Since this moment the company annually gives more than three hundred performances. Since 1966, she is a member of the international organization UNIMA. On the stage of the theater were American, Canadian, German, French, Romanian, Czech artists. The Puppet Theater (Yaroslavl) moved to the Youth Square in 1984.

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