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Lviv Opera House: history, repertoire, troupe

Lviv Opera House exists since 1900. At that time the city was called Lemberg and was a part of Austria-Hungary. Today it is one of the major centers of Ukraine. Lviv Theater is known far beyond its own country.


Lviv Opera House was opened in 1900. The first play "Janek" by the composer V. Zhelensky. At the opening there were such personalities as G. Senkevich, G. Semiradsky and I. Paderewski. The economic crisis in 1934 led to the fact that the theater was closed. It reopened only five years later. In 1940, performances began to be played exclusively in Ukrainian, eliminating Polish from use. During the war, when fierce battles were fought over the city with the fascist invaders, the Lviv opera theater was mined by the Germans, they planned to blow it up. But the Ural tank corps under the command of Lieutenant N.I. Antoninov managed to prevent the enemy from implementing a plan to destroy the building. In 1956 the theater received the name I. Franko. Since 1966 he has been awarded the academic title. In the late 70's. The theater was closed for reconstruction. It lasted long enough and was completed only in 1984. Today the basis of the repertoire of the theater is composed of classical works.


The project competition for the building of the future theater was announced in 1895. As a result, the director of the highest art and industrial school of the city, Z. Gorgolevsky, won. His project assumed the overlapping of the Poltva River with concrete arches, since the central part of the city was built up very tightly. The architect of the Lviv Opera Theater himself supervised all the works and not only construction, but also earthworks. The erection of the building began in 1897. Construction lasted almost three years. The building was built in classical traditions, in the vein of the Viennese pseudo-renaissance. That is, it combines two architectural styles. This is Baroque and Renaissance. Sculptures at the Lviv Opera House were created by A. Popel, T. Baronch, P. Voitovich and E. Pech. The building is considered an architectural and historical monument.


Lviv Opera House repertoire offers its audience the following:

  • "Orpheus and Eurydice."
  • "Nabucco".
  • The "Masquerade Ball".
  • "Hamlet".
  • "Walpurgis Night".
  • "Bat".
  • The Barber of Seville.
  • "Magical flute".
  • "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • "Troubadour".
  • "Nutcracker".
  • "Don Quixote".
  • "Iolanta".
  • "Swan Lake".
  • "Stolen Happiness".
  • "The Last House."
  • "Reincarnation ..."
  • "La Traviata".
  • Coppelia.
  • "Merry Widow".
  • "Zaporozhets for the Danube."
  • "Rural honor".
  • "Flint".
  • "Paquita."
  • "Aida".
  • "Love drink."
  • Natalka Poltavka.
  • "Romeo and Juliet".
  • "World creation".
  • Madame Butterfly.
  • The Gypsy Baron.
  • "Vain precaution."
  • Carmen.
  • Rigoletto.
  • "Lily".
  • "Corsair".
  • The Tsar's Bride.
  • "Bohemia".
  • "Clowns".
  • "Carmen Suite."
  • "Francesca da Rimini."
  • "Yearning".
  • "The Return of the Butterfly."
  • The Bayadere.
  • Esmeralda.
  • "Giselle."
  • "Moses".

And also various concert programs.


Lviv Opera House is a huge troupe, which includes artists of different genres. This is the vocalists, and dancers, and musicians, and choristers, and mimans.

Opera troupe:

  • Julia Lysenko.
  • Yana Voytyuk.
  • Oleg Likhach.
  • Yury Shevchuk.
  • Vitaly Zagorbensky.
  • Love Kachala.
  • Tatiana Olenich.
  • Alexey Danilchuk.
  • Pyotr Radeiko.
  • Vladimir Chibisov.
  • Lyudmila Ostash.
  • Roman Kovalchuk.
  • Ruslan Feranz
  • Yuri Tritsetsky.
  • Svetlana Mamchur.
  • Vasily Sadovsky.
  • Martha Shumkova.
  • Andrey Benyuk.
  • Svetlana Razin.
  • Oleg Lanovoy.
  • Andrei Savka.
  • Natalia Romanyuk.
  • Yuri Getsko.
  • Stefan Pyatnichko.
  • Nazar Pavlenko.
  • Lyudmila Savchuk.
  • Natalya Datsko.
  • Vladimir Dochak.
  • Roman Korentsvet.
  • Galina Vilha.
  • Oleg Sadetsky.
  • Stepan Tarasovich.
  • Vitaly Voytko.
  • Orest Sidor.
  • Roman Trochimuk.
  • Natalia Velichko.
  • Vera Koltun.
  • Mikhail Malafei.
  • Anastasia Kornutyak.
  • Dmitry Kokotko.
  • Roland Marchuk.
  • Tatiana Vakhnovska.
  • Nikolai Kornutyak.
  • Veronika Kolomyshcheva.
  • Anatoly Lipnik.
  • Igor Mikhnevich.
  • Natalia Kuril'tsev.

Ballet troupe:

  • Eugenia Korshunova.
  • Tatyana Prokofieva.
  • Julia Michalikha-Roma.
  • Albina Yakimenko.
  • Oleg Petrik.
  • Katherine Crook.
  • Anastasia Gnatishin.
  • Anna Surmina.
  • Natalia Didik.
  • Andrew Michalikha.
  • Inna Melnik.
  • Christina Trach.
  • Miroslav Melnik.
  • Eugene Svetlitsa.
  • Anastasia Yusupova.
  • Daria Emelyantseva.
  • Vitaliy the Red.
  • Nikolai Sanzharevsky.
  • Ulyana Korchevska.
  • Sergey Kachura.
  • Alena Micko.
  • Natalia Pello.
  • Jarina Kotis.
  • Victoria Tkach.
  • Sergey Merzlyakov.
  • Julia Ermolenko.
  • Victor Gatseliuk.
  • Alexey Potemkin.
  • Stanislav Olshansky.
  • Andrey Gavrishkov.

And others.

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