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Comedy "Fantomas raged": actors and roles

The film trilogy about the adventures of the dangerous and elusive criminal Fantômas, created by the French director Andre Yunebel, based on the works of Marcel Allen and Pierre Souvestre, has long won the viewer's love. Today, the films included in it are considered the standard of adventure comedy and the classics of French cinema. Such popularity trilogy in many respects is due not only to the original director's approach to the detective-adventure genre, but also to the brilliant play of actors. The second film "Fantomas raged" from the legendary series surpassed the success of the first not by chance, the creators of the comedy already knew exactly what the viewer liked, and skillfully played on the passions of the audience.

Character Fantomas

The evil genius of Fantômas was born thanks to the imagination of French writers Marcel Allen and Pierre Souvestre at the beginning of the last century. Readers of that time were read by detective novels with the participation of this anti-hero, distinguished by the sophistication and ingenuity of his crimes. Like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, Fantômas perfectly mastered the art of reincarnation. He often committed crimes under the guise of other people in order to discredit them and confuse the police. And although the actions in the comic trilogy of Unebel were transferred in the sixties and at the disposal of the criminal - advanced technologies, the basic qualities of the genius villain remained the same. True, unlike the book character, who was of European origin, the cine with his gray skin looked more like an alien. This director's discovery was liked by the viewer, but Jean Mare did not appreciate it, Fantômas, in the performance of which turned out to be a very charismatic personality. The make-up and mask irritated the skin and gave the actor terrible discomfort. As a result, this circumstance served as one of the reasons for his categorical refusal to continue work on the role of Fantômas after the third part of the movie.

Character Commissioner Juve

Fantomas, like any other villain, had a rival who tried in every way to prevent his wiles. In the comedy of Junebel, it is Commissioner Juve, brilliantly embodied by Louis de Funes. And if in the first film Juve played a supporting role in the journalist Fandor, then in the second the commissioner went to the main plan. Now he also had the latest technology. True, they often did not work as expected, and put the representative of the authorities in an embarrassing situation, but these circumstances were not an obstacle to the fussy nature of Juva. The complacent, stupid and eccentric commissioner, one way or another, found himself in the way of Fantômas and confused the evil genius with all plans.

The history of the creation of the film Fantômas

Directed by Andre Unebel and screenwriter Pierre Foucault were not originally going to make a film about Fantômas, adhering to the original version of the novels. The story was immediately conceived as a parody of the spyware and detective genre. Therefore, the film is saturated not only with all sorts of tricks, but also with sparkling humor. Of course, the creators assumed that the picture would turn out to be successful, especially since the participation in the film of the stars of the French cinema - Jean Mare, Louis de Funes and Milena Demongeau - gave such a hope. The premiere, which took place in 1964, and the further rolling of the comedy surpassed all expectations, and despite the mixed reviews of critics, the film began to enjoy the audience's immense love.

The history of the creation of the film "Fantomas raged"

The creators of the Fantômas comedy were pleasantly surprised by its great success, but the continuation of the story about the elusive criminal was not going to be filmed. Unebel was busy working on another picture. And without that the popular performers of the leading roles were now simply in great demand, and the writer was on vacation. The plans of the star team were intervened by the sensing "gold vein" producers Alan Poiret and Cyril Griz with a proposal to continue the work.

They were not mistaken, the second film, "Fantomas raged", released on the big screen in 1965, not only repeated the success of the first, but also surpassed it. This time the success of the picture was quite predictable. After all, the creators of the comedy correctly prioritized. Drawing attention to the fact that the eccentric and erratic character of Louis de Funes - Commissioner Juve liked the audience very much, and many people come to the cinema again and again, the director and script writer added more scenes with his participation in the film "Fantomas raged."

Actors who performed the main roles, reacted to such changes in different ways. The vanity of the rising star of the screen - Demongeo Milen this fact did not hurt. On the contrary, recalling the joint work with Louis de Funes, she always admired the comedian and emphasized his professionalism. The renowned Jean Mare, accustomed to the fact that his characters are always the center of attention of the viewer, the bank toward the other character upset. Therefore, having acted in accordance with the contract in the last part of the trilogy "Fantomas v. Scotland Yard", he flatly refused to continue his work in the planned continuation. Change of emphasis in the plot of the film gave results and increased box office, and the film justified the proud title of the comedy.

"Fantomas raged": actors

Despite Jean Mare's skeptical attitude to his work in the Fantômas films, the legendary criminal in his performance was mysterious and ominously irresistible, and the journalist Fandor is fearless and noble. Also in this picture, Mare played the brilliant scientist Lefebvre. The beautiful bride of Fandor - Helen, as before, played a French actress with Ukrainian roots Demongeau. Unconditional "nail program" was Louis de Funes, who played the role of an unlucky and very active Commissioner Juva. In addition, in the frame you can find de Funes, Jr. in the role of Misha - brother Helen. You can not ignore the genius actor Jacques Dinam, who played the role of Inspector Bertrand, always in trouble because of his colleague Juva.

The summary of the film "Fantomas raged"

Actors and characters they play, fell in love with the audience after the film "Fantomas", and the audience year after year was looking forward to the continuation of the exciting story. According to the plot of the comedy, from the moment when Fantômas disappeared, leaving with nothing Commissioner Juve and journalist Fandor, a year has passed. The French were already beginning to forget about the villain when he showed up again. This time his goal is world domination, and to achieve it the criminal intends to create a superweapon. To implement their terrible plans Fantomas need the best scientists, the kidnapping of which he begins to deal with. Inspector Juve, Fandor and Helen again appear on the path of the evil genius, which means that a lot of adventures and comic situations await the viewer.

In conclusion, I would like to wish pleasant viewing to everyone who has not seen the picture yet or decided to refresh the best moments of the comedy "Fantomas raged". Actors who have become a legend of world cinema, will certainly raise the mood with their wonderful game.

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