Which tomato seeds for open ground is better to choose?

Who from truck farmers does not want to grow a good tomato crop with the minimum expenses of his own forces and time? And this is a very solvable task. The main thing is to correctly choose the seeds of tomatoes for open ground among the early ripening varieties of this vegetable.

The best tomato seeds for open ground are the Cipollino variety, which is very fruitful. The bush is strewn with numerous fruits. From one square meter you can get up to ten kilograms of early tomatoes.

Also good yields are given by early tomatoes for the open ground "Amurskiy Bomb", "Penguin" and "Beta Lux", which are characterized by small growth and the ability to give guaranteed yield in any region of the country, as these tomato varieties have time to ripen before the outbreaks of late blight. In addition, the varieties Azhur and Kukla have also proven themselves, which are also intended for growing outdoors.

The second point is not the way to achieve the goal is the seed sowing period. The most optimal time for planting tomato seeds for open soil is the end of February, as early sowing gives an opportunity to receive an early harvesting period. After the seedlings have appeared, it should be transplanted. A paper cup is suitable for this. In a few weeks, it is necessary to season the seedlings.

To do this, you can take it to the balcony for a few minutes, and then pause should be gradually increased. Tempering seedlings for about three weeks. This is done to improve the plant's resistance to low temperatures.

Seeds of tomatoes for open ground can be sown directly into the food pots, that is, without picks. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, seeds of varieties habitual for open ground and varieties of folk selection are used for sowing, which are not sufficiently resistant to various viral diseases. Transplanting them in place from place to place, it is possible to admit the tearing off of small roots, and infection can get into the obtained wounds of quite healthy plants.

Sowing without picking, as a rule, is carried out only for stunted varieties, intended for planting in the open ground.

Care of seedlings of such tomatoes is an extremely responsible moment. Before planting in the breast, seedlings should be about two months old. In addition, by the time the tomatoes are planted in beds in the open ground, care must be taken to ensure that the plants are strong, have nine to twelve leaves and are not too elongated due to lack of light. A mandatory point is the correct watering of the seedlings.

Watering is done once a week at the beginning of growth, using half a glass of one root of tomato. When there are more than three leaves per plant, you should use about one glass of water.

Every two weeks they fertilize the plants. The first time it is carried out twelve days after the appearance of the first shoots. Top dressing is done on the basis of nitrofoski solution - for ten liters of water one tablespoon of fertilizer is taken, with the calculation of the consumption of half a glass to one tomato.

Second time early tomatoes They feed 10 days after the first fertilizer. To do this, fertilizer "Effeton", which is prepared in the proportion of a tablespoon of the drug on a bucket of water, only with the consumption of a glass per plant.

The best open ground tomatoes can be obtained when the third fertilizing is carried out, which takes place a few days before planting the plants in the open ground. It should be noted that all top dressing should be carried out in moist soil after watering.

If you clearly adhere to all of the above instructions - you can surely get a plentiful harvest of excellent tomatoes that can decorate your feast.

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