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What to go to the theater? What to go to the theater in the winter, a man, a woman, a girl?

Theaters are amazing places, the architecture of which is impressive. People get even more emotions by looking at wonderful performances. In all this chic atmosphere, you also want to look appropriate, so many people very carefully approach the choice, planning what to go to the theater.

Become a part of culture

The theater is a place where everything is aimed at the worship of beauty, elegance, and culture. Here you can relax and sate the soul with sublime feelings. Pleasant atmosphere and the game of actors, performing on stage.

Answering the question, what to go to the theater for a man, in the old days usually paid attention to elegant tuxedos. The ladies dressed in dresses, put on jewels and gloves, did high hairstyles, thanks to which they seemed to look higher.

Fashion 21 century is much simpler and more practical, so people are not so zealous, but they try to preserve the beauty and elegance of their appearance. Many go to a cultural event immediately after work after a long day's work and do not always have time to put up a marathon. Therefore, to reduce yourself to the desired form, you have to limit the program to a minimum.

Let your clothes always come in handy

It is curious that when deciding what to go to the theater, special attention should be given to the genre of presentation, for, depending on this, there is a special classification of the required dress code. Going to the ballet, the opera, it is better to put on an evening gown. If you want to go to a drama, it's not necessary.

You can only refine yourself if you sit in the front row or on the ground. It is possible to come in a suit or office clothes, just to look neat and tidy.

It is better to choose clothes of calm tones. Deciding what to go to the theater girl, you can stay on a cocktail or evening long dress. A black pencil skirt with a blouse is also suitable. The lady should not look too frank, screaming and vulgar. It is worth letting others concentrate on the performance, not on your neck and bright things.

Do not neglect the rules of decency

If you come in jeans, you, of course, will be missed at the entrance, and hardly anyone will make a reproach, but the overall picture will be not the same. This is a kind of disrespect for actors and all who came to the theater in order to immerse themselves in its subtle atmosphere.

As for make-up, it too should not be too catchy. It is also worth refraining from perfumes with too much flavor. Everything is good in moderation. Hairstyle is better not to raise high, because it can interfere with people who sit behind. It goes without saying that drinking alcohol and food with a pungent odor before going is also not worth it. If you go to the play together with your second half, it is better to coordinate the wardrobe beforehand in order to look harmoniously next to each other.

The solution for gentlemen

Although usually women are more worried about clothes, the stronger sex also thinks about what to go to the theater to look stylish and elegant. A classic option is a tuxedo, but few have it. It's okay, you can always wear a dark or graphite-colored suit. It can have a neat strip or cage. It is better to wear a shirt. Tie choose smart, beautiful, eye-catching. Great is also a butterfly or a scarf around his neck.

If you decide to go on an evening of creativity, where most of the guests are young, you can confine your shirt and trousers or add an unpaired jacket. What you should avoid is a sweater, a T-shirt, sports clothes and sneakers.

What to dress as a lady

Especially acute is the question of what to go to the theater for a woman. There is much more choice. Going to the show, you can wear a lot. To begin with, of course, evening dresses, beautiful and elegant. It is better to take a model with a straight silhouette.

Good looking dark fabrics or those that convey the shade of the gem. Rhinestones - it's beautiful, but in this case is not very appropriate, like pearls. The same applies to a lush skirt and train. You should look elegant, but not too flashy.

Quite an interesting feature of our time is that a tuxedo can wear not only a man, but a woman. They take a black chiffon shirt, a big decoration, they put on shoes on a stud. An excellent option, if it's cold outside, you do not want to go in skirt and tights, and you are thinking about what to go to the theater in the winter, so it would be convenient. After all, your comfort is no less important than the external effect.

As for the hair, the strands flowing smoothly over the shoulders and the neat hairstyle are suitable here.

When it gets warmer, you can show up at a cultural event and in a cocktail dress model. This option is quite simple. He simultaneously looks solemn and not excessively extravagant. Again, muffled tones are better. Ornaments can be chosen more boldly, but also do not overdo it.

Winter variant

Another interesting and unusual outfit is the overalls, although he is not so dressy as the clothes described earlier. But it is distinguished by its versatility. The combination with the jacket looks good. In this outfit you can come to the production of any genre.

This is another great option if you are looking for something to go to the theater in the winter season. You certainly will not freeze. Also, a lady can wear a suit with trousers, if desired, shortened, only so that their edge is not above the ankle. They can be colored or printed. Under them, a white shirt is perfect.

Important details

Of course, it's not just a matter of clothes only when you decide what to go to the theater. Photos and articles in glossy fashion magazines, dedicated to elegant clothes, can give you some ideas for building your own wardrobe. In addition to dress, an important role is played by decorations. Accessories - this is a separate topic, which requires no less attention than clothing. It is very important to look impressive, but at the same time not too flashy, prefer products that you look at calmly. It's not the New Year, when the most important thing is more shine.

Your outfit should look dignified and neat. A modest necklace will be enough. You can also wear a ring. Look good long earrings, visually extending the face. In addition, an important detail is a handbag. There are special models for the theater - clutches. You can stay on a small handbag with a beautiful chain on your shoulder.

The image will complete good shoes. It is worth paying attention to both beauty and convenience. Quality and style are of equally high importance. Output shoes with a heel of up to 6 cm should be for every woman. This garment element is able to supplement the overall composition. Again, relatively cold season. Great temptation to go to the theater in boots, because it's practical, but it's better to take shoes with you, it's worth it, because the look is completely different.

Experiment, but do not deviate from the generally accepted rules of good taste. After reading these simple tips, you can find a way to stand out, while making your appearance spectacular and elegant. Do not forget about comfort, then going to the theater will bring with it an incomparable pleasure.

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