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What is she like, this bridle for a horse? Can I make it myself?

It's not a secret for anyone that a horse's bridle is considered one of the most important elements of riding equipment. In most cases, the owners of such a beautiful animal allow the same mistakes. For example, they completely forget about the features of their horse and are guided directly by personal preferences.

So, in the process of choosing such outfits as a bridle for a horse, experts recommend paying special attention to the breed of a steed and be sure to be guided by the size necessary for it.

Varieties of bridles for a horse

There are two types of bridles for a horse - snaffle and non-brittle. In turn, the snaffles are also divided into directly snaffle and mouthpiece. The difference lies in the separate bits, where in the first case they are alone, and in the second case, two, while one of them is made in the form of a single rod.

Often, mouthpiece bridles are used only by experienced riders for performing complex exercises. While snaffle are recommended to everyone, even inexperienced riders, because they are much softer.

There are also several types of non-sterrenized bridles. For example, side-pool, which is advised to be used for driving a newcomer. After all, a horse with a "character" will tear such a bridle.

Another species - hakamora - is a bridle for a horse that does not have a capsule in its composition. And therefore it is used for those horses that have problems with the oral cavity. In this case, all efforts are on the bridge of the nose. That's why it is necessary to stay well in the saddle and manage the horse skillfully, so as not to break her bones in the nose.

What parts does the bridle consist of for a horse

Thus, the main parts of the frenulum for the horse are the occipital strap, the cheekbone of the mouthpiece, the bolt cap, the cheek strap of the snaffle, the snaffle, the chin strap, the head strap, the snuffle cap, the mouthpiece, the snaffle reins and the mouthpiece reins.

Of course, the standard headband may not have a capsule, but most often it is present. Indeed, due to its presence, it becomes possible to more strictly control the horse by restricting the opening of the mouth to the animal.

The mouthpiece is used to organize a stronger impact of the occasion on the mouth of a steed. For a simple workout, do not use it. But already in the process of performing complex tasks the mouthpiece is used taking into account all the subtleties and principles of use.

In most cases, the bridle is on top of the capsule, and the straps that attach the capsule are neatly pulled through the headbands and cheek belts and attached to the snaffle rings. Thanks to the buckle, the connecting of the buccal belts to the reins is performed.

Is it possible to make a bridle for your own horse

Indeed, a bridle for a horse with his own hands is a simple matter. Of course, a professional rider will not do this. But a simple horse-riding enthusiast is not at all obliged to spend his money on what can be produced with his own hands from improvised materials.

You only need a few items, such as: unnecessary canvas belts, an old headband for a horse, ordinary threads and a couple of steel rings of small sizes. And if you want, you can sew a bridle yourself.

From what material is the bridle better

Naturally, the structure of a bridle for a horse is an important issue. But it is also worth paying attention to the material from which the headband for the steed is made. Most often you can hear positive feedback from riders about quality leather bridles. Although foreign professionals and horse-riding enthusiasts have found other options for a good reins.

So, leather products require constant daily care. After all, horse sweat can eat away such material. That is why such a bridle is cleaned with special means and treated with balsams from the destruction of the skin fibers. Often, the leather belt dries up and therefore the horse may have wounds from his friction. In order to avoid such troubles, it is necessary to use special soft substrates.

Today, there are bridles made on the basis of artificial suede with a nylon tape from below, which will be much better than their leather counterparts. Some occipital and buccal belts produce when using fleece inserts. Thus, there is no need for scrupulous and daily work to maintain the natural leather in a neat condition.

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