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What is baking powder, what can be replaced and how to cook at home?

Most of the modern baking is prepared from a batterless test. But what makes it so porous and airy? These are the two main secrets of any cupcake - well-beaten eggs and the presence of baking powder.

It was first used in the 19th century. But the first patent for its manufacture was received only in 1903 by the pharmacist August Otker, the founder of the well-known brand "Dr. Oetker". Despite this, some people still have to read the recipe, which is the question of what a baking powder is, and how it can be replaced.

According to the classic recipe for its production, citric acid, baking soda and rice flour are mixed . Upon entering the dough, the baking powder (this is the second name of the baking powder) starts to interact with the liquid components, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide. Thanks to him, the dough turns out to be magnificent. The main thing is to immediately put the mold or baking sheet with baking in the oven, since if the reaction is completely completed, the desired effect will not be achieved. Therefore, it is recommended to add the disintegrant first to the flour, and then to the dough itself. If the flour is added portionwise, the powder is mixed into the last part.

But even knowing what a baking powder is, you can be in such a situation that it will need to be replaced. Most often it is recommended to replace it with ordinary soda. If the dough is prepared using sour cream, kefir or other sour-milk product, it can be added directly to the dough, only by reducing the amount 2 times. For an oil biscuit or shortbread, soda should be repaired, usually with vinegar or lemon juice. Only if these rules are observed in the finished product will there be no characteristic taste of soda.

But you can cook baking powder at home. To do this, mix 3 teaspoons of citric acid, 12 parts of spoons of flour and 5 parts of spoonfuls of baking soda. Of this amount will be about 200 g of ready baking powder. This amount is enough for 10 kg of wheat flour. Only for cooking, use an absolutely dry jar and spoon to ensure that the components do not react early.

After the baking powder is ready, it is very important to store it correctly. Otherwise, what is baking powder does with the dough that it becomes lush, you may never find out. Manufacturers usually recommend that the unused portion be stored in a sealed container in a dark cool place. Under no circumstances should moisture enter the powder, otherwise the oxidation reaction will begin. Also experienced confectioners recommend mixing all components of home-made baking powder just before use. Usually they add all the necessary components in layers: soda, flour, acid, flour and mix by shaking so that the dry mixture is evenly distributed.

Knowing what a baking powder is, you can not only cook it yourself at home, but it's easy to find on the shelves of any store. True, it is often sold under other trade names - baking powder or baking powder. Also, so you do not have to guess what a baking powder is, you can see the photo of the package at the beginning of this article.

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