Vriesia: home care and growing

Vriesia is a high mountain flower from the tropical forests of South and Central America, named after the Dutch botanist V. De Vries in the 19th century. Refers to the bromeliad family, whose genus includes more than 250 species of plant species.


Vriesia can be grown as an epiphyte (without soil, in pots, on snags or in a hanging basket) or in a pot on an epiphytic substrate. The plant has oblong leaves up to 80 cm long, very dense, stiff and fleshy, diverging from the center of the funnel-shaped rosette downwards. He has solid green leaves. There are also variegated: striped, spotted, rippled or marbled.


Vriesia flower blooms for the first time in 3 or 4 years of life after planting. The spikelet inflorescence of the peduncle grows from the center of the rosette and can be simple or branched, monophonic or multicolored. It can be sprinkled with small yellow or white flowers with yellowish or reddish bracts. They fade very quickly, but due to the latter, which bloom much longer, the plant retains its former beautiful appearance. After this period there is a risk of death of the flower. To avoid this, it is necessary to dive the processes.


Vriesia care at home requires quite careful, this is due to the peculiarities of the South American origin of the plant. In nature it grows in the shade of trees, so it is better to place it on the east or west window with a bright but diffused light, and from direct sunlight it will save the blinds, film or light tulle. Vriesia can also be placed on the northern window, but if it is very dark, then it must be illuminated with a fluorescent lamp. But the southern side for the plant is fatal, since there is an aggressive sun. It is a tropical flower, so it needs moist heat, as in greenhouses and greenhouses. This is whimsical. Care at home requires compliance with the temperature regime with spraying from the spray. The ideal air temperature in summer is up to 25 ° C, and in winter - above 18 ° C. The best place for a plant is the kitchen.


Water the flower directly in the center of the outlet with soft warm water. In spring and summer in the funnel of leaves it should remain, it should be renewed every 20-30 days. Only at an air temperature below 20 degrees, this water should be removed. It is necessary to ensure that in the summer the substrate is wet, but not wet, and in winter alternate moderate watering with drying of the soil. Climate

Vriesia care at home requires special, the microclimate should be with high humidity of air - more than 60%. If the temperature rises to 20 ° C and above, it is necessary to spray the plant with soft and warm water, avoiding inflorescences, or put a flower pot on a pallet with wet gravel or near a fountain, an aquarium. Also Vriesia needs a foliar top dressing twice a month (from April to October) with special products for bromeliads and orchids or a conventional room fertilizer in a dosage reduced by half.


What else is needed for such a flower as Vriesia? Care at home requires a transplant. So, in the spring, if the plant is already cramped in a pot, it is necessary to replace it with a broader one with a special soil or substrate from peat land, pine bark, deciduous humus and sphagnum moss.


Reproduction of Vriesia is possible by seeds or shoots-babies. A couple of months after flowering, the plant dies off in the plant, and young shoots grow in the mother plant. When you reach 1/3 of the size of the "mother" they can be transplanted into a separate pot.

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