"Viber" - what is it? How does the application work and on which OS can it be used?

In the modern world, more and more important programs are acquired for communication via the Internet. The same Skype has long been almost a legendary application, through which people communicate with each other, located in different parts of the world. It is not only cheap, but also extremely convenient.

But after the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, many users began to complain about the increased number of problems. Whether these two circumstances are related or not, more and more video-chat lovers are beginning to look for alternatives.

One of them is Viber. What kind of program is this, and what are its advantages? Let's find out!


One of the leading companies in the telecommunications market of the world, TeleGeography, has been reporting for two years about the rapid decline in traditional telephone traffic. But the number of users who use specialized programs for negotiations grows. So, in 2012, calls through the Internet have passed through the mark of 147 billion pieces. If to compare even with 2011, this figure has grown at once by 44%!

In addition, the number of messages sent via Internet messengers is constantly growing. Despite the general decline in the number of SMS worldwide, this year it is forecasted an increase in the number of messages via Skype and similar programs to almost 10 trillion units! Not surprisingly, more than 54% of the entire market is captured by specialized applications, and the founders of startups literally rave the success of their founders.


The developer Viber (what kind of program is it, we'll tell you now) is Viber Media company of the same name. They released their work on the market four years ago. The first two years were not very successful, but in a couple of years the audience of this messenger was about 90 million people around the world.

By 2012, the number of users was more than 200 million people, and this number has been growing steadily. What attracts people so much?

A huge advantage is the fact that the program is available for almost all existing operating systems. You can use it on "Android" and BlackBerry, iOS and even Symbian. In addition, there are versions of the application for OSX and Windows.

Main features of the program

As promised, now we will reveal the main characteristics of this utility. In general, a long time to paint them will not have to. Imagine that you are using the same Skype, in which there is no advertisement, which quickly starts up and does not lose the number base after every second update.

Actually, this is the application and is Viber. We have already found out what it is, and now we turn to the questions of use and configuration.

check in

To become a registered user, you have to enter your mobile phone number, which will receive a special activation code.

The program can automatically add to the phone book of your smartphone the numbers of those users who also use this application. Moreover, the utility can notify you if one of your friends has also become its user. If you are not satisfied with this option, simply disable it in the menu.

Make a phone from the tablet!

If you are interested in the Viber program (what you have already read), then we have other good news. After all, using it, you can turn a tablet without a GSM-module into a model that supports voice communication. Of course, for this you have to buy a USB-modem, but it's worth it! Since the application registers users only with the confirmation code, you can easily rewrite it from SMS, which was received even by the old "dialer".

Some information about voice calls

We draw your attention to the fact that this application was created specifically for making voice calls. And the implementation of protocols is so good that an acceptable quality of communication is realized even with very low characteristics of the Internet channel. For example, the transfer of voice from Wi-Fi to EDGE is just fine.

Of course, there are interruptions from time to time, but it does not take more than a couple of seconds to leave the conversation. Alas, but with the transfer of video in the same conditions, the trouble is: physics does not outwit, and the efforts of domestic operators in the field of improving the quality of communications are not yet appreciable.

In general, the program perfectly copes with the task of voice transmission, even through domestic networks. Most likely, the increase in the capacity of our mobile operators will lead to its wider distribution.

By the way, how to call? It's simple: choose Viber Out from the program menu. What it is? Yes, it's just a call, so there's nothing wrong with that.

How to insure against disappointments?

To avoid disappointment, check in advance the coverage area of your operator: if your city or region falls only under 2G (and GPRS in more part), then hoping for a quality connection is just silly. Of course, that if you have a normal wired internet operator, you can use your smartphone or computer to talk with friends on the other side of the world using a Wi-Fi connection.

However, let us return to the issue of voice calls. An extremely pleasant feature of the program is that the incoming call does not differ from that for a normal phone call. Moreover, a previously running copy of the application is not required!

You can accept or reject a call. Important! You can call free of charge only to those numbers to which Viber has already been linked. What does it mean, in a more understandable language? If you call the application on the phone of a friend who does not have this utility, then the call will go through your mobile operator's network, according to his tariff.

Important! All received and missed calls are stored in a separate log, so do not look for them in the general phone book.

Text messages

If you've ever used more or less old Nokia phones, then you probably know about the perfect WhatsApp application. Viber (which we already know well) offers opportunities for sending text messages that are in no way inferior to those of the old program. You can type text messages, insert music and video into them. In a word, it works just about the same as it was implemented in MMS.

All messages are displayed in the form of dialogues, which should not be an event for those who have a modern smartphone. Alas, the history of received and transmitted messages is not saved on the servers, so if you delete the program from a particular device, all your correspondence will simply be lost. But there is also a pleasant feature: you can create a group chat right away for forty people at any time.

Important! If there is mass correspondence, then occasionally it happens that the messages sent to the PM go to the wrong addressees.

PC Software Version

We have already said that this application has versions for "large" computers on Windows and OSX. It is fair to say that they appeared recently. Note that for the creators of Viber (what it is, you have already learned) this event once served as a reason for rejoicing, since it gave all chances to finally "catch up and overtake" Skype. They actually got it.

Users immediately liked the interface of the application, which became very simple and concise, which is not to say about its competitor, which becomes "heavier" and more inconvenient to manage from version to version.

Features of the "big" version of the utility

On the left in the main working window there is a main menu from which you can view your messages, as well as contacts in the phone book. In addition, the dialer window is also opened from there. A little lower there is a button, after clicking which you will go to the main settings menu of the program.

In general, the application's capabilities for desktops are seriously different from those in Viber for Android. What does it mean? It's simple. Finally, you can make full video calls, which equates the chances with "Skype". At this point in the mobile version of the application with the transfer of video there are significant problems. It remains only to hope that all these problems are just a temporary phenomenon.

Other nice options

In recent versions, it is possible to transfer an incoming call from the phone to the computer. So far, this option works so-so, but over time the situation will clearly improve.

Important! Remember that we talked about the lack of synchronization? So, this "bun" was added to the desktop application Viber. What does it mean? It's simple!

If you start to correspond with friends on the phone, you can at any time resume all this on your computer. In short, this application will be to the taste of modern and dynamic people. Its options allow you not only to stay connected, but not to be attached to any particular device.

Final conclusions

Thus, for most tasks, even the simplest Viber for a phone is perfect. What does it mean? You can call, send messages, and save new contacts, later synchronizing them with a computer or laptop. If we talk about the version for Windows and MacOS, then we can say with certainty that its functionality is almost equal to that for Skype.

To learn more, you can visit Viber World. What it is? This is a thematic forum from the creators of the application, on which you will surely find answers to all your questions.

Positive aspects of the program

To those definitely should be attributed the simplest procedure for registration. You will only need a cell phone with an active SIM-card, to which the confirmation code will be sent!

In addition, the search for contacts can be performed in fully automatic mode. This will be very useful for sociable people who are constantly making new acquaintances. So, there is the possibility of finding new users by interests or by place of residence.

Most of the calls are completely free, and the cost of calls even to other countries is such that the costs will not be sensitive even for people with an average income level. Absolutely the same can be said about the reports. Within your country, you can send hundreds of thousands of SMS, paying only for the traffic consumed. Even with the greed of our mobile operators, the savings are very significant.

Important! There is an excellent option for file transfer. The attractiveness of the program is manifested in the fact that the transfer of even very large documents is not limited in any way. Of course, much depends on the type of your Internet connection, so do not try to send the archive to a couple of GB, having only a wan EDGE channel.

As we already said, in the last versions the synchronization of messages between the smartphone and the computer was added, so that even if you reinstall the program, you will not lose anything.


We have already mentioned that some messages that you sent to a personal mailbox of a particular user can go into a general chat. In addition, some messages may simply not reach the addressees. With what it is specifically connected, it is difficult to say. Some experts believe that the case may be in an overloaded communication channel.

A huge disadvantage is the fact that the history of messages is not stored on the server. Of course, developers can understand: the place on hard drives is worth the money, and from a free program to claim something more is just silly ... But could not you add the possibility of buying a small amount of disk space? After all, the history of text messages takes on a couple of hundred KB! In a word, one can only hope for the goodwill of the creators of the program.

Finally, until now, there is no way to make a video call from a smartphone. Adding this option has been promised for a long time, but the implementation of this plan is constantly hindering something. If the developers finally fulfill their promise, then the reign of Skype will definitely end!

That's it, Viber for Android. What is it, you now know perfectly.

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