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Transformable partitions and their features

To make a redesign of an apartment or an office to date, you can in various ways. You can, of course, demolish part of the wall and install it in another place. But for this it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements dictated by regulatory documents. It's much easier to install a simple partition. If previously used most common screens (for example, in communal apartments), then by now their time has passed. They were replaced by transformable partitions. The variety of types and materials allows them to fit into any interior. And they are used not only in apartments. Widely distributed partitions for zoning large areas in offices, kindergartens and other premises.

Design Features

Transformable partitions are located in the middle between the interior wall and the screen. Their main function is to divide the room into several zones. Moreover, the partition can fold or move to the side, which allows to unite space into one whole. The use of such structures is justified in the premises of different areas.

To the transformable partitions there are a number of requirements. First of all, they must be stable and safe. On the other hand, there should not be any crevices between them and the walls (ceiling, floor). And of course, do not forget about the appearance. Material and finish are selected in accordance with the interior. This takes into account the functional load, which is assigned to the partition.

Division into species

There are two types of transformable partitions:

  • Sliding;
  • Folding.

The first option is similar in principle to sliding doors. Their movement occurs due to the guides, fixed on the ceiling and the floor. This type of construction is most often used in public places, administrative buildings. Sliding transformable partition for kindergarten can also be used. For example, to separate the sleeping area from the zone for games. Thus, they can be combined or divided. In addition, designs of this type are widely distributed in offices where the employee must have his own personal space for work.

Folding partition is most often found in apartments. This is due to the fact that it is much easier to install them. Yes, and during the operation at home they were much more practical and convenient.

Choice of materials

Various materials can be used for making transformable partitions:

  • Wood (chipboard, fiberboard and so on);
  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • Metal (including forging);
  • Plexiglass.

The choice of material depends on various factors. For example, glass transformable partitions perform their intended function and divide the room into parts. But at the same time, the degree of their transparency can be different, which visually preserves the unity of the room to some extent. This material allows you to create different patterns and patterns on your surface.

Unlike glass, wooden partitions are most often performed deaf. They do not allow you to see what is happening on their other side, completely isolating parts of the room from each other. In some cases, wooden partitions can be specially made holes. In them, for example, you can make a shelf for interesting accessories or install a TV.

Transformable partitions in an apartment

These designs are widely used in residential buildings with a small area. Including in apartment-studios. For example, they allow you to separate the kitchen area from the dining room, the living room from the bedroom.

Used partitions also in the bathroom. In this case, they allow you to separate the toilet from the bathroom (in a combined bathroom), a shower from the rest of the space. In such situations, glass partitions with an aluminum frame are most often used. In the shower the design goes from floor to ceiling. This protects the room from the spread of steam and moisture. In the toilet the partitions can not reach the ceiling. They can be lower, for example, to the level of the door.

Partitions in the office

Previously, it was believed that the team works better if it is in the same room. But at the present time this view has radically changed. It is proved that for a more fruitful work a person needs his own personal space. This allows him to concentrate all his attention on the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him.

Modern designs can combine or divide space if necessary. And to make it easy enough. And special acoustic options will protect you from ingress of foreign sounds.

In offices, the most commonly used sliding type of transformable partitions. They work simply. On the floor and ceiling are attached with the help of fasteners (screws) guides. On the very leaf of the partition, rollers are attached, which move along the guides, thus moving the entire structure.

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