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AI Kuprin, "Pomegranate Bracelet": a summary of chapters, an analysis of the story

In 1910, Kuprin created the story "Garnet Bracelet". A summary of the chapters of this work is offered to your attention. In addition, we will conduct an analysis of the story, which will help you understand its meaning.

The first chapter of the story "Garnet Bracelet"

The summary of the chapters, like the work itself, opens with a description of the weather on the shore of the Black Sea in the second half of August. However, by the beginning of September the sea had calmed down, the sun came out. It was very pleased Sheina Vera Nikolaevna, who because of the unfinished repair could not leave for the city. This concludes the first chapter of the story "Garnet Bracelet". Very brief content, is not it? But in this chapter there are no important events, they are all ahead.

Chapter Two

Sheina's birthday is September 17th. On this day, her husband wanted to invite some of the closest people to dinner. He gave Vera Nikolaevna earrings of pearls. The Princess felt a deep affection for her husband, which changed passionate love. Here Anna Nikolaevna, her sister, arrived. Vera did not have her own children, so she loved Anna's children, a girl and a boy, whom she gave birth to from an unloved but rich husband.

The third chapter

Sisters decided to sit over the cliff, admire the sea. Anna is delighted, but Vera has become accustomed to these species and the sea has even bothered her. Sister gave princess Sheina a lady's cornet, remade from a prayer book. Then they went home, listing the guests who would come in the evening, and also discussed the table.

The fourth chapter

Soon the guests began to arrive. The summary of the story "Pomegranate Bracelet" by chapters compiled by us, omits the enumeration of the guests, since it is immaterial for the development of the plot. However, it should be noted that among them was General Anosov, whom the sisters loved very much. He was like his own grandfather. Anosov's sisters were met near the carriage and escorted into the house. The general was a friend of the family and was very attached to Anna and Vera, since he had no children of his own. He went through several wars, and everyone called him brave. Anosov got many injuries, and also earned illness. However, he decided not to resign, so he served as commandant in the fortress. In the city everyone knew and respected him.

The fifth chapter of the work "Garnet Bracelet" (summary)

The analysis of this chapter allows us to distinguish the following main events. Dinner was successful, it was nice and warm. Vasily Lvovich, Vera's husband, was entertaining everyone, telling stories he had written. As a basis, he took real situations and to the impossibility of exaggerating them, so it turned out very funny. He also mentioned Nikolai Nikolayevich (brother Sheina), and Gustav Ivanovich Friesse, Anna Nikolaevna's husband. In the midst of poker, Vera was called by the maid. She gave Sheena a gift - a pomegranate bracelet. Together with him there was a note from a secret admirer of the Faith. For 7 years, this person signed as GSZh. He congratulated his beloved on the day of the angel, and also told the story of this bracelet, passed on the female line in his family. The fan changed the silver parts, only left the stones. Now a garnet gold bracelet has become. The summary of the chapters goes on to describe the sixth chapter.

The sixth chapter

The evening continues. In poker, a great success has Colonel Ponomarev. Some of the guests play whist. And Prince Vasily Lvovich decides to show the audience a homemade humorous album. In it, in a comic form, a chronicle of events in the family is conducted. The prince shows the guests the last drawing: "Princess Vera and the telegraphist in love". This page is devoted to the story of how Vera received letters from her secret admirer. A woman gives him no chance, and the adorer even enters the house in the guise of a dishwasher and a chimney sweep. After this mysterious person spends some time in a madhouse, he decides to go to the monastery. The fan bequeaths to Vera before death 2 telegraphic buttons and a bottle of his tears.

Seventh chapter

We pass to the seventh chapter, describing the story "Garnet Bracelet" (summary). General Anosov told the sisters of history, just like in his childhood. They took care of him, chopped cheese, poured wine. Among other things, he told about a novel with a Bulgarian, from whom he had to lodge, and also that they had to part when the regiment went on. Then Anosov said that he probably never really loved. The evening came to an end, everyone began to say goodbye, and Anna and Vera went to see off Anosov's crew.

The eighth chapter

Faith went hand in hand with the general, and with Bakhtinsky - Anna, sister of Vera from the story "Pomegranate Bracelet". The summary of the chapters does not dwell on their conversation in detail. We will give only some of its moments. They said that at this time women and men are not capable of true love. The general told 2 stories that this feeling still occurs, but sometimes takes strange forms. The first story is about how the young ensign fell in love with an old libertine. He very quickly tired of this woman. The ensign wanted to commit suicide by rushing under the train. However, at the last moment someone grabbed him. The ensign cut off the brush, he became a beggar and after a while froze. The second story is about how the husband loved his wife, who openly betrayed him and did not put him in anything, although he was an honest and brave officer. Vera reported her admirer, to which the general said that maybe her life had crossed with a disinterested real love. Do you wonder how Kuprin's short story "Garnet Bracelet" ends? We recommend reading it to the end - the finale is very interesting.

Ninth chapter

When Vera returned to the house, she heard her husband Vasily Lvovich talking to her brother Nikolai Nikolayevich. Before leaving, Vera asked her husband to see the fan's gift, and now they discussed it. Nicholas was very categorical. He wanted decisively to put an end to the notes so that they could not tarnish his sister's reputation. Nikolai Nikolaevich was criticizing the Schein for not taking it seriously, although he could lead to sad consequences. Vasily Lvovich and the princess's brother decided to find the mysterious admirer the next day, return the gift and ask not to disturb Vera Nikolaevna with letters.

Tenth chapter

Nikolay Nikolayevich and Shein visited Zheltkov the next day to rent an apartment. Rising to him, they found a young man of 30-35 years old, a good face, blond. This is how he described Alexander Kuprin ("Garnet Bracelet"). The summary will not give you an answer to the question of the meaning of this person's surname. However, after reading the analysis presented below, you will learn about it. They introduced themselves, but no one sat down, despite the fact that Zheltkov offered to do it twice. Nikolai asked the fan of Faith not to write to her more and returned the gift. Zheltkov agreed, but he only wanted to talk with Vasily. To the Spouse of Faith, he explained that he loves his wife, but very apologizes and will not write more to her. Then he asked me to let Vera write the last letter. The princess's brother was categorically opposed, but her husband agreed. Zheltkov promised that he would not be heard again and would not be seen. Shein told his wife about everything, and she was apprehended by the premonition that the admirer would kill himself.

Chapter eleventh

Vera did not like newspapers, but she accidentally caught a glimpse of the fact that Zheltkov shot himself in his apartment because of embezzlement of treasury funds. The woman was surprised that in advance she felt his death. In the evening she received a letter written by a fan. He apologized for disturbing her and for so long interfered with her. He admitted that he loved her, but promised that she would leave soon and never see him again. Jeltkov asked Vera to play a sonata from the Beethoven Orchestra (D-dur №2). The woman told her husband that something terrible had interfered with their life. He replied that he believed in the feelings of her admirer, that he was not at all crazy. The Princess decided to look at him, asking permission from her husband, since she did not want to offend him.

Chapter Twelfth

Sheina came to his house in the carriage and asked to see Zheltkov. It hosted the hostess. Vera saw him, and then she remembered the words of General Anosov about true love. The woman approached and kissed her fan with a friendly kiss on the forehead. When Sheina was about to leave, the hostess suddenly detained her, to send a note from the deceased. Yoltkov said to her to hand it over if the lady comes. It was written that the best work of Beethoven is sonata No. 2 from his orchestra. Sheina suddenly burst into tears. Although she told the hostess that she always reacts so much to death, in fact, Vera cried for Jeltkov. Already comes to the finale the novel "Pomegranate Bracelet". The summary of the chapters concludes with the events described in the 13th chapter.

The Thirteenth Chapter

When Sheina returned home, she found a pianist, Jenny Reuter. The woman was upset. She asked Jenny to play something and went to the flower garden. Sheina was sure that she would play the Sonata of Beethoven. And it happened. In the music that was heard, the princess heard words that brought peace. Vera cried, leaning against the acacia. When Reuter came to her, the princess kissed her and said that now he forgave her, and everything will be fine. So the music affected her. Most likely, Yolkov wanted to achieve this, because he always wanted only the welfare and happiness of his beloved. This concludes Kuprin "Garnet Bracelet". We outlined the summary of the chapters, we now turn to the analysis of the story.

Analysis of the work

It is known that the basis of the work was the case that occurred in reality. The author's mother was once in a situation similar to the one described. Note that the theme of love is penetrated by most of the works of Alexander Ivanovich (Kuprin's photo is presented above). It is no accident that the author calls his story "Garnet Bracelet". The summary of it gave you an idea of the meaning of the name. We add that the red garnet, from the point of view of the author, is a symbol of love, and, moreover, dangerous. The sender of the gift is G.S. Zheltkov, secret admirer. He is a young man of about 30-35 years, thin, with a yellowish face (most likely, that is why he received such a name). By occupation Zheltkov is a petty official. However, he had great feelings for Sheina and boiled for about 8 years. Sometimes this unrequited love came to madness. A fan of the Faith collected all the things that belonged to her or were at least an instant in the hands of his beloved. He opened himself with his gift, opened his feelings to the whole family of the Faith.

Note that in a conversation with a fan of the Faith Shein shows nobility. The prince sees that Zheltkov's feelings are real. His love was so strong that a fan of the Faith could not do anything with it. In conversation with him, the idea sounds that Zheltkov can not throw his beloved out of his head, that his death is the only way out of this situation. Vera Nikolaevna after that anticipates the imminent death of Zheltkov. After his death, she has a desire to see him, and she suddenly realizes that this is the person she needed. Feelings to her husband from this woman have long outgrown in respect and understanding. Perhaps her fate would have been different if she had accepted a pomegranate bracelet.

Summary, analysis, biography of the author - all this is often asked the students. Performing any kind of work on literature, we often meet with one or another manifestation of love and their role in the work or in the life of the author. And this is not accidental, because this topic is one of the main writers and poets. Without this feeling, there would be no humanity, because this is one of the indispensable components of society. Many writers and poets sang it, including Kuprin. "Garnet bracelet", a summary of the chapters and analysis of which were set out, is one of the best works devoted to a love topic.

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