Kiss in the forehead - a prism of tender feelings

It seems to me that no one will argue with the fact that everyone loves to kiss without exception. With the help of a kiss, we give our loved ones accumulated feelings and emotions. With the help of light touches of the lips to the beloved person we pass tenderness and affection, and, kissing on the cheek, we try to calm. And very often an innocent kiss on the forehead can mean a lot.

Do you remember how your mother read fairy tales at night and sang lullabies, then, putting all the mother's tenderness and warmth into the kiss, barely touching the hot lips of your forehead? And when I checked the temperature or praised for good performance in school, for a new drawing or a figure made of plasticine? It is in childhood that a person first feels the goose bumps that give a kiss. But then the kiss on the forehead served as an expression of parental love - the purest and most sincere love in the world.

When you first knocked your knees in a fight, the affectionate kiss of her sister on the cheek or forehead calmed and enveloped the shroud of calm and security. At each new step of our life, a kiss, like a symbol of encouragement, protected us from all troubles and troubles. But the faster we parted with childhood, the less often we felt the soft lips on our temple, so soothing in a difficult moment.

Later, a kiss on the forehead may puzzle and even lead to a stupor: in the modern world, the facet of passion-vulgarity is radically broken, and therefore tenderness today is a curiosity, and a kiss is, unfortunately, a way of obtaining platonic pleasure, and not expressing feelings.

Therefore, feeling a timid kiss on the forehead, you can be sure that your second half has opened to you completely, trying to give a caress and get tenderness in return.

Kissing his beloved girl on the forehead, the man in this way pities her and calms her, as if saying: "Everything will be fine, my dear. I'm with you". And very often it becomes a panacea for all spiritual wounds and scars. In addition, a kiss on the forehead or top of a man is a patronizing sign that simply "screams" that your chosen one is a strong and courageous defender, capable of loving and being gentle with the lady of his heart.

A girl in love, trembling fingers fingering her loved one's hair, will kiss him on the forehead after a violent quarrel or during the big problems that have piled on him. Like women, the representatives of the stronger sex react to timid touches, caresses, and also to innocent kisses. Having pressed to yourself and gently touching the forehead of a man with your lips, you can support him in the most difficult situations and even calm down for a moment.

As a symbol of parental love and care, a gentle kiss on the forehead or cheek, along with a slight stroking of the crown, often supports the beloved in a tone and protects them from all misfortunes from without.

Among other things, such childlike innocent kisses are introduced into courage and forced to fall in love. The main thing is not to forget that a kiss is a symbol of the spiritual connection between two lovers, but not crowds.

Kissing a person, you trust him completely, to the last drop, and therefore it is very important to put as much positive emotions into each touch of your lips.

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