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Decoration of dishes - we look at the table with different eyes

Serving the table is not only the correct arrangement of the instruments, but also a beautiful design. Decoration of dishes and carving are indispensable attributes of taste, pleasure and forthcoming appetite. It is not difficult to make a bright and original composition, it is important only to have a desire and imagination. Decoration of dishes not only fascinates the eye, but also gives an opportunity to appreciate the taste and sophistication of the hostess (owner) of the table.

It's not necessary to learn to create harmonious compositions, it's another thing to learn carving. This way is recognized by many world culinary specialists, it gives huge opportunities for various ideas and fantasies. Carving in translation means cutting, the process is carried out with special knives. Everyone can learn this art, the main thing is to have a creative approach, a great desire and the right tool.

In general, carving is the decoration of dishes with fruits and vegetables with the help of professional knives. Here you can safely create a floral bouquet of onions, cucumber, carrots, beets, potatoes, apples, pears and other products. Carving always looks good, this way of decorating fascinates the looks, stimulates the appetite and speaks about the creativity of the person. Thanks to this composition, a child who would never have eaten a regular beet or carrot would be happy to weave it as a flower or a funny beast.

You can decorate dishes as you like - based on your own experience and imagination, but you must adhere to certain rules:

- only fresh products are needed to create a composition;

- Each vegetable or fruit represents its element of composition. For example, beets will ideally serve as a red flower; Turnip - for white creations; Cucumbers, lettuce leaves or sweet peppers will perfectly prove themselves in the form of leaves and stems. Also from many fruits, for example, watermelons, melons, avocados, you can make boats, baskets or boats;

- the decoration of dishes should be correct, that is, all products are arranged in combination with each other. You can give the following examples: a rose from lemon will be an excellent addition to fish and seafood; Potato flower - to meat;

- if you need to tint the dish, then you should choose only natural dyes, for example - mayonnaise, sour cream, greens, beet juice, saffron, tomato paste and other products;

- Do not overload the dish with decorations.

As mentioned above, carving, or any other way of creating beauty on the table, increases appetite not only in adults, but also in children. A lot "tastier" look beautiful children's dishes. The decoration of dishes here can be done absolutely differently - with the help of special molds for cookies, toothpicks and other tools. The most important thing in children's compositions is the edibility of all parts. A small child should not be confused about what one can eat, but what not. All the elements just have to be tasty and beautiful, to attract the eye and to motivate the appetite.

Today, due to the fact that caring mothers from all over the world wish to share their unusual recipes, there are many variations of compositions. On the Internet and in ordinary prints, various ways of decorating dishes are described, step by step calling for the execution of extraordinary, "tasty" and creative ideas.

You can create wonderful compositions not only from vegetables, root crops and fruits, but also from confectionery. Here there can be various variants - mushrooms from a meringue, a reticulum and розочки from the test, chocolate коромочки and other various ideas. Decoration of dishes can be supplemented with various ideas for drinks. After all, always always looks that table that simply "screams" about a delicious upcoming dinner, one that at a glance allows you to appreciate all the quality, hospitality and stylistic individuality of the owners.

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