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Sloping hood for kitchen: reviews, photos

New developments in the engineering industry allow to constantly improve the kitchen space. Due to this variety, it becomes possible to surround yourself with the most comfortable and convenient items. One of them is an inclined hood. This novelty blends harmoniously into any room. The ergonomics of such equipment allows it to be installed in small kitchens as well as large ones. A certain angular shape and compact dimensions maximally save space without cluttering it.

Inclined kitchen hoods - general concept

What is an inclined hood? It is a flat model, the working panel of which is located at a certain angle. This particular feature affected its name. Such household appliances are the most organic, their design is developed taking into account the latest trends. The productivity and functionality of the inclined hoods is also at a high level. They perfectly cope with cleaning the air from soot, fumes and unpleasant odors.

In the household appliance market, a device such as an inclined hood appeared relatively recently. Customer feedback about it is mostly positive. It is the opinions of users that allow us to judge the quality of the devices, as well as their performance and functionality.

What is the difference between slanted devices and classic ones?

Comparing the two types of hoods, you can notice the difference with the naked eye. It is quite weighty. The first difference is in the form of the device. Classic models, as a rule, are cumbersome. They take up a lot of space, so installing them in a small kitchen is sometimes very problematic. What can not be said about the inclined hoods. They are compact, located almost vertically, with a slight deviation from the wall. This feature allows you to completely free space above the hob, without losing the productivity of the device. At the moment, the most common model is a 60 cm inclined hood. Due to its specific configuration, it perfectly fits into a room of different sizes. The second nuance that deserves attention is the design of the device. It is stylish, fully consistent with modern trends.

The main features of the inclined hoods

Improved devices have a mass of unique functions, the presence of which makes them most convenient to use:

  1. The work process is fully automated. Hoods for kitchen inclined are equipped with a special program responsible for cleaning modes, engine speed.
  2. Ideal shapes and sizes of models. The installed hood practically does not take up space.
  3. Features management. There are devices with a touch, dynamic and push-button control. When choosing a particular option should be guided by personal preferences.
  4. Noise level. The sloped hood (photo below) during the operation produces a sound below 40 dB.
  5. Indicator light. Its presence allows to determine the contamination of the coal filter.

Advantages and disadvantages of inclined models


  1. Range. Hoods are made of various materials, such as metal, ceramics, glass. This diversity allows you to choose the most optimal solution for any stylistic design.
  2. Ease of installation. Installation does not require additional ventilation ducts, since the principle of operation is based on air purification with the help of carbon filters.
  3. Ergonomic device. After installation the hood takes up to 1 sq. M. M.
  4. Aesthetic appearance. A variety of colors and design allows you to choose a model that fully corresponds to the overall palette of the kitchen.
  5. Additional indicators. The sloped hood (customer reviews indicate the importance of these indicators) is equipped with automatic shutdown functions, filter control, timer, etc.
  6. Remote control greatly facilitates the use of the device.
  7. Additional lighting for the hob.
  8. Quiet engine operation.

Disadvantages of inclined models have almost no distinction, only two can be distinguished:

  1. The cost. In comparison with classical models they are more expensive approximately approximately 2-3 times.
  2. Electricity consumption. Due to the fact that the devices have a high power, this leads to a large consumption of energy.

Optimal tilting hood: tips for choosing

Before you buy the hood, you need to read some of the recommendations.

  • Productivity of the device. In order to calculate the required power, we can use the formula V * 12 * 1.3, where V is the volume of the kitchen.
  • Dimensions and shape of the device. There are certain standards for placing the hood above the hobs: a gas stove - 50-60 cm; Electric - 40-50 cm. During the fastening of the device, these parameters can not be neglected.
  • The material from which the hood is made must fully comply with the specifics of the kitchen and do not need complicated maintenance.
  • Models with decorative casing. Acquiring such hoods, it is necessary to measure the height of the ceilings most accurately.


Hoods for the kitchen sloping have proven themselves on the good side, both in large kitchens and in small kitchens. Their performance does not depend on the size. Typically, the functionality of such hoods is determined by the number of special programs that are installed on the devices. The main ones are:

  • Delayed start. This function allows the hood to automatically turn on at certain times, for example, after cooking is finished and the hostess leaves the kitchen.
  • Timer. With this function, you can set individual parameters to the device: duration of operation, on, off, power regulator.
  • Ventilation. This function is not available in every model, but its availability makes it possible to perform the most complete cleaning of the air throughout the kitchen.
  • Infrared rays are able to regulate the power of lighting.
  • Automatic switching is triggered by a special sensor inside the structure.

The principle of operation of inclined devices

When choosing a hood, it is very important at the initial stage to understand the types of their work. This criterion is quite significant, since it directly affects the installation method and productivity.

  1. Diverter models. Installation of the equipment takes place directly in the ventilation duct. They work in the following way: dirty air is drawn into the duct shaft, thereby freeing up space for a clean one. The diverted sloping hood is considered to be the most effective, however the process of installing it is labor-consuming and technologically very difficult. Installation of this type of device must be done only by specialists.
  2. Recirculation models clean the air with special carbon filters. The type of their work is simple enough: at first the pairs are drawn inside the hood, cleaned there and come back to the room. The effectiveness of such a device depends on the state of the filters.
  3. Hoods with a mixed type of work. Such models are considered to be the most effective, since they are equipped with both a recirculation air purification method and a tap-off method.

Care Tips

  1. If the indicator light on the working panel of the hood flashes, this means that you need to replace the carbon filters.
  2. Fat and soot are removed with a soft cloth dampened in a detergent.
  3. When cleaning, do not use hard brushes and metal wool, as the surface of the device can easily be scratched.

An inclined hood is ideal for kitchens of different sizes. With her help, you can forget about the unpleasant smells around the house for a long time. The design of the hood will give the interior a practicality, originality and sophistication. In such kitchens it is always clean and cozy.

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